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What Is the Role Of troponin t In the Diagnosis And Risk Stratification Of Acute Coronary Syndromes?

A: A significant proportion of patients presenting to accident and emergency departments complain of chest pain. Early risk stratification is vital with the primary aim being to identify life threatening conditions such as acute coronary syndromes (ACS)...

What Is troponin?

A: troponin actually refers to three proteins the body produces that are classed as I, C and t. these are present in cardiac muscles and skeletal muscles, and most times they are at extremely low levels. troponins present in the hear

What are the normal blood levels of troponin?

A: troponins are protein components of striated muscle. there are three different troponins: troponin C, troponin t and troponin I. troponins t and I are only found in cardiac muscle. Reference Value: (Method: Enzyme immunoassay)


my husband was taken to the ER with Heart attack symptoms. His troponin levels indicated a heart attack. He had acardiac cath and his doctor said he did not believe it was a heart attack. He ordered an upper GI and stress test. If itwas not a heart atta

A: Dear takanap, troponin tests are primarily ordered for people who have chest pain to see if they have had aheart attack or other damage to their heart. Either a troponin I or a troponin t test can be performed;usually a...


troponin Levels

A: Dear Barry, I don"t know of course.  My guess would be something with the muscles in the upper neck and back of head.  Cramp?  Skeletal muscle damage will raise troponin. Please let me know if you figure out what the illness was. David Richardson...

Should I be worried about my EKG saying "inferior and anterior t wave changes are nonspecific?"?

A: I had abnormal t waves and I was terrified just like you. I went to a cardiologist and there was nothing wrong. If you are still concerned then there is nothing wrong with going to another doctor for a second opinion, or asking your doctor for a referral to a cardiologist just


Do troponins have a role in assessing the seriousness of someone with a PE?

A: A recent meta-analysis [1] found:|   Data from 20 studies (1985 patients) were included in the analysis. Overall, 122 of 618 patients with elevated troponin levels died (19.7%; 95% confidence interval [CI], 16.6 to 22.8) compared with 51 of 1367 with normal troponin levels (3.7%; 95% CI, 2.7 to...

hi..please explan to me what this is...........nonischemic cardiomyopathy ejection fraction 35%...mild elevation of troponin secondary to congestive heart failure,but there is no acute myocardial infarction...........i have some other words too ..but i can only take them at time and study because i have brain damage very slowly,,please does anybody know what this is??????thank you very very very much i mean thay

A: Here is some information I found on Ejection fraction: Ejection fraction: What does it measure?. ejection fraction 25-30% ,with global hypoknesia and anterior wall hypokinesis..pulmmomary artery pressure mildy elevatedd 40 mmHg. no infacardiac sounds. CPK 216 and troponin-1 of 0.06, labeled as non-q myocardial iinfraction. me seth ..also sorry i accden

About my troponin level?

A: so what be your troponin levels? You did not hold a heart attac, you just have a lot of blood loss. You are wasting your money on the attorney. troponin can be elevated d/t the surgery you have....


Slight Chest "Pressure" in middle of chest

A: Hello, the chest contains many organs, like the heart, lungs with its pleural covering, esophagus, muscles, ribs, tendons, and nerves. they all can be the source of the pain (tightness) felt in the chest. It sounds like muscle spasm is the cause of your symptoms. Muscle spasm alone can cause this...

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