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What are signs or symptoms of a heart attack? answers (1160)

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what are signs or symptoms of a heart attack?

A: Pain in the left part of chest and left shoulder radiating to the left arm, sweating, nausea, apprehension,and then fainting....

what are the symptoms of a heart attack?

A: symptoms of a heart attack usually vary from person to person. But here are some common symptoms of heart attack as explained by mayoclinic.com; *Shortness of breath: this is one of the first signs of a heart attack. Here the persons tries to take deep breaths and pants continuously. *Chest pain or discomfort: another symptom of a heart attack is Chest discomf


what are Three symptoms of a heart attack?

A: heart attacks can take many forms, and they don''t always come on fast and strong like the do in movies, either. According to the American heart Association, most attacks start slowly and with mild pain. Although chest pain is the most common sign of heart attack, that is not always the case.Shortness of BreathAccording to the American heart Association, shortness of breath is a common heart attack symptom, often experienced by women. It may feel...


what are the symptoms of a heart attack? For men? For Women?

A: The AHA says that symptoms for both genders are different. I''m a female, I was young and in shape - I''ll tell you about my experience and list the symptoms. feisty_what_the_heck said: 1 sometime there are no symptoms if it is chf. just make sure you keep up with your physicals. Sign in to report abuse or send a compliment 32 months ago ...


what are The signs of A heart attack?

A: Common symptoms of heart attack are: moderate to crushing pain under the sternum, radiation of pain down the left arm, profuse sweating, and pain in the jaw or neck. You can have signs like discomfort in the chest or other areas in the upper body. You can have a shortness of breath. You can break out in cold sweat, feel nausea or lightheadedness. Chest pains, shortness of breath and numbness in...


are these signs of a heart attack?

A: heartburn, not a heart attack. How frequently do you encounter it? During that time, do you have difficulty breathing, breaking out into cold sweat? If yes, it might be heart attack. or it might just be a heart burn. If you are still worried, go see a doctor and gets a ECG done. Sounds menstrual related- are you do for your period soon? Gas could also cause this- sort of reflux- in combo gas and menstrual can trigger similar discomfort. often...


what are the signs of a heart attack?

A: If in two minutes you die, then yes, it was a heart attack! ;) If you''re serious then the number is 911, not 999! Good bye! umm I mean Good luck!, sorry! ;) if you are concerned dont hang about just go to the hospital because the symptoms of a heart attack can be different to what most people describe, i had a heart attack at 39 and my symptoms where pain in the top of my back, no chest pain etc and i wouldnt call a doctor but my husband for the first time ever went over my head and rang the...


Is left arm pain and swelling a sign of a heart attack?

A: Yes it can be ,but just push your grandad off and shake your arm about , the circulation will soon come back ! Maybe yes, maybe no. If you''re concerned, go to the walk-in and get checked out. If you''re really concerned, go to the emergency room or call an ambulance. Yes, I think it can be. Whoever it is, they need to get to the ER right away. If you want a site that will tell you more, then go to www.mayoclinic.com. I hope this helps. Pain is a sign but not swelling. See a doctor. It is possible you have a blood flow blockage. this can also be caused by a blood clot (dvt) or infection septacemia, the best thing is to go to a&e and get it diagnosed pain is but...


Describe the stages of a heart attack?

A: Pain, nitroquik, ambulance, ER, angioplasty. There are some common symptoms, but not everyone has all the symptoms. And women often present with more vague symptoms so it can be more difficult to diagnose. While pain in left arm is common, pain can also be felt in the right arm or both... or not at all. This website has a good outline of the common symptoms of a heart attack as well as other heart diseases. http://www.smart-


what do I do if I have warning signs of a heart attack?

A: the patient must visit the docter dialy. he/she should not take oily foods.must go for walk everyday.must do some exercise dialy so he/she stays fit .must reduce their weight. Hold your breath for 30 seconds if the signs go away just carry on I guess the standard answer would/should be go to the closest emergency room, but I''m not going to suggest that....My little brother went to the ER complaining of a really bad headache and died 3 hours later due to a brain aneurysm. I apologize for being morbid (persay)..... Use your instincts and be smart...take good care of yourself! go to the...

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