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How is Hürthle cell thyroid cancer different to other types of thyroid cancer?

A: This page tells you about Hürthle cell thyroid cancer. There is information on The thyroid glandWhat Hürthle cell thyroid cancer isSymptoms of Hürthle cell cancerDiagnosing Hürthle cell cancerTreating Hürthle cell cancerAfter your treatment The thyroid glandThe thyroid gland makes and releases hormones. It sits at the base of your neck at the front, just behind the small hollow where your collarbones meet. You can find out more about what the thyroid gland does in the

types of thyroid cancer and radioactive iodine

A: There are several different types of thyroid cancer. Radioactive iodine is a type of radiotherapy. Whether it can help depends on which type of thyroid cancer you have. The most common types of thyroid cancer in younger people are papillary and follicular cancer. These types both respond very well to radioactive iodine treatment. Anaplastic thyroid cancer is the most common type in elderly people...

What type of thyroid cancer?

A: Hi, I''m sorry to hear you''re going through this. I know it''s hard, but everything will be just fine. Thankfully, thyroid cancer is one of the most curable types of cancer you can have. I was dx''d with follicular thyroid cancer in 2003. I think RAI is pretty much the main treatment for papillary and follicular thyroid cancers. I''ve had 2 RAI treatments so far and they really aren''t too bad. I had some side effects such as nausea and swollen salivary glands, but overall it wasn''t bad. Good luck with your surgery! I''ll keep you in my...


types of thyroid cancer

A: About thyroid cancer The thyroid is a small endocrine (hormone-producing) gland located at the front of the neck. The hormones produced by the thyroid are involved in the control of body metabolism and temperature. There are several types of thyroid cancer, which can vary in cause, symptoms, and severity. The most common are follicular adenocarcinoma and papillary adenocarcinoma of the thyroid. thyroid cancer risk factors include age, sex, family...


What are the causes and treatments of thyroid cancer?

A: The cause or causes of thyroid cancer is still unknown, but there are some risk factors associated with this kind of cancer. thyroid cancer occurs when the cells in a person’s thyroid goes through genetic changes .These genetic changes makes the thyroid cells to grow and increase rapidly. There are about four to five different types of thyroid cancer, which includes; Papillary thyroid cancer, Anaplastic


What is the prognosis of thyroid cancer?

A: It depends on the type of thyroid cancer. thyroid cancer is the most common type of endocrine cancer. And, in contrast to other cancers, it is nearly always curable. About 5-10% of people with thyroid cancer will die of this disease. Usually thyroid cancer diagnosis is made using a combination of techniques--clinical exam, ultrasound imaging, radioactive isotope uptake scans and biopsy findings. Prognosis, in turn,...


What Are the Signs of thyroid cancer in Women?

A: Among the common signs of thyroid cancer in women is a lump in the neck that is often uncomfortable to the touch. Difficulty swallowing and pain in the neck might also develop when a woman has thyroid cancer. She could also experience a hoarse-sounding voice and have swollen lymph nodes in her neck. As the thyroid is important for the regulation of hormones, a woman might also develop hormonal imbalances or even struggle with infertility as a result of this cancer. It is important to note, however, that a woman can have


What Are the Different types of thyroid Disorders?

A: The thyroid is a small gland in the throat that functions as part of the endocrine system. When correctly functioning, the thyroid gland controls metabolism and works in concert with other hormone-producing glands to ensure the correct balance of hormones in the body. Most thyroid disorders are the result of a malfunctioning gland that produces too much, or too little, of the thyroid hormones. thyroid disorders can be a lifelong condition that requires a careful diet and often medication in order to keep side effects in check. Hyper

What is the fatality rate of thyroid cancer?

A: Fortunately, the fatality rate of thyroid cancer is quite low. It is actually one of the most curable forms of cancer. Overall, only about 6 percent of people diagnosed with the disease die from it. of course, the exact fatality rate of thyroid cancer will depend on the type you have and the stage at which it is caught as well as the age of onset. Rather than getting into the specifics of this, I`m including a link to the National cancer...


What is the history of thyroid cancer?

A: thyroid refers to the small gland in the neck region which secretes thyroid and was given the name by Thomas Wharton; `thyroid` got its name as it resembles the shape of an ancient Grecian shield. It is in the 15-16th century that Leonardo da Vinci gave the first ever picture of how thyroid gland looks like. thyroid glands find mention in Hindu holy texts of 300 BC. As we know, the element Iodine is essential to maintain the required level of thyroid in our system and iodine deficiency causes thyroid-related diseases...

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