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What percentage of energy is used by the brain?

A: AnswerPrevious answer: between six and 10 percent... 4 percent if you are a politician ;). Popular misconceptions don''t come any more popular and misconceptiony than this one. Indeed, its origins lie so far back that nobody knows who said it first (various 19th Century quacks believed it, based on skull measurements and whatnot). The concept has since been plugged by everyone from advertisers to psychics, but - boring as it sounds - actual science has shown that we do indeed use just about all of our brains throughout the course of every single day. The mechanisms of the brain may not be fully understood, but the idea of a vast bulk of grey matter lying dormant and...


What are some of the things you do to help yourself relax?

A: I drive, write, play a video game or read a medical textbook. Driving completely recenters me, it`s like my meditation time. I truly become one with the car. Writing in a journal helps me think through problems, playing video games helps me get out frustration (especially UFC trainer, there`s nothin like a workout of kickin ass). If I just want to unwind after a long day, I`ll curl up with a medical textbook, usually physiology or biochemistry. I know, it`s weird, but learning is very soothing to me.. There are 3 things I often do when I want to relax, listen to Christian songs, get a good book, a favorite old and...


What sorts of problems might a person with an autoimmune disease run into with pregnancy?

A: Well, if I remember correctly, you have UC and have had a colectomy? If that’s the case, you should theoretically be cured so it should be fine.. @Rarebear Yes, you’re remembering correctly, but (correct me if I’m wrong) removing the colon does not change the root of the issue, which is that my immune system is hyper-vigilant. I also have a lot of bizzaro allergies and get pleurisy fairly often, so it seems my immune system is still “acting up.”. But I still love the word “cured” and it makes me feel good to hear that you think it would be okay, thank you for that.. @Mariah I’ll do some more formal research on it and get back to you.. By the way, outstanding blog post on the Naturalist Fallacy. I shared it with my...


symptoms at the cellular level

A: Brienne,   The best I can suggest is to look in a physiology book that goes into the details of the effects of changes in osmolality on different bodily tissues.  textbook of medical physiology by Guyton & Hall is an excellent resource.  You can find it on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/textbook-medical-physiology-Arthur-Guyton/dp/072168677X.  Hope this helps.  Sheri...

Rebounding as gentle exercise that pumps lymph system

A: Have you read this article? http://www.boston.com/business/healthcare/articles/2006/10/08/healthy_skepticism/ I highly recommend it. And best wishes to you for future good health. So, are we to assume that basketball players shall never be stricken with cancer? I think it''s safe to say that Dennis Rodman will be fine. My apologies, gazinginhaferfetzervingzaltzengiginhooferfetz. I should have included the reference about rebounding. I get quite frustrated with "alternative" health people who make statements with absolutely nothing to back them up. Here is the reference, and it does not at all necessary apply to rebounding alone: Here is the exact quote: "According to Dr. Guyton, the number of neutrophils in the circulatory...


Why can we not use a cancer vaccine?

A: Firstly only Viruses are vaccinated. Cancer is not a virus. Our research regarding cancer, I should say, is still in the initial stages and we are unable to pin point the exact reason for cancer. So there is not vaccine available for this disease. Recently only for HPV (human papilloma virus) which causes Cancer of Cervix, a vaccine called Gardasil has been invented. Even this one is not a fool proof protection for HPV. So our researchers have to find out the reasons and the details of viruses for responsibel for cancers, first and then only vaccines can be invented, till such time CANCER IS AN ENIGMA ONLY. - Seems that you''re asking how to "tell" your body how to get your immune system to get rid


What are the best books on herbal medicine?

A: Tash, I'd NEVER just go out and reccomend a book on Herbs without knowing the background of the person. One does NOT simply pick up a book of herbs and become and expert after reading it in a week or two. It's MORE than just knowing which herb to take but also which parts of the plant accomplish the desired results. It is ALSO important to know the route of dosing, should it be taken internally? externally? as a tincture? as a Tisane? Too many times folks go into the health food store and see thousands of bottles filled with pretty colored capsules of herbs and automatically think, Capsules... pop them into your mouth and THAT can...

what causes muscle cramps and spasms and how do i prevent them?

A: Cramps. That's a bit vague. Do you mean soreness after exercise? Or do you mean when the muscle stays in contraction without effort? (Which is actually a spasm) If you mean soreness, then that is because every time you contract a muscle, it thickens and stretches the epimyceum, the layer of connective tissue that surrounds the muscle. This is the only part of the muscle that has pain fibers. he more you contract it, either by intensity or prolonged use, it tears the epimyceum. If you are trying to improve performance/strength, you cannot prevent this from happening as it is part of the normal growth cycle when strengthening a muscle group. You can only prevent it by not improving your performance. Uninitiated...

Can cancer go into remission without treatment?

A: Guyton & Hall''s "textbook of medical physiology" eleventh edition is used by most medical schools and says on page 41, "Only a minute fraction of the cells that mutate in the body ever lead to cancer. There are several reasons for this. First, most mutated cells have less survival capability and simply die. Second, only a few of the mutated cells that do survive become cancerous, because even most mutated cells still have normal feedback controls that prevent excessive growth. Third, those cells that are potentially cancerous are often, if not usually, destroyed by the...


What could be causing these painful spasms ?

A: Dear TJ, I"m not quite sure what was going on with you 7 years ago, but I can tell you for sure that the "whiplash" injury can greatly exacerbate any ongoing problems, and often times create significant long term consequences as well. The medical profession is almost useless when it comes to soft tissue injuries unless you have been seen by an Orthopedic sports physician or a Physiatrist.  If you aren"t bleeding, having a heart attack, or a broken bone, the ER is just going to tell you nothing is wrong, or it will go away on its own....it"s not what they treat.  It"s not because they don"t care, you have to understand that they are there for life threatening issues. They are...

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