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How to Chart for tennis matches

A: Coaches, tennis pros and parents chart tennis matches to evaluate a player''s performance. There is no one way to chart a tennis match. Typically, only the basic strokes are charted for junior and high school tennis matches. College and professional level matches may include additional information such as shot selection, service location and the type of shot that forced the error. Basic charting is a systematic way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a player....


  After an active tennis match {yes, I was victorious}, my 2nd toe had a blister. I was clipping my toe nails and bloodfrom this blister came out.It seems fine now, however I have had trouble with this toenail with thickeningof the nailand what looked lik

A: Hi,It is a possibility that you are suffering from injury to toe and has lead to death of tissue underneathcausing purple coloration of toe nails. You don''t have to remove the nail completely on your own.Sometimes the nail grows and the injury heals by itself. You should consult a specialist for the same. Thethickening of toe nails is due to fungal infections. Antibiotic cream will not help. Hope it helps. Take care....


My son has a tennis match at 12 noon and 6pm today he is feeling really rough, can you help

A: listen to music, talk to friends, stretch, practice, i play tennis too, and oh god it really can be stressful sometimes :) Try to calm him down, If he is into music or video games whatever his choice see that his mind is diverted to help relax himself. Reassure that no matter what happens- You will love him regardless. The peer pressure and the stress to perform well can be overwhelming; remind him his love for tennis and he should do well. Wishing you all the best and Cheers for a great match. Tell him to relax about the match and don''t worry about it. He will do just fine even he wins or loses it doesn''t matter...


Diagnosed with strep throat Friday evening. Can I practice tennis on Monday and play tennis match on Tuesday after 3 days of pencillin?

A: If you are hoping to indulge in so much physical exercise while being in an antibiotic as strong as penicillin, then you need to be aware of what it will do to your body. Antibiotics have a general tendency to strap your body of all energy and make you listless and tired. They will also, very effectively, give you loose motions and you will probably see watery stools as long as you are on the antibiotic. This will also sometimes leave you feeling completely exhausted, as it will always tend to dehydrate your body. Antibiotics of all kinds also have a natural tendency to make you feel extremely sleepy and drowsy. With all of these conditions, you could safely come to the conclusion that it will not be possible for you to play any kind of game at all and that too within so short duration of...

Which outfit is best for watching a tennis match?

A: The second one. The second one. I like your style :) But I''d go with the second one. The dress looks more comfortable, especially in hot weather :) xx Both of them look really nice. The yellow goes great with the summer weather! I can''thelp but prefer the second one though, the dress looks awessomeee on you!! x I like the first one. :) The second one is okay though. I like the first one better. I like the first one better. The second one i really like the first!...


I just read your story. I feel sort of timid worrying about my situation compared to yours. But, you are right, and I am glad to her someone of your stature say ''There is no down time with breast cancer''. I tried to follow all the advice given from professionals when dealing with this disease-but there in not a day that passes where a conversation ensues in my mind about recurrence and the stats supporting the argument: like a tennis match that never ends. So encouraging to know how long you have lived a wonderful life as a survivor. AMP Oregon

A: It has been an intersting journey for me. I feel confident that I have been spared twice and given the chance to live in order to do the work i do now. a calling of sorts i guess. tennis match-- good analogy. Breast cancer remains the most feared disease of all women no matter what their race, age or ethnicity. something all women around the globe share... one day we will have a way to prevent this disease and it will be listed in the medical books in the chapter where polio is today. Until then, i''m just a click away.. L...


How Do I Improve My tennis Fitness?

A: tennis is a game of many short, sharp sprints around a relatively small court. It also requires arm muscles to have a high endurance in order for you to play the ball accurately and powerfully for a long period of time. tennis fitness training focuses on simulating a match by utilizing short bursts of intense exercises followed by a short recovery time. Increasing muscle endurance as well as overall body endurance is also essential — especially for long matches. Shuttle runs are one of the most effective ways of increasing tennis fitness and will help to improve your body’s ability to run short distances quickly. Begin by placing four or five cones at an...


tennis Re question

A: The best way to not get tired is to perform additional training outside of your tennis matches.  Playing tennis only, will not give you the strength, power and endurance you need.  You need to do additional work off the court.  Also, understand that after multiple matches, you"re going to get tired. As to how many push ups you should perform, that is a very individual thing.  I have athletes your age, some can perform 13 and others perform around 50. Since you"re a tennis player, you should be able to perform at least 20.  You can perform push ups whenever you want, try about 4-6 times a day.  Push ups alone are not going to make you a...


What Is tennis Fitness Training?

A: tennis fitness training is a form of sport-specific training designed for tennis players. The top tennis players in the world use fitness plans developed and customized for their needs by their coaches. Other people can consult with personal trainers and tennis coaches to get advice on creating a tennis fitness training program, or use books that provide information and assistance with fitness training, including recommended workout schedules that people can use as a basis for the program. tennis is a physically demanding sport. Players need to be capable of high intensity bursts of energy, but they also need the endurance to make it all...


Back pain after tennis

A: You might want to go see a chiropractor. Usually doctors will give you pain meds and tell you to take it easy (at least, that has been my experience). A chiropractor would also be able to give you more information about your injury and how to avoid it in the future. I''m not sure why you''d want to take a chance at aggravating a back injury (and turning it into a chronic problem) by playing more tennis right after your injury....

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