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What are chances of hiv from condom sex? answers (386)

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what are chances of hiv from condom sex?

A: Almost nil...but its not 100%...

what are chances of contracting herpes if you are not sexually active, and also

A: The chances probably aren't high at all, if you really mean not sexually active at all. And, yes, herpes and cold sores are pretty much the same. They are different varieties of virus but can occur on either end of the body. Don't put anything into your mouth that was in the mouth of someone who has cold sores. I wouldn't touch the area around cold sores and wash your hands afterwards if you do (opening the faucet with a paper towel not to leave virus on the knobs). For more information on not getting or giving cold sores to others; and on the different types

chance of hiv infection?

A: Hi Thanks for the question, and I can see why you are concerned. Well, certainly if the condom was intact there is nothing to fear. If you are concerned, you are wise seeing people at a GUM clinic. Constantly urinating is not a sign of early hiv infection - if it is painful to urinate, then it COULD be something else (which can be treated). The chances of contracting hiv from a single encounter is around 1% (one) percent. Still a risk of course, but low. In countries where hiv is...


Ive been having sex with different ladies in the past 5-7 months...whats the chance of having hiv?

A: from the risk assessment point of view, your chance of contracting hiv from the scenarios that you described is close to zero. let me tell you why: 1) You used protection. condoms work. It is extremely unlikely that you contracted hiv if you used condoms. 2) The chance of contracting hiv from a single episode of oral sex is estimated around 1 in 10000 per exposure. Some experts even believe that oral sex is not a risk. There has been NO convincing documented cases

what is the Best Prevention of hiv?

A: Prevention of hiv comes in many forms. There are ideal methods and then those that can help minimize risk. hiv is contracted through several activities which include having any form of sexual intercourse, standard or otherwise, with a person who is infected with the virus. The other common form of transmission is by sharing needles with an infected person. Contrary to popular belief, blood transfusions are not a standard method by which hiv is spread, and in most countries, special testing methods are now in place to check safety of any donated...

How high is the probability of being infected with hiv from an infected person? 100%?

A: Well it depends on what activities was performed with the person who is infected with the Virus. If you were not safe and bodily fluids were exchanged then yes the probability is very high. You can have protected sex with some who is hiv positive. Now if Blood was exchanged same as the bodily fluids even if you have oral sex and you have a cut even the slightest abrasion can be dangerous. If you are sexually active I would suggest you go and get tested immediately. Good luck hon. depends on various factors...it''s transmitted more easy to women. The viral load of your partner at the time of sex is a factor. Just don''t have unprotected sex. If your having regular...


what are the chances of giving hiv to my bf?

A: your 14 living with hiv---how''d that happen? just wondering He should call the FED''S on you...you should be ashamed you whore bag! i think this was prolly an unrealiable storry, but the chances of that is none.....000000000000000, but i would have told him before slim. if you used protection and it did''nt break it''s safe. the only way you can really get it other than the protection would be to kiss openly and one or the either has a sore inside the mouth. you both would have to have sores in your mouth and than kiss openly. or you would have to have a sore "down there" and he went "down there" with his mouth but he would still have to have sore. an std is contracted through the blood and the...


A cicumcised man has less chances of getting hiv why?

A: The extra long foreskin can harbor unhealthy organisms and this increases the chance that when exposed to the hiv virus it will have a chance to survive and multiply under the protection of this longer foreskin. A male that is very promiscuous should get circumcised or at least be sure to wash his privates after wards, and rinse with alcohol. This would be good for even the circumcised guys, who tend to have multiple sex mates. There is only a slight correlation between circumcision and rates of hiv so I would not make any sweeping conclusions based on this minor statistical variance. It just proves that circumcision has its benefits. A male is able to keep his penis much cleaner without the...


what are the Risks of Sex without a condom?

A: There are two main risks associated with having sex without a condom. When sex is between a man and a woman, pregnancy is a very real possibility. In all cases, engaging in sex without a condom increases the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). condoms do not offer perfect protection against STD infection, but the protection that they do offer ranges from good to excellent, depending on the disease in question. The risk of contracting an STD is always higher when engaging in sex without a condom..


what are the odds of getting hiv or aids?

A: You need to do some studying. You get aids/ hiv from transmission of body fluids. Even oral sex. Wear a condom even then. And if she has done it alot you are doing it with ever partner she has had and every partner they have had and they have had ect etc ect. You get my drift. Also if you are willing to do this then how easy are you? Wrap it up if you are scared. There is a very low chance that you could get hiv/AIDS that away but use a condom there are ones out there that have flavors for oral...

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