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Whenever i wash my hands?

A: nope, it sounds girly Well I also hate having dry skin so I always put lotion on or body butter No, but I don''t think lotion will kill you! Yes, there are people like that, including me. It is not hurting a thing. When you get older you will have nice soft young looking hands. Nope...why would water make your hands feel dry? usually makes mine feel wet! Not me...I do get paranoid when I wash the dishes though....like I''m scared to have my hands end up all nastey and wrinkley looking like some older people I know [and even some of my friends] like, I dunno, i''m too lazy to put on lotion, so I just wear gloves when washing the dishes... I...


How Often Should I Wash my hands?

A: In order to maintain good hygiene and avoid transmitting disease, it is important to wash your hands regularly. While there is no specific standard as to how often you should wash your hands, you should make sure to wash your hands after certain activities, namely those through which the hands are exposed to pathogens. These activities include using the bathroom, coughing or sneezing into the hands, handling raw meat, handling animals, handling trash, changing a diaper, and touching someone who is ill or items that have come into contact with an ill person. It is also important to wash your hands before activities during which the risk of...


How can i remember to wash my hands everytime after I go to the bathroom? i always forget to wash them?

A: Never open the bathroom door to leave without a towel covering your hand. If you forget to wash your hands, you''ll remember when you reach for the towel. hey coolio! well you can always carry hand sanitizers so that when you do remeber to wash your hands or smell the stench of your leftover butt juice on your hands/fingers you can take your hand sanitizer out and your hands will be 99.9% cleaner. I never knew a person could have a problem remembering something like personal hygene...but I forget alot of things too(other than personal hygene)sooo, yeah, Umm, like other people said, place some kinda of sign that will draw your attention in the bathrooms you use in your house and youll get the...


Is it OK to wash my hands in my own spit?

A: As long as you don''t touch anything after, yes. But you need a lot of spit to "wash", better to settle for just getting the worst of the grime off and get the rest off with a proper wash in wee or water from a tap like normal people. yes if you want to Umm ok... I don''t know why you would want to but choose Dettol cream with water or soap. Don''t wash your hands in your spit coz there is so much bacteria living in just one human mouth. If there are no taps nearby, then go to a restroom or something, coz it will just make your hands dirtier. no you are then contaminating your hands with other germs that you could spread to others eg. flu, hep, tb, etc use water & soap Thats disgusting you pig!...


Can I use baby soap/shampoo when washing my hands prior to putting contact lenses in?

A: I would personally recommend an antibacterial soap to kill germs, you never know what lingers and eye infections are no fun!! Someone has to sell antibacterial dish soap or body soap, make certain you scrub up well and rinse well also, then I would dry my hands on paper towels so you don''t get more germs that could lurk in a towel. Paper towels are usually less lint prevalent also, lint can irritate the eye as well!! Good luck!! : ) Wash will soap, and then rinse well. Don''t ever use plain water. It will not kill germs that can cause infections. Good Luck. Baby shampoo and soap also has additives. I used glycerine soaps (heck even my hardware store has this). Just use the soap you got until you find something...


What''s the proper washing technique for washing my hands?

A: Wash your hands for a minimum of 15-20 seconds. This equates to the amount of time it would take to sing ''Happy Birthday'' twice. Use warm water and a mild cleanser, so as not to strip your skin of its own natural moisture. Remember to wash not only your hands, but also your wrists, in between your fingers and under your fingernails. Everyday cleansing with Dove Bar helps skin retain significantly more moisture than cleansing with soap....

When I was in the shower, I accidentally touched some mold. If I washed my hands right after should I be ok?

A: No....your going to die!! Yes dont worry touching mold a little isnt bad just dont eat it lol thats where the real harm is. And if i were u I would get rid of that mold eww taking a shower with mold by u think about it when u have the shower on and it touches the mold before u its basicly showering u with germs! Yes, As long as you did not eat it you will be fine Yeah, it''s normal mildew that every shower gets. You did the best thing, which was wash your hands -- not to mention that you took a shower! You''ll be fine! haha yes. you''ll be fine. Even if you didn''t wash your hands at all you would be fine. Touching common household mold is gross.. but harmless. Spray some bleach in your shower and you don''t have to worry about that any...


HygieneFilter: should I always use soap when washing my hands?

A: Urine is sterile. So even if you did get some on your hands while peeing, no germs were deposited on your skin, and the anti-bacterial action of soap is unnecessary. The same is true in other situations like most food prep. On the other hand, soap cuts grease and is useful if washing up after eating a hamburger by hand, or other greasy tasks. So, you are not that much wrong about your assumption. However. This doesn''t seem to be the kind of thing you want to get into an ongoing battle over with the g/f. If she''s happier if you wash with soap and water, wash with soap and water....


Is it right for me to keep washing my hands,?

A: you r aware that you have a problem- seek professionl advice. the longer u continue the more ingrained it can get. you are more likely to pick up other compulsions if you do not see someone. you might have a obsessive compulsive disorder. at least you have clean hands though! lol! that&''s normal, i do the same, it&''s good not a fobia unless it sums up to one hour per day yes good. you are very hygienic, and won&''t get sick too much. but you will make ur hands skin dry! try using a moisturizer once a week to make it better if it comes dry...

  why does my right and left shoulder back area itch when i wash my hands with hot water..is this something about thenerves ..is it serious??

A: Hello kvp321, This can be an allergic reaction. All the nerves in your shoulder, arms, forearms and hands aresupplied by cervical spinal nerves. You should also get your cervical spinal area examined and follow properstrict ergonomics in daily living. If you continue to have these kinds of symptoms then get yourself examinedby a neurologist for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Take care!...

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