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What happens when you have low blood sugar (59?)?

A: All the cells in our body are using Glucose and only Glucose to burn them and get energy to live and to do work. When blood sugar goes down the cells gets less energy. That''s causing the problem for your weakness. Start taking foods with high carbohydrates and sugar. Consult doctors for permanent cure. You could pass out. May want to try alternative medicine to avoid all the pills & meds Try a chinese doctor they work with your chakras & acupunture it''s very healing & good. Between meals, try eating snacks that are low in simple sugars and fats and have a fair amount of starch. Fruits or cheese and crackers are good choices....


How Can I Manage low blood sugar In Pregnancy?

A: One of the best ways for managing low blood sugar in pregnancy may be to eat several small meals every day. Most doctors additionally recommend that these small meals consist of lots of healthy things, such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. It may also be a good idea to incorporate some lean meat, such as chicken, into some of your meals. Dairy products are additionally considered beneficial during pregnancy by most doctors, and may be best when consumed in the form of low-fat yogurt and reduced fat milk. You should also keep something very sweet, such as a...


What are the causes of low blood pressure?

A: there are several factors that can cause low blood pressure and these are: Dehydration, Moderate - severe bleeding. Severe inflammation of internal organs. Weakened heart muscle. Inflamed Pericardium (muscle surrounding the heart) Pulmonary Embolism (blood clot) Slow heart rate (Bradycardia) Some medications. u can get all the information under this site go and get http://heartinfo.50webs.com Hypotension (bp < 90/60) may accompany old age. But low bp >90/60 is not uncommon among very fit athletes, and is a sign of good cardiovascular health. Some people seem to be blessed by low bp and...


Could i have low blood sugar?

A: Eat some crackers. blood/sugar test only takes a minute. your doctor should know if those go together that is why we go so often. it sounds like youa re diabetic. so have it checked. it does make you feel like that if you are low sugar and it can happen. I would seriously advise you to visit your doctor about your condition. Firstly, did you check your blood sugar when you felt shaky? That as just about as accurate as you can get at home to test your sugars. But seriously, Visit your doctor to see if you have diabetes.Another question, When you eat a lot of...


If y have low blood sugar are u a debate?

A: are u a debate? are U a retard? lol ! No. low bood sugar is also a disease just like diabetes. see your doctor and eat right. No processed foods. If God did not make it, do not eat it. ok I am a nursing student and the way it was described to me is that hypoglycemics are in the pre diabetic stage. because when you eat sugar, carbs, calories your pancreas over produces insulin resulting in low blood sugar levels. eventually from the pancreas overworking it will eventually give out and not produce insulin at all rendering you diabetic. insulind dependent. you should eat complex sugars and protein stay away from simple...


low blood sugar>>> Help

A: Thanks for your question looker, I think your situation is one that many diabetics face. The reason for your sinking blood sugar 15 minutes after eating pop tarts is that they contain a good deal of fat and complex carbohydrates. It takes your body longer to break down complex carbohydrates into sugar that your cells can use (and therefore raise your blood sugar), and the fat also slows down how fast your body can absorb the sugar. That is also why your blood sugar is 300 several hours later, it took your body that long to turn all


Is a reading of 4.2 low blood sugar?

A: This may sound dim, but didn''t your glucometer come with an instruction leaflet? That should tell you the normal ranges. Saying that though, my experience with Boots'' leaflets leaves a lot to be desired... 4.2 is not a low blood sugar for someone who does not have diabetes, and with 4.5 after eating, it sounds as though your blood sugar is pretty stable. You didn''t mention whether or not you were diabetic, but considering you previously did not have a glucometer and you are unaware of normal blood glucose levels, I''m assuming you''re not. You could be shaky for many reasons. Perhaps you were dehydrated/


How to raise low blood sugar?

A: For immediate cases, put the food you eat under your tongue, and watch your intake of sodium; you might not be getting enough. The best thing to do is go see a doctor. He/she could put you on medication that can help. my dear first of all you have not mentioned your edge ,because for the sugar edge part is most important factor still then not to think so much this is like a person utilize more of any thing will decrease or will be short of that things still then consult some good Sp.Doc and do the need full thanks oj is the best but you could have a blood pressure problem instead of blood...


What are symptoms of diabetes/low iron or low blood sugar?

A: You need to take her to the doctor asap. She could be having episodes of hypoglycemia, which can be very dangerous.... Singlero... ! Diabetes often goes undiagnosed because many of its symptoms seem so harmless. Recent studies indicate that the early detection of diabetes symptoms and treatment can decrease the chance of developing the complications of diabetes. Some diabetes symptoms include: Frequent urination Excessive thirst Extreme hunger Unusual weight loss Increased fatigue Irritability Blurry vision If you have one or more of these...


Does a person that is experiancing low blood sugar experiance personality changes?

A: low blood sugar will cause u to be irritable, very hungry and shaky, if it goes too low you could pass out or become confused and then pass out. MLGABLE is correct!! Yes, there are mood changes as the previous answers have stated. If one has hypoglycemia, the best thing to do is: 1)Give them a small drinking box of juice, some pop, or a glucose tablet. Recheck their blood sugar 15 minutes later. 2) If they are still hypoglycemic, repeat step one until their blood sugar is in the safe range. 3) If they are in the safe range give them some...

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