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Can people survive small cell lung cancer?

A: Yes people can survive small cell cancer. It is not necessary to call it "small cell cancer" as all cells are (infinitesimal) small! These are the vital physiological chemistry of the human body and without them we would not survive. The fact that your sister has this cancer is indicative of infection in at least her lungs. Normally the body will cure itself by replenishing worn out, damaged cells. If any symptoms persist (ongoing ill health) means this process is damaged. The most likely cause of the damage being viral/ bacterial infections. There are a whole host of natural cures...


What Is lung cancer?

A: When a person is diagnosed with lung cancer, it means he has a type of cancer that has begun in his lungs. lung cancer is a leading killer of people in many countries. In some cases, it can be treated successfully and doesn`t result in fatality. In fact, lung cancer is most likely to respond well to treatment when it is diagnosed and treated early. Unfortunately, however, some forms of lung cancer are more aggressive or difficult to treat than others, and early diagnosis...


What Factors Affect lung cancer Survival Rates?

A: Several factors can affect lung cancer survival rates, including the type of lung cancer the patient has. Other factors, such as the stage of the cancer and size of the lung tumor, also affect lung cancer life expectancy. lung cancer prognosis may also be affected by other underlying health conditions the patient has.. The two primary types of lung cancer are small cell...


What is Small Cell lung cancer?

A: Small cell lung cancer(SCLC) is one of two types of lung cancer, the other being non-small cell lung cancer. Small cell lung cancer, also known as oat-cell cancer or small cell carcinoma, is the result of cancer cells growing out of control in the lungs. SCLC is a very aggressive type of cancer, with cells that grow much faster than they do in...

Medication for lung cancer?

A: Chemotherapy,pain relief in the form of ampules of Diamorphine snapped open and liquid drunk ...syringe-driver giving regular doses of Diamorphine...surgery.... Agree with HI on this one, my mum passed away in Jan this year from lung cancer and was to sick for either Chemo/Radio therapy. The only medication she had was dis-solvable paracetamol for the pain and morphine on the morning she died! Ok the real answer is this. Chemotherapy is the most common treatment for lung cancer. It also depends on many factors: 1) Is the cancer operable? 2) Has the cancer spread? 3)...


What Is Involved in Using Radiation for lung cancer?

A: lung cancer treatment using radiation involves aiming an x-ray beam directly at the tumor in medical sessions over a period of time. High-energy x-ray beams shrink cancerous tumors that could spread before surgery, and are effective after surgery to destroy any remaining cancer cells. Radiation for lung cancer is also used to kill cancer that has spread to the brain or other areas of the body. Radiation therapy works on cancerous tumors that can be reached by an x-ray beam when surgery is risky. A modern technique, called conformal radiation...


Is There Any Cure For lung cancer In The Near Future?

A: There is always hope as long as one believes there are.I know a couple of people who has beat cancer and both did not for a minute think that they were not going to make it .A positive outlook and positive people need to encourage your friend never let her or your self give in to negative feeling and doubt.Have her to eat natural foods and walk a lot to keep her resistance up.When we just lay down and quit we give up. (Many blessings http://www.rense.com/health/rife.htm I just want to add my two cents. There is ALWAYS HOPE. Don''t let cancer or anyone or anything take that away from you. There isn''t any cure for any cancer at the moment, but there are treatments - although they are harsh...


If you have lung cancer how long do most people live? can you beat it?

A: When I got it, The longest time that I can live will be the time that I know I can fight with it. I DONT KNOW MY GRANDPA HAD IT FOR 14 YEARS HE ONLY DIED CUZ HIZ HEART STOPED SO I WOULD SAY HE BEAT IT R.I.P N I FEEL SORRY FOR U OR WHO U KNOW WHO HAS IT if undergone biopsy.only three months but if not longer.intake of fruit jiuics with strong phytochemicals will help. my brother had it I found a treatment it called Essiac ,it from herbs you can find on the web under cancer herbs cures.It really work God bless It depends on your state of mind and the progression of the cancer. Some people die from other complications such as cancer cells...


Pz. take it seriously. what is small cell lung cancer? my friend is having it. we need help.?

A: go to www.webmd.com and type it in. This site will give you lots of information and links to other sites. Good luck to your friend. My husband was diagnosed March 20th He passed on June 6th. Go to the doctor with your friend do research be there for your friend Good luck I am so sorry about your friends illness. The only thing I know is that my brother had small cell lung cancer on the top of his lung. He was treated at a research center with unknown drugs. He live for a little over two years after finding out he had it. They told him that they would not opperate because that once air gets to the small cell type it spreads very rapidly. You have received some good


Metastic lung cancer with cancer of unknown primary

A: Thanks! I do understand your concern! However since you are thinking a lot of thyroid cancers I have to share some experiences from my youth. As a young dr. (around 1970)I did part of my internship and also worked as a resident dr. in the department of medical oncology and radiation therapy (including nuclear medicine) in the so called "Radiumhemmet" (Home of Radium) of the Royal Karolinska University Hospital - belonging to the medical university of the Royal Karolinska Institute where I had done my medical studies - in Stockholm, Sweden. To my great surprise I found that quite a number of...

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