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Is this symptoms of social anxiety? Depression? :(?

A: 12 Aug 2011 Hey Aldrig, I too use to be a heavy smoker of the Ganja. I have to say since I quit, I have much less social anxiety. Your anxiety sounds like it qualifies for effecting your ability to function and needs to be addressed. Unfortunately until you cut out the pot, you may find that the medicine doesn''t work as well. I can only share once I quit the pot and got on the right medication and therapy, my anxiety has virtually dissappeared. I no longer worry about what others are saying or doing in reference to me. I would definitely be honest with the doctor. They are use to helping people like us, that is their job. I sometimes miss the buzz, but I definitely...


What are the symptoms of social anxiety Disorder?

A: Here are some symptoms There is much more to this, but I just gave some simple answers Basically in a nutshell......


What Are the Different Types of social anxiety Therapy?

A: social anxiety therapy typically involves individual psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, and may involve medication. At times, doctors will prescribe patients to undergo both treatments to adequately and more effectively overcome this disorder. Depending on the severity of the disorder, as well as the patientís willingness to participate, group meetings may also be coordinated for social anxiety therapy. The type of social anxiety therapy a patient is assigned largely depends on the extent of the personís disorder. While some people may only experience


What Are the Common Causes of social anxiety in Children?

A: Although the causes of social anxiety in children are not definitively established by the scientific community, it is suspected that genetics, environment and life experiences play a role. Studies of identical twins have found that anxiety disorders often appear in both children, suggesting that there is a genetic cause for the disorder. It is suspected that children who are raised in secluded or socially isolated surroundings might grow to avoid or fear social situations. Traumatic experiences at school or other social situations also might cause


What Are the Different Types of social anxiety Treatments?

A: social anxiety disorder is a psychological condition in which a person feels extreme fear and anxiety when facing social situations. A person suffering from this disorder may be terrified at the thought of other people watching them, or they may be afraid of being criticized or judged by others. This condition can be mild or completely debilitating, leading the affected person to stay at home as much as possible. Some social anxiety treatments may include counseling, cognitive-behavior therapy, or the use of prescription medications. Counseling is considered to be...


How do you draw the line between episodes of social anxiety and full blown panic attacks? Is there even really a difference between the two?

A: Panic attacks are physiological, meaning they''re related to your body chemistry and can come out of the "blue".  anxiety is related to your emotions and how you actually feel about certain situations and which can manifest as simple social anxiety to full blown anxiety attacks when you''ve become so anxious that you develop an intense physical reaction such as hyperventilating.  You may be confusing the feeling of panic that you get when you get an especially bad anxiety attack and misinterpret it to what an actual panic attack is.  As far as handling the two above situations, one...


How to get rid of social anxiety Disorder

A: It is ironic, and very inconvenient, that social anxiety disorder makes it hard to reach out to other people for health. But that is the life saving answer you are seeking. social anxiety disorder is treatable with therapy and with medication and you can achieve tremendous improvement, often with the combination of both. Below is a website which describes in great detail SAD. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/social-anxiety-disorder/DS00595 You seem to have diagnosed this in yourself, because it made sense to you when you read more about it, but meeting with a pr


The Signs & symptoms of an anxiety Disorder

A: Signs and symptoms of an anxiety Disorder There are several categories of anxiety disorder: generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The signs and symptoms of an anxiety disorder can differ quite widely among the various categories, but in all cases, the defining characteristic of the disorder is that general or specific situations can trigger abnormal anxiety levels....


Signs and symptoms of Generalized anxiety Disorder in Pre Teens

A: Generalized anxiety Disorder While it is normal to experience some amount of anxiety or fear over new situations, it is possible for fear and anxiety to become excessive. When anxiety interferes with daily life and makes it difficult for a person to function normally, an anxiety disorder may be to blame. Generalized anxiety Disorder may first show signs in childhood or the pre-teen years and negatively impact the life of a child. According to 4Parents.gov, anxiety disorders can result in difficulties in school and social relationships, alcohol...


Do I hold a severe covering of social anxiety? It''s close to I restrain myself fairly than it anyone a phobia?

A: If you had a phobia you would find a thorny time leaving your house, and would probably enjoy physical symptoms of anxiety when around people. Since you attend college I am guessing this is not you. You appear like you are in recent times shy and haven''t found a place you feel comfortable sagging out in. You don''t own to go to bar and clubs to meet those, if you like peace places go to a library or a coffee house. The best point to do is make sure you know what you similar to, hang out contained by places where population like indistinguishable thing and it will be abundantly easier. People who have rugged times forming relationships often hold problems with...

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