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Symptoms of low blood pressure answers (4437)

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Which is worse low blood pressure or high blood pressure?

A: no doubt high BP is more harmful than low BP. low BP causes no disease other than some weakness,,drowsiness.... but high BP causes heart failure,, brain haemorrhage,, & some other life threating diseases. they say they are both the same, but to me, i think low is better. High blood pressure is worse.. for low blood pressure you can drink black coffee... High blood pressure can lead to heart disease... low blood pressure can make people feel...


What can I do to improve low blood pressure?

A: blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps out blood. If it is lower than normal then it is called low blood pressure or hypotension. pressure below 90/60mmHg is considered low. low blood pressure causes can be due to hormonal changes, widening of blood vessels, medicine side effects, anemia,...


How do u fix low blood pressure?

A: Best to check with your Dr. drink more water and eat more often. you probably arent drinking enough water. try that first. are you eating regular meals. at 14 thats the first thing i think of . maybe your anemic, tho those arent really the symptoms, but try and eat raisins . that helps anemia. i bet you dont drink water much tho Just as the others have responded, you need to rehydrate yourself, but you can also occasionally drink something with caffeine to help boost your pressure. You may also have low blood sugar, so it is best to be evaluated by your physician. Talk to your parents, they need to be aware if you are having any medical...


What effect can low blood pressure have on the fetus and during labor?

A: low blood pressure (hypotension) is not generally recognized as a pathological condition in the United States unless it is associated with symptoms. In Europe, however, it is frequently treated, even in the absence of symptoms, despite the fact that there are no studies which support the treatment of hypotension without symptoms. The most frequent symptoms of hypotension are lightheadedness, weakness, fatigue, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Your symptoms of...


Which is dangerous. low blood pressure or high blood pressure?

A: Depends of are you black or blond Diastolic pressure in not considered low until it drops below 47. The lower it drops below 47 the more concerning. It could result in feinting and circulatory colapse and death. Systolic pressure, the first and higher number, is considered moderatley high if it exceeds 130 on a continued basis. When it exceeds 150, it is considered high and should be reduced by taking medications. High blood pressure can result in burst blood vessels and damage to major organs, resulting in strokes, kidney failure, etc. and...


Is 87/50 considered low blood pressure?

A: Normal is 120/80 so you do the math. j Yes, that is way too low. Perhaps you have some anaemia or a problem with your heart. the average blood pressure should have the dyastolic (top) number between 100-120 and the systolic (low) number between 70-80. The medical community used to say if you were a "young" person that you take 100 + your age to get your top number, and the bottom number between 70 and 80. My sister is a Nurse Practitioner and always told me the bottom number is the one to be most concerned with for high blood pressure. My blood pressure would always drop when I was...


low blood pressure

A: low blood pressure is called hypotension. There are many different causes of hypotension (see below), including medicines (e.g. an overdose of a drug used to treat high blood pressure). Some people experience a temporary fall in blood pressure when getting up from a horizontal position or standing up quickly (postural, or orthostatic hypotension). Postural hypotension can follow prolonged bed rest or rehabilitation following acute illness. In general, the lower your


Is This High Or low blood pressure?

A: it depends on your age, though the recent accepted BP is less than 120 over 80. so it means your BP is normal. though you have to regularly check your BP to determined what''s your normal BP, because BP variates from person to person.. It''s somewhat low, but it is within normal limits. You''re okay. If the bottom number get lower, that isn''t good, but yea you''re okay. A little low, but good. High would be 130 over 90. Perfect is 120 over 80. The bottom is the most critical. well, it all depends on in which order the numbers were given. there is a diastolic pressure (lower number) and a systolic pressure (upper number). if your


I was told I have low blood pressure. It was 99.?

A: Congrats!! If 99 is your systolic blood pressure most of us would love to be there. Within reason the lower your blood pressure the better. That applies to both systolic (top number) and diastolic (bottom number) I have the same problem and it shouldn''t cause any problems, the things you might notice if you get up too quickly is you get a little dizzy other than that carry on as normal. There is nothing anybody can do to raise blood pressure, but just tell the docs when you see them that you have low blood pressure....


High blood pressure / low blood pressure?

A: There are many things that you can do to improve high blood pressure that don''t involve medicine. Diet and exercise are always first on the list but there are some rather innovative products on the market that can help some people. I''ve been diagnosed with hypertension for about 10 years and am not the best at keeping to a good exercise regimen. I have had good luck with a product called resperate. Its a little portable CD-player sized device that helps you lower your breathing rate to less than 10 breaths a minute for about 15 minutes. It is not known why exactly this helps to lower blood pressure but it does work. Its been through several...

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