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what are party pills?

A: party pills are alternative legal drugs, normally party pills are legal extacsy but effects can vary. their cost is lower the same or even higher than the illegal counterpart but are legal! other than party pills there are party powders which are marketed to be the same as cocaine and legal mushrooms on the market. spice gold and other brands allegedly mimick cannabis and other many others. the active drug in many party pills used to be BZP or PEP but i think it has changes to ''ketones'' as the above were made illegal by the government. if...

what are your thoughts on the fight going on between Rush Limbaugh, and Sandra Fluke?

A: Let me submit to you that Rush Limbaugh is a steaming cup of diarrhea.. I pretty much tipped my hand on my thoughts in the way I worded the details to this question.. But to add a few very important points, all the Republican talking heads who are claiming that Sandra Fluke wanted taxpayers to fund her birth control are either lying or are commenting on something as if they are experts when they havenít even bothered to get the facts. Neither Georgetown University nor taxpayers pay for student healthcare insurance. The students themselves must pay out of pocket.. And both Rush and Bill OíReilly seem to be absolutely clueless about how birth control even works. Both...


what are the Different Types of Tapeworm Medicine?

A: Tapeworm medicine can be found to treat this parasitic infection in both animals and people. Over-the-counter and prescription medications are available, although most doctors will recommend the stronger dosages that only prescriptions can offer. One of the most common medications used is praziquantel. Tapeworm infestations are most often caused by fleas. They are not caused by flea bites, however, as some mistakenly believe. Instead, the problem usually arises from eating fleas. Animals who bite at their fleas are the most likely to contract the parasite in this manner, although babies and children are also known to ingest fleas accidentally, or without knowledge of...


what are facts about drugs?

A: This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs, any questions? which kind Illegal Drugs- Drugs are illegal because we hated the people that used them Opium - we hated chinese people taking jobs so we made it illegal Crack- we hated black people so we made it illegal Pot, LSD, Pscilocbyen- we hated hippies so we made it illegal Ecstacy- we hate teenagers at parties, so we made it illegal Although highly generalized, pretty much facts. The government really doesn''t care if you live or die, I mean we have a lot of people to take your place if you do. Drinking is legal just because people in the government drank, although once banned. Legal Drugs- Over-prescribed. look it up yourself. i don''t do other''s homework for them. 1. They make you...


what are the Best Baldness Treatments?

A: It is unlikely that any man or woman on the face of this planet wishes to go bald. People are quite fond of their flowing locks, and hair loss many times symbolizes the end of youth and the onset of age. This is not totally true, for a man can begin losing his hair as early as age 20. Still, going bald can be a traumatic experience. Luckily, there are at least two baldness treatments that will usually stop hair loss in its tracks, and many times lead to re-growth. In the 1980s, scientists discovered that a naturally occurring hormone in the body, known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) played a role in hair loss. As luck would have it, the Upjohn Corporation was at that time working on a blood pressure drug known as minoxidil. It was noted...


what are some steps I can do to look and feel younger/healthier ?

A: Try L-Ascorbic acid cream, also known as stabilized Vitamin C. The doctors recommended it on their Dr.Ďs show, and itís supposed to be one of the few things that promote the production of collagen in the skin. My wife tried it, and she said it works for her. Itís not too expensive.. Drinking more water, eating oranges, exercising, and getting more sleep all help too.. Take Biotin & Vitamin E pills, or better yet foods which contain them. Moisturize your skin to plump it up.. Take a yoga class too! You can probably do it from youtube.. I take a powder of super green foods with probiotics, I also take a collagen powder and I use the vitamin C that Mr. Shineyshoes suggested that is a topical. I walk and jog at least 3 times a week, ultimately every day (But I have been slacking lately because...


what are risks of oral contraceptives to my baby?

A: it all depends on how many you''ve missed, if you''ve missed more than 3, you''re supposed to throw the pack out anyway since that 98% they have on the label drops to like 40%. you could have gotten pregnant, but it''s rare within the first month of stopping after being on it a year. I DO know people that this has happened to though, so if you are late this month, I would definitely invest into a pregnancy test.there is no harm to the baby. It''s like drinking at 3 weeks, the baby has a protection until 4-6 weeks. There are many people who go out and party like animals, get pregnant on a one night stand, continue to party for sometimes a month, and then realize that...


what sort of pills can you pilfer to serve you loose bulk?

A: i would run green tea pills... they are natural supplements that speed up your metabolism, you can nick one or two a day after you hold eaten. Diet pills close to hydroxycut and others can have side effects messing beside your heart and other parts of your body. The best way to lose counterbalance with pills is to filch a single pill, and hold it between your teeth, indefinately.hydroxycut. i''ve never used it but have certain ppl who did.. seems to work.adderall. TRUST ME.proactive jk idku can use detox diets to loose solidity .The detox diet focuses on getting rid of the harmful aspects of our everyday diet.detox diets will facilitate u to a great extent to reduce weightiness and be slim.Instead of eating 2 - 3 meal per day, try consumption 4 - 5 small meals...


are memory pills and neurotransmitter supplements locked?

A: Hi Spaceman Spliff, I shall not dispute other answers, most likely these commentarys truthful, for perfect my memory I too use natural products, such as flax core oil, cold wet fish like salmon,sardines and herring are adjectives rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This products are essential for my proper mental function. I use a Ginko Biloba to modernize circulation to the my brain, improving memory. Curcumin and ginger are unconscious anti-inflammatories, I too their comprise my ration of. But, it is impossible completely exclude products that improve brain function (neurotransmitter supplements, pills, tablets) - for some events this single choice, Jason Homan I forget.I wouldn''t trust...


what are some tips to prevent GERD?

A: Avoid GERD-promoting items such as peppery foods, anything that contain caffeine, and alcohol. Some pills can also cause GERD if you don''t take them with water (these are individual to the person). Also, don''t eat right before bed. If your idea of late-night entertainment is a party with a bowl of Lucky Charms, switch to lifting weights while watching Letterman. Why? Lying down so soon after eating encourages the flow of acid back up your esophagus so you get that burning taste, which will intensify the symptoms of GERD....
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