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What Are the Different types of brain cancer?

A: There are many different kinds of brain cancer, most of which involve the development of cancerous tumors in the brain, on the brain stem, or at the top of the spine. brain cancer is divided into two major types, called primary and metastatic, which are defined by the initial origin of the cancer. Within these categories, there are dozens of different types of


What is the worst type of brain cancer?

A: brain tumors are divided into two different categories, meningiomas and gliomas. Ninety percent of meningiomas are benign. This means that they are not cancerous and surgeons can easily remove them because it is mainly made up of cells that cover the brain. However, sometimes these tumors can grow so large that they press up against the brains ventricular system, which leads to potentially fatal consequences. Gliomas, the other type of tumors, are divided into two main types, astrocytic and oligodendroglial tumors. Gliomas are the worst kind of


Percentage distribution of different histological types of brain cancer

A: I have been retired for 6.5 years after a stroke so I"m not up to date on this. Contact the cancer registry of the Swedish National Board of Health & Social Welfare (Socialstyrelsen). Its home page address is: http://www.socialstyrelsen.se . Down to the left on the page is a possibility of changing the page to English. By doing that you can search for help of getting this information. Look for the cancer registry and its e-mail address. Good luck!...

What are the Different types of brain Surgery?

A: There are a number of different types of brain surgery, generally classified by type and location. brain surgery usually involves full anesthesia, a craniotomy in order to give the surgeon direct access to the brain, and then some type of procedure designed to fix an ailing brain. Damage to the tissues or fluid in the brain can lead to different types of surgery, such as alterations to the brain tissue, removal of cancers, and alterations to...


What Are the Symptoms of brain cancer?

A: The symptoms of brain cancer include headaches, vision problems, and mental disorders. The types of symptoms that appear depend on the location of the brain tumor. If the malignancy is in the frontal lobe, it can result in memory loss and a change in personality. Speech and mobility problems are more common if the malignancy is in the parietal lobe. The severity of the brain cancer symptoms depends on the size of the brain tumor and can vary in each individual.. There are two


What are the signs and symptoms of brain cancer?

A: brain cancer is rather tricky and can have many symptoms. Headaches, ringing in th ears, distorted vision, gate problems, speech changes. In time, the body can shut down. We lost my sister of 43 to this distorting cancer.. Come on..Who are the people (person) answering these questions. ? Every day lay people or professionals?. My guess would be every day lay people considering they must not know the definition of the word " gaite". It was misspelled so to me that means the answerer is guessing. Why can`t these answers be given by professionals.?. Symptoms associated with space-occupying masses...


What Are Some Different types of brain Tumors?

A: There are a number of different types of brain tumors, which can be broken up in a variety of ways by type and location. All brain tumors fall into one of two categories: they are either primary or “true” brain tumors which originate in the brain, or metastic tumors, tumors which originate elsewhere and end up in the brain. Among primary brain tumors, there are a number of different forms, usually differentiated on the basis of the types

What Are the Different types of brain Tumor Treatments?

A: The different types of brain tumor treatments include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Patients additionally may be prescribed medications or participate in alternative therapies such as acupuncture or meditation. Doctors will often devise a treatment plan that involves a combination of these options. Specific treatments also depend on the tumor’s location, size and rate of growth, as well as the patient’s health, age, and medical history. Surgery is the most common brain tumor treatment when the tumor can be easily removed. Tumors treated by a surgical intervention tend to be on the outer membranes covering the...


Is smelling things that arent there a sign of brain cancer?

A: No no i smell pizza all the time and theres no pizza in the room... i think its because i was craving it and i smelled it. I have never heard of anything like that. I do not think your smelling has anything to do with cancer http://personal.ecu.edu/wuenschk/Parosmia.htm I don''t know about brain cancer, but I do know that epileptics can have certain types of seizures where this happens. My husband sometimes hears or feels things it''s called an aural seizure. Actually smelling almonds can be a sign of a brain tumor. I have no idea why. Smelling things that aren''t there can be a symptom


Stages of brain cancer in 12-Year Old

A: There are many types of brain cancer with different clinical pictures. There are also differences in prognosis between them. The clinical pictures are also influenced by the locations of the tumours within the brain. Without knowing these facts it is impossible to give you good information on the subject. After I have said that it is however evident from what you have told me that this poor girl is in a very difficult position indeed and that her prognosis unfortunately is bad. How long it will take for the process to come to its end is however impossible to say with any certainty, but her condition will most probably get worse over time....
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