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My sister has low blood pressure 120/60 and.....?

A: 120/60 is a really good blood pressure, its not low at all, mine varies between 110/70 and 100/60 and this is not low for me, its only when the lower range approaches 50 that it would cause problems, most likely dizziness. It sounds like your sister needs to get a physical so she can learn her true blood pressure and be ready to play soccer. 120/80 is a perfect blood pressure. Hers is fine. 120/60 is not low That is not really that low. Mine was 90/60 most of my life. Unless she is having


low blood pressure or low sugar level?

A: Hi Joost: Sounds more like low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) than low blood pressure. Many people suffer from a condition known as rebound hypoglycemia. What happens is that once you eat a meal with a significant amount of carbohydrates your pancreas secretes insulin which lowers your blood glucose levels. The key to dealing with this is to eat meals with a larger amount of protein and less simple carbs. The protein has a lesser effect on the blood glucose and pancreas. I have the same problem and have resorted to eating more protein in the...


What Can I Do About low blood pressure?

A: low blood pressure or hypotension has numerous causes. In some cases, low blood pressure is seen in people who are highly athletic, and where no other symptoms are present, the condition may not need treatment. In other cases, low blood pressure can indicate a variety of other conditions. Treatment thus depends upon cause and can vary significantly. When a person has been ill with the stomach flu, dehydration can cause temporary low blood


Dizzy when standing, and other strange symptoms, could this be low blood pressure?

A: I had the same thing a while back, found out I had vertigo. You might want to look into that. Quote: Hope you found your answer, but get checked for anaemia, it leaves you feeling weak and tired too. do see a doctor, see what they say. the dizziness sounds like low blood pressure, but the tingling sounds like it could be worth getting a check up for. until then, make sure you are well hydrated (drink lots of water, gatorade & juices), and eat some small salty snack (almonds, crackers, etc)- if it is low blood pressure the sodium helps a bit. (be careful though, too much salt can lead to high

I have a low blood pressure. Any advice?

A: see a vet watch what you eat and cut down on foods with alot of salt in it drink grease..eat burgers especially at mcdonlads...anthign with fat in it.. but dont eat too much or u''ll get heart attacks and die. i have extremely low blood pressure also--- 104/60 is about as high as it goes. so---best advice is whenever u go into the doctors or the hospital, you must tell them immediately that your bp is always low. also make sure you are well hydrated with water. stay away from salts and fats. i know alot of people dont like this...but exercise is great for bringing up your bp...makes your heart work...i walk 7 miles a day...i do a 10 minute...


I ride cycle daily, I lose lot of salt and water inform of sweat and once I reach office after few hours of sitting in an air conditioned room my hand becomes very cold. I heard salt causes high blood pressure since I am losing it. Is that I have low blood pressure?

A: blood pressure Advice blood pressure refers to the force on the blood vessels by the blood circulating inside them and is generated by the rate the blood is pumped into the vessels by the heart. The normal blood pressure of an adult is 120/80 (systolic/diastolic). low blood pressure refers to the condition where the pressure of the blood circulating in the blood vessels is...

What is considered dangerous low blood pressure?

A: 1 pint I used to work in a Nursing home for the elderly and was always told that generally speaking your blood pressure should be about 100 plus your age over about 70 or 80. However if you are worried about your blood pressure then you should really see your doctor (even if its to put your mind at rest) I don''t know the dangerous low blood pressure. It''s all about the symptoms that you are having when you have this low blood pressure. If you feel dizzy and faint, then you would be likely to have


What is meant by low blood pressure? is the reading of 107/66 consider low?

A: Generally, the lower the better for your long term health! There is no lower limit, except if it causes symptoms. Sleepiness is NOT associated with low blood pressure although dizziness may be, you need to consider other causes such as depression, Thyroid problems and other things. In short, you need to see a doctor. all i know is that yours isnt really dire low, but if it gets lower or increases rapidlyt then please see a doctor It may be considered some what low but it is still acceptable and there is no need for meds. However if you feel dizzy and sleepy, this tell...


low blood pressure

A: low blood pressure, without symptoms such as fainting or dizziness, is nothing to be concerned about. This information may be helpful to you and your father, and ease your concern. If you have low blood pressure but no symptoms, you will not need treatment and you can ignore it. However, low blood pressure sometimes causes faintness or dizziness. If this applies to you, your doctor will enquire further to see whether there is an underlying cause. For instance, you might feel faint or dizzy when you change posture (e.g....


What is low blood pressure?

A: low blood pressure, also known as hypotension, is when your blood pressure is 90 systolic (or lower) over 60 diastolic (or lower). Although many people strive to lower their blood pressures, if it goes too low, there are risks involved with hypotension, as well. Dizziness, fainting, difficulty concentrating, blurred vision, nausea, fatigue, and depression are a few of these symptoms. low blood
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