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What are natural remedies for kidney stones? answers (123)

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what are natural remedies for kidney stones?

A: Home remedies for kidney stones - 1. Take 1 tsp black tea and1 cup of water in a vessel and boil it to reduce it to half. Take it off the gas and add another cup of water and pour in the previously boiled vessel. Strain this liquid and fill it in a glass and drink it 3 times a day. 2. Take a homeopathic remedy called Berberis Vulgaris mother tincture 1 tsp in 1/2 cup of water and drink it every 3 hours. 3. If your experiencing pain in the kidney region called renal colic the above medicine itself in 6 c power can be taken in the dosage of 5 pills every 2 hours should be taken till the pain subsides....

what are some natural remedies for kidney stones?

A: Here are natural remedies for kidney stones , based on my web search which i feel will be helpful. No side effects. --quote-- The seeds of both sour and sweet pomegranates are useful medicine for kidney stones. A tablespoon of the seeds, ground into a fine paste, can be given along with a cup of horse gram (kulthi) soup to dissolve gravel in kidneys. Two tablespoons of horse gram should be used for preparing the cup of soup. Grapes have an exceptional diuretic value on account of their high contents of water and potassium salt. The value of...


what are the Best natural remedies for kidney stones?

A: kidney stones are hardened masses, often resembling pebbles, that may develop in one or both kidneys. These stones frequently cause intense pain and may also lead to fever, nausea and vomiting. Patients often search for natural remedies for kidney stones to employ in conjunction with traditional pain medications or to use regularly to prevent kidney stones from forming. Some natural remedies include increasing water intake and drinking orange juice daily. Other remedies...


Is there a natural remedy for kidney stones?

A: Not once youíve got them, really. They need to get peed out, or if theyíre too big, pulverized.. As for prevention, yes. Collect your stone and take it to a nephrologist for analysis. If itís a calcium oxalate stone (the most common type) you can prevent getting another by eating a low oxalate diet. Oxalate is not produced in the body naturally, so you can entirely control its presence in your body through your diet.. Best thing to do is find out what is causing them and avoid it. for me it is coffee, love it, canít drink it regularly without risking kidney stones.. According to this site, the number one herbal treatment was very effective at...


what are the Best natural Cures for kidney stones?

A: While many people visit the doctor to cure kidney stones, there are some natural remedies available for when seeing a medical professional right away is not possible. Many of the most popular natural cures for kidney stones involve intake of certain foods, since this is usually an easy route to take. Certain herbs can also help in dissolving kidney stones, as can adding certain vitamins to the diet. Most natural cures for kidney stones are safe to use with other


I have been on your site and read a lot of reviews regarding home remedy for kidney stones using olive oil and lemon juice but cannot get back into it, is this effective.

A: kidney Stone natural Treatment          Olive oil with lemon juice has apparently worked wonders for a number of people who have tried it after using conventional methods. If you seem queasy to try it out there are many other methods amongst natural remedies as alternatives to help ease kidney stones and provide you relief. Drink plenty of herbal tea and warm water many times during the day as this is known to flush out excessive build up of calcium from your kidneys. Unlike what the term says,

Is there a remedy for kidney stones?

A: There are several ways to take care of stones in your kidneys at home. But before you try any of them, there are a few things you should know about this ailment. kidneys are a delicate but essential organ for life. Should you neglect any ailment in a kidney, you can actually end up losing it quite easily. It is essential that you work on taking care of the problem of kidney stones with a proper and organized medical procedure in place. It would be unwise and overly optimistic of you to expect that you can actually take...

what are natural things I can do to get rid of my kidney stones?

A: I''ve had several bouts of kidney stones in the past and also work in the nutriceutical industry in R&D and formulations. One of the things you can do is increase your Magnesium intake. If the stones are forming / caused due to Calcium, the Magnesium helps bind to Calcium so it doesn''t contribute to stone formation. You should also try to increase your intake of water by drinking at least eight 8 ounce glasses throughout the day. I recall high levels of sodium intake may also contribute to stone formation. someone once told me, "lots of beer" helps! the best natural medications


what herbal tea is very effective for kidney stone problems?

A: Dandelion Tea!! Dandelion Root tea is used for many problems, including kidney stone issues. I always put a little bit of honey in it, otherwise it''s a little bit bitter. Check out my source websites to see the other benefits of Dandelion root tea! source(s): www.dandeliontea.org/dandelion-tea/kidney-stone-relief, www.teabenefits.com/...tea-benefits/dandelion-tea-benefits.html Make some chamomile tea or green tea would be just fine as a natural remedies for kidney stone well as much as possible drink...


Please tell me natural remedies for the prevention of kidney stones and the pain they cause.?

A: Drinking adequate amounts of water helps the urine remain balanced and lowers the chances that a kidney stone will develop. Urine should be a pale yellow color. Drink lots of filtered water every half an hour. Add fresh lemon juice (from a freshly cut lemon only). Drinking about 2 to 3 quarts of water a day is usually recommended for someone with a history of kidney stones (unless on a fluid-restricted diet). Also, if you form Calcium stones, your doctor may recommend reducing your intake of oxalate-rich foods such as nuts and nut butters, Rhubarb, beets and beet greens, spinach, tea, chocolate, strawberries and black raspberries. The best way to naturally prevent
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