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what are good cholesterol levels for women?

A: According to the American Heart Association, 19.9 million women in the United States have dangerously high levels of blood cholesterol. For women, high levels of cholesterol are associated with serious health problems, including increased risk for heart disease and heart attack, especially after menopause.The FactsAccording to the American Heart Association, women should try to maintain cholesterol levels lower than 200 mg/dL. cholesterol levels between 201 and 239 mg/dL are considered borderline high; levels higher...


what are good cholesterol Numbers?

A: Most people know that high cholesterol levels present real dangers to a person’s health. However, many people just aren’t sure of what counts as good cholesterol numbers. Learning some guideline numbers can help a person to have a realistic goal for which to aim. The first thing to know about good cholesterol numbers is that they are expressed as different units of measurement in different countries. The United States uses milligrams as the standard for measuring cholesterol, and levels in the blood

what are Normal cholesterol levels?

A: The most significant factor in determining your risk of heart and cardiovascular disease is cholesterol. The liver synthesizes cholesterol into a product that can be found in most of the cells of the body. Deposits of plaque from this fatty substance can be found in the walls of the arteries and develop into “hardening of the arteries” or arteriosclerosis. In order to know if you have normal cholesterol levels, you need to have a blood test or blood panel. Elevated cholesterol levels are also recognized in genetic diseases, liver and kidney disease, and hypothyroidism. High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), Low Density...

what are good cholesterol numbers for me?

A: good cholesterol numbers ? Blood sugar is slightly high and above the normal range for the person but is inline with the weight and should be watched for after fasting and before fasting but heres the chart to go with the numbers you have but the numbers seem to be very good Total cholesterol levels less than 200 are desirable. Total cholesterol levels between 200 and 239 are borderline-high. Total cholesterol levels that are 240 or higher are high. HDL

what are good HDL levels?

A: HDL stands for high-density lipoprotein, also known as good cholesterol. The American Heart Association reports that normal HDL levels range from 50 to 60 mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter) in women and 40 to 50 mg/DL in men. HDL levels above 60 mg/dL provide a protective effect against heart disease.Source:American Heart Association: Your HDL (good) cholesterol Level...


what are good Fats?

A: good fats contain many nutrients we need to keep our body healthy. Despite the fact that many people think their diet is already too full of fat, recent research has shown that 90% of us do not eat enough good fats. good fats are also known as essential fatty acids, and that is exactly what they are, fats which are essential to good health. We need a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 in order to maintain healthy cardiac function, mood stability, insulin balance, joint health and skin health. We need to keep the intake of these good fats balanced because they work in...


what does a cholesterol level of 5.5 mean?

A: "The amount of cholesterol present in the blood can range from 3.6 to 7.8 mmol/litre. A level above 6 mmol/litre is regarded as high, and is a risk factor for arterial disease. Government advice recommends a target cholesterol level of under 5, but on average men in England have a level of 5.5, and women a level of 5.6" you have an average cholesterol level but ideally it could be lower!! Its high....normal should be under 2. elevated triglycerides means you have lots of not unhealth food too. Unless its inherited, my advice is control your diet and do more regular exercise (exercise can bring up your good cholesterol too, HDL) and o for blood test 3 months...


How serious are my cholesterol levels?

A: With you being young as you are, these right now probably wouldn''t cause problems, but only because your last years were fine & yes they have to come down lower for your health sake. Your doctor might put you on med, he might wait & try diet first. Each doctor is different. Ask the doctor, but I do not think BC pills will make CHO rise like that, yes diet would. CHO normally has to be under 200 & is preferred to be under 180 by new standards. The other numbers I know are high, but I can''t remember off the top of my head the exact high/normal numbers. I & my husband do these things, he still has to take med, I do not take med sothese things do work & none of these things should be harmful to you. Get a


what are the cholesterol high and low percentages ie; less than 5% etc?

A: Not worked out on a percentage thing its done on a number scale. Just had mine done and apparently I''m doomed...its 7.2 and it should be less than 4.5......But hey.....ce la vie..... This depends on the number of risk factors you have. Risk factors includes: hypertension, family history, obesity, lack of excersise, smoking etc. less than 2 risk factors your desired LDL (bad cholesterol) is below 160 mg/dL (this is not total cholesterol). 2 or more factors its below 130 mg/dL. If diabetic or had any previous cardiac conditions LDL should be below 100 mg/dL. HDL (good cholesterol) is always desired to be high. Higher than 40 mg/dL is just fine. Do you mean the % in...


what is good cholesterol?

A: cholesterol is fatty substance that is a by-product of normal liver metabolism. While many people become alarmed at the mere mention of the word, cholesterol is actually necessary for a number of biological processes. For instance, the body requires cholesterol in order to manufacture vitamin D. It is also needed to produce bile acid to promote proper digestion and to manufacture androgenic hormones. However, there is a key difference between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Since various cells utilize cholesterol, it must be transported through the bloodstream to get where it is needed. This is especially true...

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