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low blood sugar during sleep !!

A: Hi Mona, I don"t know if your husband is taking insulin or an oral agent. If he is taking insulin he could be subject to a very low blood sugar at night while sleeping. One tool that can help avoid this is a device called Sleep Sentry. It is worn on the wrist, like a watch, and detects symptoms of low blood sugar. It is non-invasive - no blood is drawn. The web site is www.sleepsentry.com. Tell them Jerry Munden told you to ask for more information and they will help you. Good luck, Jerry...

I have low blood sugar in morning after I eat breakfast just enough to bring my sugar up,I get very sleepy?

A: Sounds like you could be rebounding. Sleepy usually means my son has gone high. You are suppose to test before a meal then 2 hours later to see how it works with your treatment plan. My son had to change his bed time snack to increase his blood sugar for overnight. This is definitely a doctor question not a web question when you can get ill advice. Hmm i think people will usually get sleepy after meal. This is usually due to the certain signal that being sent to the brain. so i must say that after a meal esp. a heavy one its normal to feel sleepy. I experienced it myself too. But for your case, with low blood sugar. I m not very sure but thats all i can say about it....


How do explain what low blood sugar feels like....for diabetics ONLY?

A: A few years ago I had a really bad flu and that kinda felt like what I feel like everytime I have a low! Drained, tired, sad, so, so weak!! A: It feels like you''ve been hit by a truck B: It feels like someone''s sucked all your energy away C: It feels like something has taken away all your happy thoughts (kinda a like a Harry Potter dementor lol), D: Most times I feel like crying cuz I''m so sad. Somehow it makes me think about all the bad things that have happened that day or "why do I have to have stupid diabetes". "poor me!" E: Feeling like the world is ending and no one can help you (esp. if it takes ages to get better), and you feel sick and sad for a long time afterwards F: You can feel a bit drugged, like you can''t focus your eyes, hear...


low blood sugar or Diabetes?

A: diabetes... What is Diabetes Diabetes means that your blood glucose (often called blood sugar) is too high. Your blood always has some glucose in it because your body needs glucose for energy to keep you going. But too much glucose in the blood isn''t good for your health. Glucose comes from the food you eat and is also made in your liver and muscles. Your blood carries the glucose to all the cells in your body. Insulin is a chemical (a hormone) made by the pancreas. The pancreas releases insulin into the blood. Insulin helps the glucose from food get into your cells. If your body doesn''t...


Why do I get so dizzy? low blood sugar?

A: always havce a candy or chocolate in ur pocket. beware my friend low blood sugar is much more bad that high blood sugar and can lead to coma and in bad cases death. so have a high sugar meals. This actually sounds more like low blood pressure to me. A BS of 54 is low, but you hadn''t eaten for 4 hours, and had a low calorie shake. It could''ve been as simple as that. I think you should evaluate with a doctor to be sure you''re not hypoglycemic (you could have BS issues w/o necessarily being diabetic), but I wouldn''t be...


low blood sugar question?

A: Sounds like hypoglycemic. I have a friend who has that. See your dr! I''m not a doctor, but my daughter is goes through the same thing!! You could be hypoglycemic. You don''t have to be diabetic to have low blood sugar. Talk to your doctor about it. They can do a blood draw to test for that and to test your Thyroid also. I don''t know if this helped, but good luck to you. low blood sugar is called hypoglycemia. It can be just as bad as diabetes. Like the other person said, have your doctor test you for it. I had those same types of spells for years without being diabetic or hypoglycemic. Now I...


What Is low blood sugar?

A: low blood sugar, from a medical perspective, is called hypoglycemia and refers to low blood serum glucose levels. Glucose is the ''sugar'' which is low in this case, and when it drops below 70 mg per deciliter of blood, a person is concerned hypoglycemic. People may also use the term low blood sugar much more casually to express hunger, or feelings of faintness or irritation that come over them when they skip meals. Some people will feel a...

What happens if you have low blood sugar if you have diabetes?

A: hyperglycemic attack (sp) Basically they faint, get dizzy, sick etc. If they do not have sugar they could fall into a diabetic coma. x According to what the doctor told me about my son, and that is if his sugar was too high. Then he should take his insulin, and then you would have to eat afterwards so it does not bottom out. The best thing a diabetic can eat is Peanut Butter, and drink orange juice is has natural sugars which is healthy for a diabetic. Keep in mind orange juice works temporarily, but if you dont eat afterwards it can go back down again. If someone has a low blood sugar if they are type1 diabetic then they can take syringe...


Im 7 months pregent and my dr just told me i have low blood sugar what does that mean? can i fix it? how?

A: Girls that cannot spell "pregnant" have no business reproducing..but anyway you sound hypoglycemic eat several small meals throughout the day make sure some part of the meal contains sugar (fruit, chocolate milk, etc.) that should help low blood sugar is most often an inappropriate ''diagnosis'' and in most cases represents your normal. Even when symptoms attributed to low bood sugar occur unless you are a diabetic or have an insulin producing tumor such symptoms are NOT in fact correlated with your glucose level. In 1980 it was...


How do I know if I have chronic low blood sugar?

A: having a hypoglucemia symptoms, example, sweating, irritating, shaking, headache and hunger. Check out www.hufa.org for more info on low blood sugar. The answers above are good, but I just found out that sleep apnea can cause a lot of the same symptoms. I did have chronic low blood sugar before I flipped and became a type II diabetic. Who knows how long I have had sleep apnea though. So now I would say, have your significant other advise you if you snore. If you do, get checked out for sleep apnea, as well as getting a finger stick kit (

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