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What Are the Different Types of Mouth ulcer treatment?

A: Often, a person with mouth ulcers won''t need any specific type of treatment. In most cases, mouth ulcers go away on their own, but a person may choose to use home remedies to hasten healing and relieve pain. Often, these treatments include mouth washes, pain relievers, and ice application. An individual may also avoid spicy and salty foods in an effort to stay comfortable while he has mouth ulcers. For a severe, persistent, or frequent case of mouth ulcers, however, a person may see a doctor for medical mouth ulcer treatment. One of the most common treatments for...


What Are the Different Types of Duodenal ulcer treatment?

A: A duodenal ulcer is a patch in the duodenum where the gut lining has been eroded by stomach acid. The duodenum is the tube of gut leading out of the stomach, and food and stomach acid pass through it. Most often, the formation of this kind of intestinal ulcer involves a bacterial infection in the cells lining the duodenum. This interferes with the cells'' production of mucus, which normally protects the gut lining from acid. For this reason, duodenal ulcer treatment commonly involves the use of antibiotics to clear up the infection, and this is typically combined with medication to lower the amount of acid secreted by the stomach, as this helps the ulcer to heal. ...


What Are the Different Types of Peptic ulcer treatment?

A: A peptic ulcer is a painful condition that occurs on the stomach or small intestine lining. This causes pain in the region as well as a burning sensation that often requires treatment to solve. Peptic ulcer treatment depends on the exact condition, although potential methods include the use of either antibiotics or proton pump inhibitors. Eradication therapy — a treatment involving the use of several different types of antibiotics — is sometimes used in order to provide the best chance of success. Peptic ulcer treatment is usually decided by the original cause of the ulcer. The two...


What Are the Different Types of Decubitus ulcer treatment?

A: Decubitus ulcers, also known as bed sores, are very painful skin wounds that result from remaining in one position too long and the resultant pressure build up caused by this lack of movement. The ulcers range from stage I, characterized by red, non-blanching skin, to stage IV in which the wound may be down to the bone. When the beginnings of the disorder become apparent, the first step of decubitus ulcer treatment is to remove the pressure from the affected area. The wound should then be debrided, i.e., the removal of all of the dead tissue, and cleaned and dressed with a moist protective padding. It should be kept free of urine or feces contamination and changed regularly. To promote...


When I'm done with my ulcer treatment (antibiotics), can I occasionally drink alcohol?

A: french cognac would never hurt whoah....what great info you''re getting. NOT.... First, it depends on the type of ulcer, and the effect the treatment had. Ask your doc.... Also....get all the billing sheets with diagnostics....then research it yourself.... Depending on the condition of your stomach wall...and what side effects the meds may have caused....there is no way any armchair physician wannabees here can give you an ok to drink...also.....what are you planning on drinking? Beer? Wine? Ever Clear? Ask your doc You don''t go into much detail about either the severity of the ulcer, its location, or what you mean by occasional. I''m also pretty sure that if it is that important to you to drink alcohol that you...


How to Do a Decubitus ulcer treatment While in a Wheelchair

A: Patients who are confined to bed rest or a wheelchair are often at risk of forming pressure sores. This sore, known as a decubitus ulcer, forms due to a lack of circulation to that part of the body from sitting or lying in that position for too long. Decubitus ulcers can lead to other complications such as infections, so it is important to know how to treat and prevent these sores from forming or getting worse. For a wheelchair confined person who has a decubitus ulcer, you will have to lift and move his body to treat the ulcer....


New drugs updates regarding peptic ulcers treatment?

A: How recent are you talking when you say "new drugs"? The link below has names of medicines which are used in peptic ulcer disease but not all of them are new. Give me a time frame you are looking for and I''ll confirm. http://www.drugs.com/condition/peptic-ulcer.html...


ulcer treatment options

A: mwok, I''m just terrified that the endoscopy would create permanent damage or some random issues. I don''t have any heart burn, gerd, acid reflux or any stomach issues and I don''t want the endoscopy to cause them either due to incompetency of the person performing it. I googled endoscopy results and noticed some patients had heart burn, acid reflux, or some other issue caused by endoscopy. One of the gastrospecialists even posted that some gastrospecialists force the endoscopy tube too fast causing it to stretch the lining of the esophagus and cause tears etc. Also, the endoscopy tube is not true 360....that means they will have to rotate it around...who knows what kind of disruptions/damage that might cause. I just don''t understand WHY an endoscopy is required NOW when it wasn''t...


Natural Peptic ulcer treatment

A: Peptic ulcers Peptic ulcers are erosions in the mucosal wall of the stomach (gastric ulcer) and upper part of the small intestine (duodenal ulcer)....


ulcer treatments

A: Overview Doctors normally diagnose ulcers by conducting a barium upper GI x-ray or an upper endoscopy, according to MedicineNet. The endoscopy is a more reliable test and has the advantage of allowing the doctor to remove tissue samples so they can be tested to exclude cancer. Once a diagnosis has been made, your doctor will have a good idea of what medications to prescribe in treating your ulcer....

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