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What are different types of spinal cord injury?

A: I have one type - two ruptured (or slipped discs) which occasionaly give me trouble. I try and keep it healthy by exercising, doing yoga and when it is troubling me I get acupuncture which relieves the pain....


What Are the Different types of spinal cord Disease?

A: The spinal cord is essential in relaying chemical impulses to and from the brain, controlling reflexes, and sensing pain. Individuals who are diagnosed with spinal cord disease often have significant problems controlling muscle movement, seeing, and speaking, and some patients suffer from partial or complete paralysis. Most cases of spinal cord disease are directly related to spinal column injuries, though symptoms may also develop as a result of genetically inherited conditions. spinal cord...

What Are the Different types of spinal Injury?

A: When a person suffers a spinal injury, the spinal cord becomes damaged. This causes full or partial paralysis. Not all patients have the same level of injury. Patients can experience one of two types of spinal cord injuries. One kind is referred to as a complete spinal cord injury, while the other kind is called an incomplete spinal cord injury. The spinal cord works in conjunction with the brain to control the body''s...

What Are Different types of Treatment for spinal cord Injury?

A: An injury to the spinal cord is typically permanent and irreversible, but there are still a variety of treatments that can be used to limit the damage and help patients recuperate to the best of their abilities. There are several stages to treating this type of injury: emergency actions to minimize the initial trauma, early or acute care to diagnose the full extent of the issue and correct as much as possible, and rehabilitation to help patients regain some of the physical functionality that may have been lost. Initial treatment for spinal cord injury can include...


spinal cord injury rehabilitation

A: Hi.  I tried researching this on the Internet, but found nothing.  The only thing I can figure it means is that she is "guarding" against moving due to pain or some other reason.  He"s saying her muscle tone is the way that it is because her body is "guarding against" any movement in her shoulders and arms for some reason, and that relaxation techniques will stop this guarding against movement and allow movement it to occur.   I think he could have explained that to you better than he did. I think biofeedback will benefit her more than relaxation techniques, but try both anyhow.  Also make sure her upper extremities are stretched everyday and exercised to.  Also remember, she hasn"t been hurt a full year yet. It takes that long for...


Embryonic Stem cell research and spinal cord Injury

A: Hi Julie, Thanks so much for your questions. First of all, I am not a doctor. I suffered a spinal cord injury in 1977 and throughout the years, I"ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge of the spinal cord. As far as I know, embryonic stem cell research is just that...research. No one has ever had the affects of their spinal cord injury reversed due to the use of embryonic stem cells. If they had, nearly every person with an SCI would line up to have the procedure done. If and when there is a procedure...


What Are the Different types of spinal Stenosis Treatment?

A: spinal stenosis is a medical condition in which one or more of the nerves in the spinal column become pinched or compressed. This can occur due to injury or disease, but it is also common as a natural part of the aging process. spinal stenosis treatment options will depend on the cause of the injury as well as the particular nerve and portion of the spine that is affected. Typical spinal stenosis treatment options include medication, exercise, and sometimes surgery. Cervical spinal stenosis involves nerves in the neck region of the body. Common...


What is complete acute spinal cord injury involving c5?

A: There are two types of spinal cord injuries. Complete spinal cord injuries refer to the types of injuries that result in complete loss of function below the level of the injury, while incomplete spinal cord injuries are those that result in some sensation and feeling below the point of injury. The level and degree of function in incomplete injuries is highly individual, and is dependent upon the way in which the spinal

What Are the Different types of spinal Trauma?

A: In the medical world, there are many different classifications for spinal trauma. Because detailed understanding of a traumatic injury or condition is so vital for correct diagnosis and treatment of this crucially important area, trauma may be classified by area, type of injury, and severity as measured by effects. Doctors can then use this information to determine proper treatment and explain potential outcomes to patients suffering from spinal injuries. spinal trauma may first be explained by the area of primary injury. The spinal vertebrae are divided into three distinct areas: the cervical...

sex after a spinal cord injury

A: Dear Sue, FYI, The urethra and the vagina are separate openings. So you can tape the catheter tube to your thigh or abdomen to keep it out of the way. And I suggest you use some type of water based lubrication; like KY Jelly. Sorry for the late response, I hope this helps, sincerely Ken...

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