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What are my chances of contracting herpes? answers (178)

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what are my chances of contracting herpes?

A: I recently talked to my doctor about this, and she said the risk is pretty low (low, single percentage points, if even) if you do everything right (condoms, anti-virals, avoidance at the right times). You''re more at risk as a girl, but condoms more effectively protect you as a female, too. Purely anecdotal, but I have a friend with HSV who was married for 10 years and had two long-term relationships and has never passed it to a partner. But really, it''s about your own personal comfort with the risk, right?...


what are the chances of getting herpes from someone if they don't have sores?

A: 50/50 they can be less contagious while there is no sore. while they have one its 100% posative that u will get herpes. but there is always a chance that they could pass herped on if they are not taking medication or using protection. by the way there is no cure for herpes so think twice about having sex with this person. 10%... but even a 1% could still infect you with herpes because over time, the fungus could multiply. Once it''s on your skin, it''s on your skin and you gotta medicate it. too high.. dont do it!! 100% likely. even though they are not visible, they are still there. no matter how hot and great this person is, dont have sex with them even with condoms. so not worth it. imagine when you two break up...


what is my risk of contracting herpes?

A: Dear Greg,   Okay first of all, let me thank you for taking these steps so responsibly and maturley. Most people are very ignorant when they hear the word, ''herpes''... they run away. LOL! As long as she is not in outbreak during sexual intercourse, your chances of contracting herpes are VERY slim. Condoms work very well, PLUS she''s taking medication. Make sure you guys use ''Latex'' and not anything else. ''Lamb skin'' condoms are not affective against the herpes virus. Herpes is contracted through skin to skin contact, so as long as you use condoms you guys will be okay. I hope

what are the chances I contracted herpes?

A: Hi Zosoman,   Assuming the sex worker has genital herpes (we can''t assume they did) and the fact that you used a condom will certainly have reduced your chances of picking up any of the potential sexually transmitted diseases - including herpes. of course a condom only protects some of the penis. It does not cover the whole genital region.   In terms of the symptoms, these can vary from person to person. Most people see the signs within a few days but some people have no symptoms at all. For more information about symptoms click here. For information about symptoms and tests, click here.   The fact that you have...

I Have Herpes And A Genital Wart Right Now. I Just Recently Had Sex, I Did Use A Condom. what are my chances are Catching Hiv/aids. Also I Did Have Unprotected Sex For About 2-3 Minutes?

A: Herpes and HIV/AIDS are not connected, except that they''re both STD''s.  But getting one does not guarantee that you''ll have the other.  If you do not currently have HIV, and if your partner is also HIV-negative, then your chances of contracting AIDS from your unprotected sex is virtually zero.  However, you''re probably going to give your partner herpes, even with the use of a condom....

what are the possiblities of STD being transmitted getting a BJ without any prot

A: 8 months agowhat % chance is likely of STD? and how would the STD be tranmitted. (open cut, bleeding gums, etc?) '' Semen contains water, small amounts of salt, protein, zinc [8] and fructose sugar. It is slightly alkaline which causes some to find the taste bitter or brackish, but neither male nor female sexual bodily fluids are in themselves harmful to a sexual partner, apart from concerns of STDs (separately discussed below). Urban legend sometimes describes semen as nutritious and a good source of protein; however, this is at best minimally true. Semen contains only a small amount of protein and in any case is...

If you frequently kiss someone prone to cold sores, what are the chances that you''ve contracted that strain of herpes?

A: Depends if he has herpes-related sores or plain old cold sores. If he just gets cold sores, she''s not going to contract herpes. I wasn''t aware there was a non-herpes type of cold sore. There are 8 types of herpes viruses. Cold sores are HSV (herpes simplex virus)-1, though if someone goes down on you during an outbreak, you''ll get cold sores on that region as well, and genital herpes is HSV-2. They are transmitted through close contact generally and more likely to do so during an outbreak. Read more here. And you can shed the virus even if you have no symptoms! I am frequently prone to cold sores, and while i avoid kissing


what are the chances I got gential herpes?

A: This one is a hard one because anything is possible, but not probable. It would be more probable if she already had cold sores, not necessarily an out break of them, but they were already present in her body and she was shedding the virus. In any case, whether you're having an outbreak of the oral kind of herpes or the genital, it's best you leave the kissing and the sex aside until completely healed and even a day or two after in order to be safer....


I have HSV-1, can my partner contract HSV-1 or 2? If so, how? what are the chances?

A: If you would give oral sex to your partner & u did spread it it would be type 1 but on the genitals. I am not sure if it can pass that way. I am curious to. I have type 1 & 2. I am scared i could of passed it onto a partner but im not sure. If u have an outbreak ever dont let her give u oral sex she will get type 2 on her mouth....


Chance of passing herpes?

A: Herpes is spread VERY easily. I got it almost 6 years ago from a guy I had slept with ONE time. He wasn't having an outbreak or showing any signs of the virus at the time. I also passed it to my fiance (boyfriend at the time) about 2 months into our relationship. I hadn't had an outbreak in almost 2 years and I STILL passed it to him. Condoms are effective in preventing the spread of herpes, but they are NOT 100%. Herpes can be spread by direct skin to skin contact. So, even though the condom is covering the penis, just the skin to skin contact alone can spread the virus. But, there are couples who have been together 10 or more...

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