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What Is The symptoms of ovarian cysts?

A:        You can''t depend on symptoms alone to tell you if you have an ovarian cyst. In fact you''ll likely have no symptoms at all. Or if you do, the symptoms may be similar to those of other conditions. The symptoms I had was a raised area where the cyst was, and very dull pain. The only way to know for sure is to have it checked out by a doctor. Without confirmation from a doctor you could very likely just be experiencing bloating, or gas....

What are the symptoms of ovarian cysts?

A: HI, hun just noticed nobody has responded to you, i can not tell you what the symptoms of a cyst are, but just wanted to reply to see how you are doing? Hello, Most definitely the odds of having an ovarian cyst far outweigh the odds of having ovarian cancer ... by a lot. ovarian cysts are extremely common and most ovarian cysts are benign growths. If you have ovarian cysts that are fluid filled and 5 cms or less, most likely these are normal follicular cysts...


What Exactly Are All The symptoms of ovarian cysts? What Can It Cause If Untreated?

A: You may have some sharp pain in the area.  Some cysts resolve  on their own, others may need to be removed. You need to see a GYN person for proper evaluation....

What Are The symptoms of ovarian Cyst?

A: Cramping, severe pain sore to the touch. Sucks being a woman. They usually pop( go away within 5 days). My wife gets two or three a year. See your obgyn to make sure its just a cyst....

Is Spotting Before Your Period A Symptom of ovarian cysts?

A: Not necessarily, but you should definitely see your doctor....

History of ovarian cysts - Having Pain Currently

A: Hi mommy2baz, Yes I agree that googling stuff is a very good way to scare the crap out of you. Try googling something common like a headache and you will get hits like brain tumour and stroke (!). Your gynecologist might recommend that you have an ultrasound if the pain continues. Since you have a history of ovarian cysts then guess what ? They may find another one. Hopefully if this is the case it will go away on its own like most do. Persistent pelvic pain is definitely something you need to see your gyne about though so you are certainly on the right track. Many things besides cancer can cause this kind of pain including endometriosis, bowel issues such as IBS...


I Have Been Sick For Months And Have A Lot of symptoms of ovarian Cancer.CT Scan Showed ovarian cysts.Could These Actually Be Tumors?

A: Be careful, I was told my ovarian cyst was a cyst on ultrasound many times and I insisted on a laproscopy to take out the ovary, and it was cancer.  If the cyst does not completely go away within a few months....get it out.... Stay on top of it, you can request a CA125 which is an ovarian cancer blood marker, sometimes not reliable, but if your is elevated another reason to investigate further, best luck....

i have a sevear pain in my stomach and has increasing been getting worse overthe last 3-6 hours.i was sent home fromwork and have a history of ovarian cysts and questionedendometriosis

A: Hi there. Welcome to the forum! The common symptoms of endometriosis are pain and infertility. Ultrasound andlaprascopy are needed to confirm the diagnosis of endometriosis. Please consult a gynecologist for theexamination and investigations. Please keep us posted for any further queries. Hope this helps you. Take careand regards!...

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In Sept. 06 I had a lumpectomy to remove IDC of 1 cm & 3 mm & then reexcesion surgery to obtain clear margins, intermediate grade, ER + 90%, PR+ 50%, Her 2 Neu -, 0/3 nodes, Oncotype score was 12. I was 46 at the time & premenapausal. I had 33 radiation treatments. Before starting Tamoxifen I had a D & C because I was having irregular menstrual bleeding. A uterine polyp & a couple of ovarian cysts were biopsied & all were benign. I started Tamoxifen in April of ''07 with no side effects until I started having irregular vaginal bleeding. During my annual gyn exam part 2cm of uterine polyp was removed(had decsended below the cervix) was removed & biopsied & was benign. Had an ultrasound which showed more abnormal growth in the uterus. The dr is thinking it is more of the same polyp & is recommending a D & C. I''m wondering if having a large polyp (albeit benign) grow in a relativley short amount time is an indication that I may be at a higher risk for developing uterine cancer while on Tamoxifen. I asked my gyn if having more frequent pelvic exams would be advisable & she agreed to seeing me every 3 months. Is following this course of action a good idea or should I consider shutting down my ovaries and switching to an AI. Thanks so much for this wonderful service!

A: The polyp growth and thickening uterine wall may be side effects of the Tamoxifen. The indication may be to switch hormonal therapy. You will want to consult with your medical oncologist about these recent symptoms. Your gyn and medical oncologist should be in communication as well....

ASCUS, history of ovarian cysts, etc

A: Hi Fedup, I can''t fathom why they would put you on antibiotics just based on your syptoms. The antibiotics certainly would help (as far as I know) with the ASCUS results (unless the doctor thinks it is some sort of infection). ASCUS just means the cells are abnormal to not be normal, but not abnormal enough to be dysplasia. At least that''s my explanation of my understanding of it. This is good. If you are satisfied with your doctors treatment of your symptoms, then I strongly suggest you seek a second opinion. I hope that helps a bit. The antibiotics didn''t make any difference. I guess he just assumed it could be an infection, but said he saw no...

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