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Does a high t cell count mean HIV/AIDS?

A: On One Hand: High t cells Do Not Indicate HIV/AIDSHaving a high t-cell (a cell of the immune system) count does not indicate the presence of HIV infection in an individual. In fact, HIV infection leads to a decrease in the level of t cells, and people with AIDS have a low


What does high t cell count mean?

A: A high t-cell count is usually associated with the onset of HIV/AIDS, as your body starts to produce more of them to try to combat the spread of the virus....


Which is more significant. Viral load vs. t-cell counts?

A: Response from Dr. Wohl Both CD4 and viral load are important but they provide very different information. the CD4 cell count tell us about your immune system at the time the blood is drawn. A low CD4 cell count indicates a risk for infections. From day


Dramatic increase in t-cell Count

A: Response from Dr. Young thank you for your question. From what you''ve described (I''ll have to make some assumptions, because you havent described all of your laboratory values), sounds like you have had a rise in CD4 cell count and percentage in association with treatment with HAARt and IL-2 with a recent swi


t cell count

A: Response from Dr. Young thanks for your post tony, t cell (or CD4 cell) count has everything to do with health in the HIV-infected person. the level of the CD4 cells is a measure of the health (or disease) of the immune system. Someone with a count...


Elevated CD3/CD8 (t cell)count. Everything else is normal

A: Hello,normal adult absolute CD4 would be 420 to 1250 cells while CD8 range 220to960 cells/mcL.Your test results accordingly may be interpreted as normal.this test is mainly used in HIV patients to prognosticate the disease and to compare with


ItP - t cell count - medication

A: Response from Dr. Young Dear Downunder, thanks for your question, though I have to admit that I am a little confused by the values that you''ve cited. Yes, persons with their spleens removed tend to have higher CD4 absolute counts that others, hence...


Elevated t-cell count

A: Hi Dowa, I have read your posts here and on the lyme board.  I am sorry no one had responded.  I don''t think elevated t-cells is something we have to consider.  In MS it is not that we have elevated numbers......we just have t-cells that are somehow wanting


t-cell Count

A: Response from Dr. Young thanks for your post. I agree with your doctor. Using a bad movie metaphor, if your viral load is undetectable, the CD4s will follow. In practice, it''s not uncommon to see a rather dramatic increase in CD4s in the first months of treatment-- this...


t cell count up then down

A: Response from Dr. McGowan thank you for your question. Your partner is fortunate to have the benefit of your support and encouragement. When we measure the CD4 count, it is only the CD4 cells in the blood that we measure, not the cells in the

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