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What are symptoms of a swollen prostate? answers (110)

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what are symptoms of a swollen prostate?

A: It becomes difficult to pass urine among some, but not all men with enlarged prostate glands. Unfortunately there aren''t many other symptoms. Your doctor can detect increased levels of PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), but that doesn''t always catch the problem, you''ll need to go to your doctor for regular exams....


what natural plants aid swollen prostate?

A: An enlarged prostate or the prostate gland swelling is more commonly observed in men as they age. The prostate gland is located beneath the bladder and it surrounds the urethra which is the tube that helps in excreting urine from the bladder. One of the most important functions of the prostate gland is the production of semen which in turn aids the transportation of sperms at the time of ejaculation. swollen prostate treatment thus becomes very important if it is affected. swollen prostate treatment in extreme cases usually involves a surgical procedure wherein the whole or part of the...


what are the Common Causes of Blood in Semen?

A: The most common causes of blood in semen, also called hematospermia, are operations on the testicles or prostate. A prostate biopsy is perhaps the most common cause, while vasectomies may also lead to blood in the semen. Occasionally an underlying medical condition may be to blame for bloody semen. These can include cancer of the prostate, testicles, penis, or bladder, sexually transmitted diseases, and benign cysts or tumors found in the genitourinary region.. Most causes of blood in semen are harmless and will resolve without treatment. These are usually related to some kind of medical treatment. Men who have had a...


what are the Common Causes of Green Semen?

A: Consistently green semen that persists for more than three weeks is a likely indicator of a prostate infection or prostatitis. Semen is typically a cloudy white fluid but can turn yellow or green from bacteria and pus. The consistency and color of an individualís semen will vary depending on diet, age, and ejaculation frequency. In most cases, such changes are temporary and harmless. Individuals who note a persistent change in appearance and odor of their semen should consider consulting with a medical care professional.. Human semen is an organic fluid that can contain spermatozoa, enzymes, and fructose. It is produced in the seminal vesicle...


what are the Causes of Nocturia?

A: There are many potential causes of nocturia, because the problem is a symptom rather than a disease or illness itself. If a person has an issue with his or her fluid balance, which can be caused by a number of problems ranging from diabetes to kidney failure, then this may result in nocturia. A swollen prostate, conditions affecting the brain and problems with the urinary tract also are common causes of nocturia.. Nocturia is the name given to a group of symptoms that makes a person need to urinate multiple times during the night. It is considered a symptom rather than a condition in its own...


what are Sustanon Side Effects?

A: Sustanon is an injectible mixture of various formulations of the male hormone known as testosterone. Sustanon is often used by body builders as a type of steroid medication and by doctors to treat medical conditions caused by low testosterone levels. Common Sustanon side effects include pain at the injection site, depression, and the development of prostate problems. All questions and concerns should be discussed with a doctor. Pain at the site of the injection is common when taking Sustanon. This pain is temporary and generally not severe. If the pain does not go away or if there is redness and swelling near the injection site, a doctor...


what are the Common Causes of Bacteria in Semen?

A: The presence of bacteria in semen is considered normal in most cases, as cultures are naturally found inside the urinary and genital tracts. In some cases this healthy bacteria can grow out of control, leading to an infection. An infection inside of the penis or prostate may lead to high levels of bacteria in semen. Having sex with an infected partner could also lead to an infection in the genital or urinary tract, although this is less likely to occur.. Colonization of bacteria is not considered an infection. An infection is typically related to additional symptoms, such as urinary frequency or urgency. Other signs...


what are the Effects of High Estrogen Levels in Men?

A: High estrogen levels in men can cause of variety of symptoms, including a lower sex drive, bloating, weight gain, and prostate problems. Estrogen levels above normal can also cause a condition known as gynecomastia. Increased estrogen levels in men may be beneficial in some males because estrogen helps the body absorb a higher amount of calcium, and it can be an effective tool for fighting the spread of some cancers. Some men also receive estrogen during sex change transformation treatments.. Estrogen is a hormone produced by both males and females, but females naturally have a much higher level of estrogen, especially during the womanís...


what are the Medicinal Uses of Baryta Carbonica?

A: Baryta carbonica is a type of homeopathic remedy widely used to treat children and the elderly who are suffering from a huge variety of symptoms generally encompassing physical, emotional and mental impairments. It is also known as Barium carbonate, Bar-C and Baryta-carb. As barium easily dissolves in air, it is often difficult to obtain it in its pure form. This barium carbonate remedy is thus taken from mineral barite and witherite found mainly in ancient rocks. Preparations of Baryta carbonica are in the forms of granules, tablets and pellets which are available in...


what are top five specific types of cancers?

A: breast,colon,lung,prostate,bone cancers Prostate Cancer About 218,000 men each year are diagnosed with prostate cancer, one of the most common cancer types. Because its signs and symptoms are usually subtle (such as frequent urination, pain while urinating, or other genital-related discomfort), many men do not immediately as their doctors to check for this cancer type. However, with early detection, prostate cancer has an excellent recovery and treatment rate. Breast Cancer Breast cancer affects approximately 178,000 women annually and its symbol, the pink ribbon, is well-known throughout the States thanks to the social rallying of hundreds

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