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Types of ovarian cysts? answers (622)

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What are the types of ovarian cyst surgery?

A: The type of surgery used depends on the size of the cyst and how it appears on the ultrasound. The different procedures used include: Laparoscopy — This is a procedure in which the doctor inserts a small device through an incision in the abdomen. He or she views the reproductive organs and pelvic cavity using the device. If the cyst is small, the doctor can remove it through tiny incisions made in the pubic hairline.Laparotomy — This procedure uses a bigger incision to remove the cyst. The cyst will be tested for cancer. If it is cancer, the doctor may need to remove one or both ovaries, the uterus, a fold of fatty tissue called the omentum and some lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped...


History of ovarian Cysts - Having Pain Currently

A: Hi mommy2baz, Yes I agree that googling stuff is a very good way to scare the crap out of you. Try googling something common like a headache and you will get hits like brain tumour and stroke (!). Your gynecologist might recommend that you have an ultrasound if the pain continues. Since you have a history of ovarian cysts then guess what ? They may find another one. Hopefully if this is the case it will go away on its own like most do. Persistent pelvic pain is definitely something you need to see your gyne about though so you are certainly on the right track. Many things besides cancer can cause this kind of pain including endometriosis, bowel issues such as IBS (that left ovary and the...


What are the symptoms of ovarian cysts?

A: HI, hun just noticed nobody has responded to you, i can not tell you what the symptoms of a cyst are, but just wanted to reply to see how you are doing? Hello, Most definitely the odds of having an ovarian cyst far outweigh the odds of having ovarian cancer ... by a lot. ovarian cysts are extremely common and most ovarian cysts are benign growths. If you have ovarian cysts that are fluid filled and 5 cms or less, most likely these are normal follicular cysts that will disappear by themselves within 1 to 3 menstrual cycles. These occur in all premenopausal women and come and go as...


  In the surgical pathology report,it says in diagnosis column that a high grade invasive papillary adenocarcinoma withintact cyst capsule.Specimen is of ovarian cyst with right salpingo-oophorectomy.Gross-Received a partly cut open graybrown cystic tissu

A: Hi,The report does say that, the excised specimen is cancerous and invasive type. Rather than the gross featureswhich have been explained, this is significant. Discuss with your surgeon if the cancerous lesion has beenremoved completely because in that case, there shall be a margin of healthy tissue as well removed to ensurethat the cancerous part is off completely. Your surgeon shall be able to conclude seeing the pathology report.Hope this helps you. Take care and regards....


possible ovarian cyst rupture

A: Hello, It is certainly possible that you ruptured some type of ovarian cyst, or there is something else going on.  It is unusualy to have an ovarian cyst when you are on the birth control pill unless it is not a functional cyst but some other form of cyst such as a tumor.  Appendicitis is still not ruled out either, although the pain has diminished. I would recommend that you see someone immediately if the pain worsens. Sincerely, Edward J. Ramirez, M.D., FACOG Executive Medical Director The Fertility and Gynecology Center Monterey Bay IVF Program www.montereybayivf.com Monterey, California, U.S.A....

What are ovarian cysts?

A: ovarian cysts are fluid filled bodies that form on ovaries, and there are many types that may have few to many symptoms. Many women will get an ovarian cyst occasionally, and most are unlikely to notice the fact since the cyst will generally recess on its own with no treatment. Other cysts may grow large, become painful, and run the danger of rupturing, which can harm the ovary and is a medical emergency. The most common types of ovarian cysts are called functional cysts, and these occur when something goes wrong during ovulation. An ovary produces a follicle each month, which is similar to a cyst, and this releases...

What is an ovarian cyst and what causes ovarian cyst?

A: ovarian CYSTS ARE HARMLESS : ovarian cysts are small fluid-filled sacs that develop in a woman's ovaries. Most cysts are harmless, but some may cause problems such as rupturing, bleeding, or pain. ovarian cysts affect women of all ages. The vast majority of ovarian cysts are considered FUNCTIONAL (or physiologic) or simple cyst. In other words, they have nothing to do with disease. Most ovarian cysts are benign, meaning they are NOT cancerous, and many DISAPPEAR on their own in a matter of weeks without treatment. Cysts occur most often during a woman's...

What can I do to get ride of an ovarian cyst?

A: An ovarian cyst is a sac filled with fluid that resembles a blister of sorts. These cysts are common among women in the years that they reproduce and they are basically growths that form on the almond size organs on either side of a uterus. More often than not these ovarian cysts are a harmless and go away without any form of treatment. In definition the ovaries are supposed to produce an egg every month. When a woman ovulates, a cyst-like structure called a follicle forms inside the ovary. When the follicle matures, it ruptures and the egg is released during this time of ovulation. The corpus leteum then goes on...

What kind of folk remedy should I take to dissolve my ovarian cysts?

A: ovarian cysts are a very common problem for women. ovarian cysts are very similar to blisters and are fluid filled sacs. There are different types of ovarian cysts and most of them are quite harmless and pass without the need for any medical treatment, but it would be advisable to get medical advice as at time if the cyst does not go away on its own there can be complications. There are often no visible symptoms, and when present the cysts would most likely cause a dull ache or feeling of pressure or fullness in the abdomen. The presence of pain during intercourse and...

Can a woman with ovarian cyst conceive?

A: An ovarian cyst, as the term suggests, is nothing but a cyst that is formed on the ovaries. The ovaries form a very important part of the female reproductive system, as they are responsible for producing the egg. These structures are about as big as an almond, and they are placed on either side of the uterus. At times tiny fluid filled sacs or cysts form on the ovaries, these are referred to as ovarian cysts. ovarian cysts are not that uncommon a phenomenon, in-fact, as per recent research, a woman is said to develop at least one ovarian cyst at some point in time. While a large number of cysts are totally harmless...

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