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What Are the Different types of Brain cancer?

A: There are many different kinds of brain cancer, most of which involve the development of cancerous tumors in the brain, on the brain stem, or at the top of the spine. Brain cancer is divided into two major types, called primary and metastatic, which are defined by the initial origin of the cancer. Within these categories, there are dozens of different types of brain cancer, defined by specific growth characteristics and resultant symptoms. Some...


Emphysema and possible chance of lung cancer?

A: I''m sorry to say the prognosis is not very good. I''m not sure that you''ve asked an actual question, but just as general information lung cancer is very common in patients with emphysema because they are both usually caused by the same factors. i.e...smoking. lost both of my parents to emphysema. my father pasted within three or four years, never quit smoking and didn''t follow doctor advice, my mother lived 11 years plus, she followed doctor advice and gave up smoking. both had trouble their last years but mom was around to see her grandchildren. brings tears to my eyes still. u have my prayers. tough love and you can all enjoy the life she has with her still. helping her will help you, i know. be there for...


i am 20 years old. I have been smoking for about 3 years, i now have most signs of lung cancer, although it could just be a regular cough. Is is possible to have lung cancer at such a young age, only having smoked for three years?

A: Many of the signs of lung cancer (such as a cough) are also signs of less serious problems. It is possiblee to have lung cancer at any age, although it would be very rare for someone so young to have it. Stop smoking now to lessen your risk of getting lung cancer and shortening your life from heart disease, etc. u might just have a smokers cough but i''ve been smoking for almost 13yrs and im 27 and im trying to quit and it''s very hard i am 26 years old and i smoked for about 8 years i quit a year ago and when you see someone who is dying

What Are The Most Common Symptoms of lung cancer?

A: There are two types of lung cancer which are common all over world whose foundation is on the size and look of the malignant cells, which are the non small cells in the lung cancer and the small cells in the lung cancer. The former cells cause about eighty percent of lung cancer and the later cells contribute to the rest of the twenty percent. In the early stages there are no symptoms as such, however after some time a person might show signs of...

what kind of lung cancer only has 6 months to live

A: None, because no one can give you or anyone a time line as to how long someone has to live. I know people that were given 6 and 9 months to live and 8 9 even 15 years later they are still alive and well. Richard Block was one of them. He lived 22 years after they told him he had 3 to 6 months to live. I died from something not related to lung cancer, he was cancer free at the time of his death. It all depends on what stage and type of lung cancer. Usually small cell cancer patients don''t have as high a survival rate as non small cell, but there are so many...


Two questions. Does the type of breast cancer matter when it comes to being a risk for family members? (mammary carcinoma morphologic features of ductal and lobular confirmed as a lobular carcinoma) and can cancer spread from the lymph nodes themselves to other parts of the body? Mastectomy and sentinal node biopsy done and the doctors will discuss the need for an axillary dissection after chemo. Lymph node #1 metastatic lobular carcinoma 3mm, #2 benign, #3 metastatic lobular carcinoma nearly completely replaced by metastatic lobular carcinoma infiltrates into the lymph node''s capsule but not seen into adjacent fibroadipose tissue. Age 39, tubular formation 3, nuclear grade 2, mitosis 2, tumor size 5.3x4.5x3 cm, lobular carcinoma in situ nuclear grade 2, no definate lymphovascular invasion identified, no perineural invasion identified, nipple free of carcinoma, margins of resection free of carcinoma but close, non-neoplastic breast tissue with mild fibrocystic changes, tumor markers ER strongly positive 3+ PR positive 2+ HER2/neu negative. The tumor seemed to appear out of nowhere. Thanks.

A: type of breast cancer is not genetically passed down so type doesn''t matter. breast cancer does spread, or can spread from the nodes to other organs like bone, liver, lung...

Taxotere Hair Loss and Other Side Effects of lung cancer Drugs

A: lung cancer is among the worst types of cancer, and unfortunately, there are no "miracle" lung cancer drugs yet. However, some chemotherapy drugs that can fight this devastating illness have been identified. Unfortunately, some of these drugs cause undesirable side effects, such as the Taxotere hair loss that occurs with the use of docetaxel for lung cancer. The lung cancer drugs that are used to treat a patient depend on the type of...


How Can A Person Avoid Getting Symptoms of lung cancer?

A: lung cancer is caused when harmful chemicals breathe in to our respiratory system and attack our lung cells causing them to have an abnormal cell growth, thus resulting in lung cancer. Problem with this type of cancer is that it can not be detected in the early stages and symptoms arrive after the disease has lived in a person for some time. Thus prevention is better than cure. It is important for smokers to understand how they are risking their lives by smoking in harmful chemicals and permitting it to enter in to their respiratory system. They need to be educated and informed about what will be the circumstances

Hi, My mother in-law is going through chemo therapy because of lung cancer, she already had 2 sesions of chemo plus tons of sesions of radiation, right now her joints are getting very swollen, her legs , ancles... last week her ears were too and also she has pain because of this. Is this normal ? Is this means that she wont be able to make it? she has 8 more chemo sesions to go, i am worried she will get to weak... thanks

A: I am sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I really hope that the chemo and radiation are successful. I don't think that because she is having some swelling that she won't make it. I would ask her oncologist and see what he or she says. Also, there are some wonderful cancer support groups available, for her and for you, the family. Good luck! Thanks for writing. Indeed, this is a good chance to review some of the possible complications of chemotherapy, as well as to discuss the importance of being as fit as possible if one is to undergo cancer treatments. Specifically, diffuse swelling of this type can be a direct response to the...
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