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what are good diet pills to take together?

A: . Hi for me it is Phen375. This is very strong fat burner and the most powerful I ever used. With this product and with proper diet you will have not problem to lose weight. This is Phen375 Review and can give you great article about top 20 foods to eat from runners mag. ...


what are some "diet" foods a picky eater can get through?

A: if your 16 and weigh between 115 and 130 you dont entail to lose weight contained by the first place. at 16 you dont hit the overweight mark until 150 pounds. anything on the food pyramid will work. trust me consumption healthy is the best agency to go. especially vegetables and fruits. bring in sure nothing you drink is soaked in grease or fried. and if you want a small snack take some yogurt or fruit. ice cream is not a pious snack even though it has milk surrounded by it it also has rare eggs in it. and distinctly exercise. i usually go hurry a mile but you can do just just about anything for exercise. just trade name sure you stretch before anykind of exercise. if not you will be very sore. I can relieve you!!..I have never feel so


what are good alternative foods to high blood pressue medicine?

A: Hi Catkitten1950,   Here are some posts you may want to review:   Lower High Blood Pressure: Use Celery for More than Just Lower Your Blood Pressure, Cut Sodium Intake High Blood Pressure - Does Garlic Really Lower Blood Pressure? Use the DASH diet to See Results in Just 2 Weeks   For more information on diet and lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure - http://www.healthcentral.com/high-blood-pressure/treatment.html?ic=4019   All the best, Lisa Nelson RD 7 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure     All the best, Lisa Nelson RD 7 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure  ...


what are good Foods to Eat to Lose Weight?

A: A common question from people ask me is, what are good foods to help with weight loss? The process of losing weight commonly starts with a workout program, however the major component of a weight loss program is actually the diet, and there are some key foods that will help with losing weight and not feeling hungry. The first food we will look at is lean meats high in protein like chicken, turkey, and fish. These meats are low in fat, don''t get me wrong some fat is good and is actually very important, animal fat is not really one of the good fats. These meats are...


are lean pockets a good diet food?

A: hell no No way. Lean pockets would turn you from being a hot chick to a fat chick. just eat vegetables with some meat (but not too much). nothing greasy. drink water. they have to many carbs..instead eat cottage cheese and a small cup of pineapple in its own juice Calorie wise, yes. Nutritionally, no. Fruits, vegetable and skinless chicken are your best choices on a diet. no lean pockets are o.k. only if you eat just 1. Also, teh best foods to eat on a diet is Sugar free Jello, Salads with NO croutons or cheese, no dressing. Just vinigerette dressings. No processed carbs. And, stay away from salty foods. Eat plenty of Lean meats and vegetables. I would have to say they


I have high blood sugar levels i understand which foods to avoid but what are good foods to eat?

A: I don''t know of anything that absolutely will reduce anyone''s blood glucose levels. Cinnamon has helped a lot of people. I eat a 3 oz piece of meat (chicken, fish, beef, lamb, etc) and a very large dark green salad with tomatoes and cucumbers with real salad dressing on the side for 2 meals a day. for breakfast I have a slice of bacon, an egg, and half slice toast with butter. snackies I have one of : handful of nuts, half an apple with cream cheese dip, slice of cheese, handful of triscuits. things like that. If glucose level never goes up more than 50 points it doesn''t have far to come back down. I keep grams of carb to under 100 every day. eat alot of fish and salads. this is a trick that i do sometimes....boil Cinnamon sticks and drink that. dont add sugar or anything. you can find...


whats a good diet 2 go on?

A: 1)Drink lots of water 2-3l a day (use sugar free juices to help) 2)Eat 5-6 small meals a day (Not snacks Meals) make sure your eating every 2 hours, at breakfast make sure you have Protein and small amount of carbs, other meals should consist of mainly Protein and good FATS only, if you are training then carbs before and after combined with Protein and good Fats 3)Fruit and veg is vital not just for nutrients but fibre will fill you up. 4)excercise for 40-50 BEFORE you eat in the morning, your glycogen stores will be very low because of the nights fast, so your primary source of fuel will be the FAT stored under your skin, make sure to keep this low intensity tho if you go to fast you''ll burn muslce 5)Keep the...


what are some good diet foods?

A: celereys good fruits and veggies brocoli. and vegetables naturally. but boiled eggs rock! here are some natural foods for you to lose weight fast, have a look : grapefruit diet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhfLfJCqrqI My aunt and uncle both lost 50 lbs just by cutting back on what they eat. My aunt comes into the resturant that I work at everyday and has a salad. Salads seem to have all the nutrients n she seems energetic all the time...hope this helps and good luck dieting! Red Bull. And bananas. Celery is great as a snack, as it actually takes more calories to digest a piece of celery than the celery actually provides. Thus it''s a...


what are good foods for high diabetics?

A: it may sound nasty, but fried pork skin i forget wat it is called but they are good. and cheap. I was a diabetic for 6 years and didn''t know how to eat right, then when I got nerve damage in my hands and feet, my doctor sent me to diabetic control classes which most insurance will cover, and I lost 116 pounds and my blood sugars have been in great control every since. Nobody can figure out a plan for you except these diabetic educators because they know by your weight, your blood sugar levels,and what diabetic medecines you are on to figure how many carbs you can eat per meal and how many meals per day you should eat. Ask your doctor to refer you to one of these classes. Trust me you''ll be...


what are the main foods I can eat to help me lose weight?

A: Stick to your fruits and vegetables as well as whole grain breads and cereals. Try to avoid spicy and sugary foods (soft drink etc). If you must, find diet soft drink without any caffeine. Also try to avoid consuming a lot of carbs as if you do not burn it off through exercise, it eventually turns to fat. Do not cut carbs out all together as you still need some to maintaim energy! Different types of nuts are good for you, though only take a small handful and make sure you get the raw ones instead of the salted! Protein is also said to be good for those trying to lose weight. So this can include eggs, chicken and fish. vegetables lots of veggies, all kinds of them and lots of fruits....

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