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What's the best treatment for multiple sclerosis?

A: there is no known "best" treatment for MS. every case is different and your choices should be made on information that is read-ally available from your neurologist and on the web. I was officially diagnosed yesterday. but i looked into many different treatments over the last month before i made my choice. P.S. my mother had MS at a time when there was no treatments Although nutritional supplements and rife machines make sense and have their place, LDN or low dose naltrexone is the single most significant drug treatment I have used or read about. One year of Copaxone failed to diminish the increase in...


Drug treatments for multiple sclerosis

A: New Drug treatments for multiple sclerosis According to the World Health Organization, multiple sclerosis affects more than 2.5 million people worldwide. This number is expected to climb steadily in the coming years. There are dozens of drugs in development for multiple sclerosis, but five of these drugs show great promise. These five drugs include Rebif, Tysabri, Betaferon, Copaxone and Avonex....


What Is The Recommended treatment for multiple sclerosis?

A: There is no specific therapy for MS, but many doctors use adrenocortical steroids such as cortisone. It is believed that temporary use of this drug may possibly hasten a recovery or remission. But whether such drugs actually shorten an acute episode or lessen it in intensity is still debated. Thus much of the therapy for treating MS is related to relieving symptoms, and drugs of various kinds are used. Opinions vary, and so does the treatment of MS. Baffling MS. Many doctors recommend occupational therapy, which might be knitting, painting, typing and so forth, anything to keep the mind active and not on one''s ailment. Enough rest, a happy mental outlook and a determination to get well are...

My friend is undergoing treatment for multiple sclerosis

A: Genetic factor may be one of the reasons for the multiple sclerosis in your brother. But we cannot assure because other causes may be; untreated spinal or head trauma. Now a day, there are various treatments and therapies available for this multiple sclerosis....


what are the medical treatment for multiple sclerosis

A: According to the professional medical field there is nothing for my kind which is primary progressive.  But on the other hand I want to share with everyone the following information :  go to    www.lowdosenaltrexone.org  and also check out ''Google LDN'' ande watch the video  .    I did, and I will always be thankful to the person who shared this with me....

Common antibiotic tested as treatment for multiple sclerosis

A: Thanks for sharing Peacesoul.  I created a link for you to replace the full article.  Please take a look at forum rules 8 and 9 when you get the chance.< Sorry, I''m from the lyme forum and posted the whole article there and it was fine Sorry I Had no idea this was a rule. No problem at all Peacesoul!  We have that rule to protect us from copyright issues so we really do prefer links instead.  I wasn''t aware you also posted this in Lymes.  I''ll leave it this time, but also be aware of the duplicate posting rule.  Thanks again for sharing and your understanding. Thanks for the article sounds good im...


How Effective Is Interferon for multiple sclerosis?

A: Interferon, also referred to as beta interferon, is an antiviral protein used to treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, also known as MS. There are three types of interferon typically prescribed for treating relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS): Avonex®, Betaseron® and Rebif®. Interferon for multiple sclerosis has been shown to effectively decrease the number of relapses multiple sclerosis patients suffer and to slow the rate of physical disability. treatment may shorten the length of attacks and...


What Are the Best Tips About Nutrition for multiple sclerosis?

A: There is no cure for multiple sclerosis, so patients and physicians work to control the symptoms of the disorder using medications, therapy and diet. Nutrition for multiple sclerosis can be used as a supplement to treatment, but it should not be used alone to manage or to attempt to cure the disorder. Patients are advised to eat a well-balanced diet, supplemented by some key vitamins and nutrients to help control symptoms. Unbalanced or insufficient diets can exacerbate the muscle tremors, fatigue and pain that are characteristic of this disease. Some specialty diets claim to provide the best nutrition


What Are the Best Tips for multiple sclerosis Management?

A: The most effective means of multiple sclerosis management should consist of routine monitoring and health screenings. This may include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans to be performed every few months. Corticosteroid medications may help control and manage symptoms and flare ups. Other forms of drug therapy such as glatiramer acetate injections may prove helpful in reducing recurrence of symptoms. multiple sclerosis (MS) management treatment may include learning how to control the affects of acute attacks. This is typically done by administering an effective dosage of anti-inflammatory medications. In more...


How Effective Is Acupuncture for multiple sclerosis?

A: Patients the world over have used acupuncture for multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms, and studies have shown that most experience some level of improvement with repeated visits. This generally works best when used in conjunction with other therapies, including some holistic approaches and conventional methods. In many large studies, the majority of patients saw marked improvement in muscle tone, coordination, bladder control, and muscle pain. Acupuncture works by opening pathways between nerves and body systems and the brain, so that they can communicate more effectively. MS affects these pathways and creates substances that lead to blockages, resulting in ineffective communication between muscles and the brain. This...

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