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Are ear infections contagious?

A: Our ability to hear is one of the most significant and important senses we possess as it allows us to accomplish a number of activities that might have been significantly harder were it not for the ears. For instance, the ears play a significant role in aiding communication as well as gauging and judging distances between an object and our body. It helps us be alert to movement in our surroundings that maybe our eyes were not able to see. Despite the fact that there are a number of people all over the world that are deaf or hearing impaired, for someone with perfect hearing to imagine him or...


Symptoms for ear infection

A: Causes Symptoms and treatment for ear Infection ear infections are called Otitis Media, scientifically. These infections usually come upon a patient after the attack of a cold virus, but it is not in any way contagious. There are several symptoms that point to the presence of an ear infection. A sharp ear pain is one of the easiest ways to tell that you have an ear infection. If you do detect such an ailment, you need to make sure you do not...

How do I Treat an ear Infection?

A: There are several treatment options for ear infections, depending on the patient''s age and the nature of the infection. Many ear infections are actually simply ear aches which may clear up on their own after one to two days, and this fact has been reflected in guideline issued by many medical organizations. You should seek medical care for an ear infection if it is accompanied by high fever or extreme pain, but you may...


How do you get rid of ear infections?

A: ear infections home cures  treatment of a ear infection depends on exactly where in the ear the infection is. There are several types of ear infections — one of the most common is a fungal infection of the outer ear, known as swimmer's ear. This is a relatively minor problem mainly involving inflammation of the skin, and can be treated easily at home by using a soluti

What can I do for an inner ear infection?

A: Try these ear infection home remedies - Keep your head in an elevated position. This position helps the Eustachian tube to drain naturally. once the tube drains on its own the pain would be very less. The act of swallowing also helps to drain the tube at the back of the throat. Sip water slowly. Fill some warm water in a flat bottle and apply this on the outside of the ear that is in pain for 5 – 10 minutes. The warm heat will help relieve the pain.Put 2 drops of freshly extracted holy basil juice in the infected ear and lie down in elevated positi

I have an ear infection and the gland in my neck is painful. I went to the doctor and was put on antibiotics?

A: Go back to the Dr.!!!! Do you have a fever? You could have meningitis. Go now. you should really give the medication some more time usually it gets worse before it gets better.if you are uncomfortable you should talk to your doctor about what to expect and find out if you have had a turn for the worse or if this is just a part of the recovery process. I am curious why he only has you on it for 4 days? It is always 10-14 days of treatment.. An ear infection can infect the glands as well.. The anti-biotic should take a couple days to start bringing the infection under control.. But I would...


Neomycin, polymyxin b sulfate and hydrocotisone otic solution - is this for a ear infection?

A: 17 Sep 2011 Dont use someone elses drops. they could be contaminated and cause you even more problems and even though the symptoms may have been the same they may be two separate conditions. Call around and get price checks from different pharmacies-you might find one that offers a generic that you can afford. Worse comes to worse, ask your Dr if he has samples. Let him know you cant afford the meds and see if he can give you samples. never a good idea to use someone elses leftover drugs. Votes:+2CommentVote upReportAnonymous 17 Sep 2011D, I agree sooo much. We always had lots of samples for...


What is a good way to heal an ear infection?

A: How do you know you have an ear infection if you haven;t seen the doc? Without looking inside your ear you can''t be sure you have an ear infection. Use Tea Tree Oil on a cotton ball to help with the ear for now and stay out of the docs office if you can until you are over the flu as you don''t want to spread that to everyone else in the docs office. First, you need to be taking some pain medication on a regular basis for the discomfort. Antibiotics will help. Most people with just a simple


my baby (5 months old)has an ear infection and now his body cold and clammy

A: Baby ear infections are quite common among children below two years of age. The types of infections that can affect them are outer and middle ear infections. The medical term for an ear infection is otitis media, which, in Latin, literally means inflammation of the middle ear. It is imperative to look for symptoms of ear infection in infants as they are not able to express pain verbally. treatment is necessary to prevent...


how can I clear up an adult ear infection?

A: In case of ear infections in adults, the best natural ear infection treatment is garlic. Slice a small clove of garlic and wrap it in some tissue. Insert this tissue wrapped garlic partially into your ear canal. The pain usually disappears in about 15 minutes. You can also use garlic oil instead of raw garlic. Another effective ear infection natural treatment is onion. To use onion, you have to follow the same steps as you did with garlic....

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