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What are the symptoms of std in men?

A: std or Sexually transmitted diseases or stds, are diseases that are passed from one person to another through penis, vagina, anus or oral sex. std symptoms vary, but the most common are soreness, unusual lumps or sores, itching, pain when urinating, and/or an unusual discharge from the genitals. Common std symptoms in men include unusual discharge, pain accompanying urination and unexplained lumps or sores on the groin. Many stds will not produce any visible symptoms and could go unnoticed until the infected person is well aware about the danger. Most stds are easily...


What are the symptoms of stds?

A: Some std''s show no symptoms in men or women.Chlamydia is a prime example. This leads to infertility by blocking the fallopian tubes or a big cause of ectopic pregnancy. The only way to find out is to have a medical check up. Good luck. Sue. It kind of depends on what std or STI you are talking about. Chlamydia is a common std. Some of the symptoms: In women, Pain or dull aching in the lower part of the abdomen, painful urination or intercourse, and a heaver menstration flow. Gonorrhea is VERY similar to this. Another std is PID (aka) Pelvic...


What Are The symptoms of std''s?

A: std stands for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The following symptoms of stds are usually observed in men and women: 1.Discharge from the genitals accompanied by foul smell. 2.Itching in and around the genital area. 3.Occurrence of blisters, sores, ulcers around the genitals, lips, groin etc. 4.Uncomfortable feeling and pain while urinating. 5.Swelling of the glands, fever and body aches. 6.Experiencing pain during intercourse. 7.Scaly rash on hands and feet. 8.Unusual tiredness, sweating in the night, loss of weight, occurrence of infections. One should approach a doctor immediately when any...


What If You Have No symptoms of std''s ? Does That Mean You Still Have..

A: std or sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted from person to person through intercourse including vaginal, anal and oral sex. These diseases can be bacterial like gonorrhea and chlamydia. Viral std includes genital herpes and HIV. It can also be protozoan infection like trichomoniasis and yeast infections. It is possible that a person has got a pathogen of std but remain symptomless. This person is on great risk to develop illness any time and can also transmit disease to non infected partner. A person who is symptomless but has pathogen can develop illness when pH of the vagina, urethra or mucus membrane of mouth is changed and become...


what are the symptoms of std?what is gonorrhea?

A: Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection caused by a certain type of bacteria. symptoms of std are difficulty in urination, irritation or itchiness, discharges from the private organs....


After Having Safe Sex While Using A Condom. The Very Next Day If There Is Some White Puss Like Discharge From The Genital Part ? What''s This ? Is This Symptom of std Or Symptom of HIV ?

A: It can not be told about your discharge without having a look on the discharge. If you are not having any odor, itching, burning sensation in your genitalia and burning while passing urine then you are not having any infection. This can be std if you have above mentioned symptoms along with discharge. HIV symptoms don''t appear on next day of transmission. It can take 2-4 weeks. So, if you have other symptoms along with discharge then visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment....

How Long Would It Take For symptoms of stds To Show Up? For Example,..

A: About three two weeks at most.you could ask your dr about this to.or you could Go on line. And read about stds..and there symptoms.and Hpv.thare thay have A lot of information on Hpv. The things you could to prevent this.the cures,i Realy do hope. This information helps you out some..                   Good luck.....


Is a vaginal smell a symptom of std?

A: Answer If the smell is fishy there are two possible reasons. 1. Trichomonas, a very common std, with problems of pain, itching etc. The discharge is often yellow-grenish and sometimes foaming. In some areas of the world it''s quite seldom. It can be treated with antibiotics. 2. Bacterial vaginosis is an imbalance in the vaginal microflora - known by 10 - 40 % of all women. It related to hormone status, use of IUD, diet etc. The discharge is white / gray and normally the smell is the most predominant symptom. For women not pregnant it is mostly a nuisance. it can be treated with antibiotics, but for many women the...


does arthrites have to do with the symptoms of std or aids?

A: Arthritis does not have anything to w/ std or aids. Aids is an immune deficiency and std is a disease as well. Arthritis is not a disease, as in you can't catch it from someone else, it's a deterioration of the joints....

After Having Safe Sex While Using A Condom. The Very Next Day If There Is Some White Puss Like Discharge From The Genital Part ? What''s This ? Is This Symptom of std Or Symptom of HIV ? Is There Any Such Symptom In HIV ? Whom To Contact Under This Sit

A: I wouldn''t worry about it too much but for your sake I would go and see a doctor - I know its embarrassing talking about sex but he will understand and give you the professional and care free information your need...
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