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What are some "diet" foods a picky eater can get through? answers (29)

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what are some "diet" foods a picky eater can get through?

A: if your 16 and weigh between 115 and 130 you dont entail to lose weight contained by the first place. at 16 you dont hit the overweight mark until 150 pounds. anything on the food pyramid will work. trust me consumption healthy is the best agency to go. especially vegetables and fruits. bring in sure nothing you drink is soaked in grease or fried. and if you want a small snack take some yogurt or fruit. ice cream is not a pious snack even though it has milk surrounded by it it also has rare eggs in it. and distinctly exercise. i usually go hurry a mile but you can do just just about anything for exercise. just trade name sure you stretch before anykind of exercise. if not you will be very...


Suddenly a picky eater!

A: My 13 1/3 m old is the same. SHe ate everything from jars but once she started eating our food, she began finger feeding and independance, that was it. She eats what she feels like, eats quite well but often the same things. I don''t push new foods, offer it but if she won''t try it, I may poke it into her open mouth once, if she likes the taste, she''ll open again her mouth for more, if not, I wait until another future time. It''s part of their independance I think and eventually, if I keep offering her news things, I''m pretty sure she will taste it even though she may be older. I was a very picky eater until I was about 8 and today, I eat absolutely almost anything and enjoy trying new...


Why are some dogs extremely picky eaters of ''dog food,'' but will eat practically anything they find laying on the ground?

A: Same reason, why my dog WILL NOT lick your face, but he will lick his ass…quirky dog personalities I guess Dog food is not all that great. It was an invention of the meat packing industry to get rid of diseased animal carcasses. Dogs are by nature omnivores. My one dog will eat almost anything, He once stole a person''s piece of fried chicken right out of their lunch sack. He got into the neighbor''s burn pile (where they burned food waste too) and ate something that made him very sick. Another time, he poisoned himself. After pumping his stomach the vet said, “Well, there was a dead mouse and some mushrooms in there. Either one could have been the culprit.” And the topper?...


"what`s the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian?"?

A: Vegetarians generally don’t eat any kind of meat, but many will continue to eat eggs and milk. There are different “levels” of vegetarianism. That being said, there are different levels of veganism, as well, but the general idea is to eliminate all animal-based products from one’s life.. Vegans won’t consume meat, milk, eggs, cheese, etc. some go a step further and eliminate anything containing gelatin or honey, and they often won’t buy anything that’s made with animal-based glues or leather, and often animal-tested products (or anything made by companies that test on animals) are out as well. I have quite a few ve


can you help me think up creative solutions for what may be the pickiest eaters ever to live?

A: My sister purees vegetables and mixes them with other things so that her husband can’t tell he’s eating them. For instance, she will puree vegetables to mix into spaghetti sauce. If you are careful about which vegetables you mix with which dishes, and the kids don’t know you’re doing it, you should be able to get away with it. I would just start gradually so they don’t notice the changing flavor.. Wow. How old are these kids? My first thought is to get their father involved. As the step mother, you don’t want to get into a power struggle with...


Diet recipe?

A: Go onto www.Hungry-girl.com they have some really angelic for you things there Hi, I''ve tried so oodles different diets in the second 10 years that I can say very soon, they don''t work! A few months ago, I came across a great product for counterbalance loss and like plentiful others I was skeptical in the order of it. But I really wanted to lose bulk and I tried it. The results were excellent and I lost 20 pounds contained by 2 months. I felt fantastic and I dropped another 5 pounds without risk. That''s why I recommend you check this product at http://www.getgoinfo.info where they hold a free trial and you only wage 6.95$ shipping and handling. Good luck!...


dairy or food allergy in infants/adults

A: It isn"t that easy to eliminate dairy - you"d be in a lot more anguish if you had TRULY eliminated it.  If your daughter is having problems with dairy coming through the breastmilk it"s because SHE is allergic to dairy which is not uncommon at all.  Any family history of allergies will increase the risk for your children too. The two biggest dairy ingredients to check for on labels (other than anything that says milk or cheese) are whey and casein or anything that has those words in it.  Start checking the labels on your foods, you"ll be shocked. When my daughter first got sick it would take me 5 hrs of grocery store label reading to find 5 foods she could eat. I used to go out periodically to the...


Need high calorie healthy food list for 14 mo old

A: You have asked an important question. Feeding toddlers can be very challenging because their feeding habits are related to their development, their temperament, and their general behavior. You would probably benefit most from sitting down with a pediatric nutritionist/behaviorlst or WIC counselor to help work through the problem from a number of angles. If the problem is that he is not gaining weight because he is not consuming enough calories, than you have to explore the reasons for that. Does he eat tiny amounts (graze) all day so he is always satisfied enough not to eat a full nutritious meal. Does he walk around with a juice bottle or cup and satisfy his cravings by taking frequent sips. Does he start his meals with a glass or bottle...


A yummy slice of gluten-free casein-free joy-free pie?

A: Definitely check out The China Study. The book is more about casein, but its a good, seriously scientific discussion on the way it works in the body. He''s gonna be going mainly vegan on snacks, then (unless he''s eating Slim Jims all the time). Check out this awesome resource -- Accidentally Vegan. And this is a great Vegan cooking website -- Veganfood. I know, he eats meat, so throw a chicken on the top. You''re gonna have to go to the vegans to get a lot of recipes for dishes that are sensitive to these kind of concerns. There is also a great Yahoo group for CFGF that I came across when I was doing the CF thing. (Which, by the way, was extremely good for me.) He''s gonna have to find a way to make it sustainble,...


how do i get pickey eaters to eat?

A: I have been struggling with that for 3 year with my four year old, he doesn''t like anything, I tried sending him to bed if he didn''t eat his dinner and all he does is goes to bed hungry, and I''m sorry I can''t just not feed my child, my one year old on the other had will eat anything and everything Meat is not necessary for health. I know that parents worry about nutrition when a child becomes vegetarian. Here are some great links: •http://www.vrg.org/nutshell/teen_veg.pdf •http://www.pcrm.org/news/release090402.html •http://www.nutritionmd.org/nutrition_tips/nutrition_tips_infant_nutrition/complete_nutrition.html...
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