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What are some home remedies for kidney infections in women? answers (46)

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what are some home remedies for kidney infections in women?

A: kidney infections natural remedies  While there are some home remedies that can hasten the cure of a kidney infection (basically a urinary tract infection or UTI) and provide relief from the symptoms, it is important not to spend too much time trying to cure it yourself as the infection can turn quite serious. If a kidney infection persists for more than two days, it is best to visit a doctor for treatment, even if this means taking antibiotics. kidney damage is

what are some home remedies for bladder infection?

A: An inflammation of the bladder due to infection by virus or bacteria is referred to as cystitis. The symptoms of cystitis include a frequent and intense urge to urinate and pain and discomfort during urination. Pain in the lower abdomen, sides and pelvis is also common. The urine may also take on a cloudy appearance with a strong odor, and in some cases there may be blood in the urine. Women are more prone to bladder infections and this could be due to the fact that the urethra in women is much shorter. This makes it easier for the bacteria that are present around the anal area to enter the urethra and reach the...


what is the home remedy for urine infection, and how does it happen?

A: CRANBERRY JUICE. Bacteria infects the urinary Tract causing urinary Tract infection. There are several home remedies for urine infection which among others include the following: Drink plenty of water or fluids Cranberry Juice Use of baking soda Aromatherapy Fresh berry juice Reflexology These are all home remedies for urinary Tract infection. take plenty of water 3-5 liters per day . don''t use common toilets. drink Cranberry juice--don''t rule out going to the doctor if it continues are urine infection can also be known as a urinary Tract infection. In women it is...


what are home remedies for a Bladder Infection?

A: A bladder infection affects the urinary bladder and, in some cases, can spread to the kidney or prostate. In some people, a bladder infection is acute, which means it comes on suddenly and consists of only a single episode. for others, the bladder infection is chronic, or recurring, and the person may experience brief periods without infection. Women between the ages of 20 and 50 are most likely to experience bladder infection. Others likely to develop a bladder infection are pregnant women and the elderly. A woman whose mother experienced bladder infections is also more likely to develop one herself. Individuals with...


what is the best remedy for urinary tract infection?

A: infections of the urinary tract are extremely common, and their occurrence is particularly high among women. Men are not affected as often, but when they are, the condition is likely to be a lot more serious. In a healthy bladder, the urine is under normal circumstances free of bacteria. Due to the proximity of the rectal and vaginal area, bacteria may enter the urethra and travel through the urinary tract to the bladder. Under normal circumstances the bladder can cleanse itself of such a bacterial invasion, but if for some reason it fails to do so, the bacteria could cause an infection. Although the very mention or...

what will help with frequent urination in women?

A: Frequent urination in women is a more common condition than you may know. A lot of women have to deal with the problem of recurring frequent urination, and though every time you urinate, you are removing toxins from your body, it can be quite distressing to deal with this condition. A lot of times it may be difficult to locate a clean toilet, and many times, it is difficult to excuse yourself from a meeting or a social gathering to go and urinate. The most common cause of frequent urination in women is drinking too much water. When you drink too much water or fluids, your kidneys go into overdrive, and as a result, you end up urinating a lot. Frequent urination at night is possible if you have been drinking a lot of wine with your dinner....


Is there a home remedy or non-prescription drug that i can get for a cyst that is located on the beginning of my vaginal wall?

A: what are the different types of cysts? A cyst can be described as an abnormal growth on the body, which is filled with liquid, air or other material. It is possible for a cyst to develop under your skin or even on the bones. At times, cysts are not really a cause for concern, as they do not harm your body in any way. But in some instances, the cyst could be dangerous and may need to be treated as soon as possible. Very often, people refer to cysts mainly as cancerous or non- cancerous cyst. There are many different types of cysts that can crop up on the body and they are usually...


what can i eat for urine infection

A: The urinary tract consists of all the organs that are responsible for urine production, transfer, and discharge. The process begins with the kidneys, which filter your blood and produce urine to get rid of waste products, including ammonia. Next, the ureters carry the urine to the bladder, which it is stored until discharge (urination) via a narrow hollow tube called the urethra. Urinary tract infections can occur at one or more of these organs. You may already have noticed symptoms such as a burning sensation while urinating (in some cases accompanied by pain), some fever and unexplained weakness, frequent urge to urinate, and urine that is...


what are foods to stay away from when having a UTI

A: While a urinary tract infection can resolve naturally it is best to take precautions, as it is just as common for an infection to recur. Antibiotics are generally quite effective against urinary infections, as almost all UTIs are bacterial in nature. A reliance on antibiotics however is unhealthy and can be counterproductive at times. If you suffered from a mild infection then natural methods of treatment would be a lot safer and your diet does have an important role to play. Besides, frequent reliance on antibiotics for mild infections that can be treated at home can cause a bacterial resistance, making

what are the uses of castor oil?

A: Castor oil, derived from the castor bean plant, is anti inflammatory and antioxidant oil. It has many different uses and benefits. Castor oil forms an important part of folk medicine and home remedies. It has often been used to heal intestinal injuries. Today castor oil is used in many different areas, like it is used for constipation, it has other health benefits and it is also good for the hair. It is also used to strengthen the immune system. Castor oil is also used in many products like cosmetics like shampoos and lipsticks, industrial products like dyes, varnishes, lubricants and greases. It is also used in food like additives and...

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