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What could be the cause of a chronic cough? It sounds like I'm wheezing when I'm coughing.?

A: abcdefghijk Ask your doctor to check for tuberculosis ot TB. I had a cough and stuffy nose for 3 months before I got it checked out. It turned out to be Hodgkin''s Lymphoma (cancer). During my research on this, many women find out they have this cancer during pregnancy. Get it checked out. Okay listen... I really don''t want to scare you but this is the plain and simple truth. My father when I was a little boy passed away from lung cancer. He was having symptoms quite similar to yours. Another thing it MIGHT be is a partially collapsed lung from mucus. This has also happened to my grandmother. You should go get an x-ray. Emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis,


My brother has found out he has cancer?

A: The best way to help your brother is to find out the exact type of cancer he has, the stage, the exact location, and the grade of the tumor(s). You should investigate and research his type of cancer and find out every single option available for treatment. One way to do this is to have your brother go to a designated comprehensive cancer center where they research and treat his type of cancer all the time. You should find a highly skilled and experienced oncologist who can guide and help your brother find the best treatments for him. He needs someone he can trust with his life. If you find...


How long could a person have cancer for without knowing it?

A: I went 8 years (age 9-17) with cancer before it was diagnosed. Most people who have cancer don''t know it until pain develops...and it''s usually too far gone to do anything about it at that point. Like cancer of the throat. Most people see a doctor when their voices become hoarse or they have difficulty (but not painful swallowing). lung cancer pain usually starts in the back and, as I said, it''s usually too late for intervention at that point. It depends on the person and what type you have. That is why it is important to get yearly physicals. it usually depends on the type of cancer,...


Cervical cancer Vaccination?

A: Honestly, I''ve done a lot of research on it and I don''t trust it. There have been negative symptoms (including paralysis and death) associated with it that have not been mentioned in the media, and it has not been around long enough for them to claiming that any long-term studys have been done. It''s expensive, it only prevent four of a hundred different causes of HPV, and if you get a regular pap smear done you''ll catch the cancer before it becomes a threat anyway. My mother and I (I''m 20) discussed it with both my gyno and my regular doctor and decided against it. My gynocologist spent the entire visit asking me if I wanted one, the receptionist asked if I wanted one, the nurse asked...


Howbad is level 4 in cancer?

A: Do you mean stage 4? cancer stages range from stage 1-4. Stage 4 is the worst. Not completely hopeless, but once it hits that stage, the survival changes are greatly reduced. there are levels to critical cancer and ovarian cancer level 4 is the next to last stage there are 5 stages as I was told by my doctor. so do every thing they say and I will be praying 4 u never ever give up hope u are a live and can fight until u take your last breath so stay strong and pray and do as the Dr says Stage 4 is as bad as it gets Unfortuneately stage four is kind of the end stage. Most times if a person is at stage 4, they dont have alot of time left. There are always exceptions to...


When diagnosed with metastic melanoma cancer is it common for the onclogists to wait ovr 2 weeks for trtment?

A: Its commmon to wait for the report because the treatments follow from the report, second opinions are good also.. Contact your American cancer Society for more resources or go on internet.My mom had a large brain tumor the size of a tennis ball but surgery got it. It was about three weeks after her diagnosis. Good look and lots of prayers to you. Yes it is common...good luck in your treatment...I hope it is successful...My prayers are with you....take it easy also...Two weeks will not make any difference, that''s what i am told. Plus it depends on how busy they are... Tests are done called tumor markers. These have to be done so they can figure out the type of treatment This


How can I get the oncologist to own up to possible long term damage done during my 2nd round of chemo?

A: Get a lawyer. Seriously! How do you know that you have had long term damage? Did you have an ultra-sound? My son has an echocardiogram pretty routinely. He was treated with high dose chemotherapy for 8 months, and low dose chemo for 10 months. He hasn''t had any reactions, other than nausea. He was an inpatient for the high dose chemo and was monitored pretty closely. What type of cancer do you have and what is the stage? Were you an outpatient or in patient for treatment? It''s really difficult understanding what might have happened from your description. Do you believe that the oncologist did something that was not protocol? You can look at your own medical records and than compare them with the standard protocol for your disease. If you...


cancer medication....?

A: there is a natural way to cure cancer, i know it sounds far fetched but go to herbdoc.com and go to the cure-all section and get on it. it is a 30 day total body detox. it taste like crap and it requires discipline to complete it, but it is better than cancer. good luck. Don''t check my spelling but there was a guy named Otto Warburg. He won the nobel prize for the discovery of what causes cancer. He said cancer is caused by anaerobism or absence of oxygen. He induced cancer in 47 different species of animals in weeks, by injecting them with acid. Acid drives out oxygen. Absence


My sister has stage4 rectum cancer and spread to liver.... had operation to re move rectum?

A: I lost a family member to leukimia and I have a friend with non Hogkins. They gave him three months. Anyway he started taking resveratol. The Japanese and Chinese have been using it for centuries. You can find a site with links at "old south winery". This is muscadine and suppose to be the most potent. most of it is made from the root of the knotweed plant. Do research and type in "Aggarwal Resveratrol MD Anderson cancer Center. Find the 58 page report. This report lists all mutations, pathways and different cancer that Resveratrol will fix. my friend was given three months and that was over two and a half years ago. He also stopped chemo, but I don''t suggest she do that....


Who has cancer?

A: non-hodgkins lymphoma......3 times in 3 years.... Hi Eloise J, Unfortunately, I was just diagnosed with melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer. Fortunately, my chances of being cured are over 90%. I''m scheduled to have Mohs surgery for it on Feb. 14. This type of surgery is considered very successful in treating skin cancer, and it involves the doctor shaving off skin until he reaches health tissue. Thanks for your concern; I''m going to be ok! John Hi. I went to the doctor a little over a year ago and was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma. It is a type of cancer

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