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How to Treat kidney stones - Simple Steps to a Stone Free kidney!

A: Wondering how to treat kidney stones? Well, there are simple ways to treat your kidney problem and prevent it from coming back. However, treating kidney stones should always be done with a change of lifestyle and a careful diet plan - particularly for people who are susceptible to getting this kind of condition. How to treat kidney stones? This can be done by following these steps: 1. Always look for signs and symptoms which are usually an acute pain in the lower back and side area. People experience this kind of pain during urination because stones block the normal...


treating kidney stones: Can Natural Remedies Be Really Effective?

A: treating kidney stones can be done naturally using simple home remedies. Anybody can develop stones and the pain can be inevitable if it is just taken for granted. However, no need to worry, because our body can naturally pass stones without the needed expensive medications and medical surgeries. With these natural steps, your stones can be treated naturally and instantly. treating kidney stones can be done naturally with these home remedies. You will eventually feel relief in less than 24 hours if you apply them as early as possible: 1. Water Most


kidney stones Treatments - How To Treat kidney stones Naturally

A: If you are reading this article then you are probably wondering what kidney stones treatments are currently available. It is true that there are a wide variety of treatments available, it is important that you are aware of these kidney stones treatments so that you can make the right decision on the treatment that is right for you. Your doctor will usually tell you that the disease will disappear in time. Your doctor will probably recommend that you drink plenty of water on a daily basis in order to get rid of the toxins in your body. However this is not always the case and it is important that you are aware of how to effectively treat the disease naturally. Some people use medications and...


Best over the counter medications to treat kidney stones symptoms?

A: The two primary symptoms of kidney stones are severe pain and bloody urine. Unfortunately, no over the counter medications are strong enough to treat the pain, and the bloody urine will resolve once the stone passes. In order to treat the pain from kidney stones, you''ll need to see a doctor. The doctor will prescribe an analgesic - either a prescription-strength anti-inflammatory drug called Toradol, or an opiate such as morphine. If you were to take over-the-counter pain relievers for kidney stone pain, you would have to take dangerously high doses that could cause stomach problems, bleeding, or liver failure. In addition, anti-inflammatories like Advil and Aleve...


Best ways to treat kidney stones?

A: There are some medical treatments that a doctor could recommend when dealing with kidney stones. They could prescribe a pain medication to deal with the unbearable discomfort of the condition, may also prescribe a medicine to help dissolve the stone, if necessary, but will usually tell a patient that the process will take time. So what else can you do to help dissolve the kidney stones, here are some natural remedies that I found on the Internet that others have had success with in dissolving kidney stones. Here are some of the things that can be used to take care of kidney stones. Alfalfa...


How do you treat kidney stones?

A: There are meds to help dissolve small stones, and they can go in to remove large ones. But mostly they have to pass thought the urinary tract on their own. From what I understand, that is one of the more painfull things a human can go through. Lots of liquids will help prevent them from getting bigger (by flushing the system.) I don't envy your sister. Good luck.......

Will it hurt when a kidney stone is in your tube going to the bladder and it moves into your bladder?

A: Try stick a stick down to your pee hole then you find out for yourself. it hurts like hell... worse than child birth can cause you to pass out from pain size has alot to do with it If you''re a boy, yes it will hurt because you have to eventually pee it out. The amount of pain is proportionate to the size of the stone. Yes they will hurt, but they will hurt the most when expelling them from your body. So sorry to inform you but they say it hurts very bad. Hope you get better, Casey=) I have like 8 kidney stones on each side, it hurst whenever they move or adjust..... Wait till they are in your bladder coming out.... Good luck and double up on the Vicodin if need be..... Introduction If you''ve ever passed a kidney...


What Are the Pros and Cons of kidney Stone Surgery?

A: There are both pros and cons of kidney stone surgery. Among the pros are relief from painful or uncomfortable symptoms as well as the removal of kidney stones that are too large to pass on their own. kidney stone surgery also provides the benefit of swift removal of stones that are complicating a patientís health. As far as the cons are concerned, this type of surgery does have risks, such as excessive bleeding, and is associated with side effects, such as blood clots and infection. A person may also experience pain and discomfort during recovery, and surgery may not prevent a recurrence of kidney stones. The main...


kidney stones? ever had them ?

A: I ended up in hospital with one last week now waiting to see the specialist. Never know pain like it hope it doesn''t return. How did you get kidney stones? It must be your diet.. have you thought about ajusting that? Prevention is better than cure. kidney stones only develop with lack of water intake. Just like the deposits in the urinal when not properly flushed, deposits occur with concentrated urine. So to avoid formation of stones, one needs frequent flow of urine and it is only achieved with frequent water intake. Stone formation is not caused by minerals taken in with water. As a matter of fact, the minerals like calcium present in the stone is helpful. Stone...


How to get rid of kidney stones fast for my pregnant wife?

A: The formation of kidney stones is quite a common problem, in several people. Chemicals that are present in the urine, such as uric acid, oxalic acid, calcium and phosphorus are the main factors that form stones in the kidney. The stones form and grow when the concentration of any substance in the urine exceeds its level of solubility. These stones are composed mainly of phosphate or calcium oxalate and may vary in consistency and size. They can also cause intense pain, when they try to pass the ureter, on the way to the bladder. The pain is often felt in the left side initially and then in the thighs and groin. Apart from the pain, the most...

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