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What are symptoms of an allergic reaction to tattoo ink? answers (7)


what are symptoms of an allergic reaction to tattoo ink?

A: alergic reaction to tattoo inflamed area itching redness puss and many more symptoms . red colors can cause the most problems....


what are the Signs of an allergic reaction to Henna?

A: an allergic reaction to henna usually results in a blistered, red, and raised rash on the exact areas where it was applied to the skin. When henna ink is used for temporary tattoos, this results in a rash in oftentimes elaborate shapes and designs. All other areas usually remain unharmed. Very severe reactions could lead to additional swelling, trouble breathing, and wheezing. These instances are...


what are the symptoms of Ink Poisoning?

A: There are a few different signs and symptoms of ink poisoning to look out for, though they depend on what type of ink is used, whether it be writing ink, printer ink, or tattoo ink. Nausea and vomiting are symptoms of ingesting too much writing or printer ink. Nervous system damage and headaches can occur from swallowing printer ink, while poisoning from tat


what are the signs of an infected tattoo?

A: Tattoo infections can have several forms. If the tattoo needle was not sterilized or new, it is possible to develop hepatitis C and hepatitis B, as well as staph infections and HIV. There may not be symptoms for these diseases. Skin infections from tattoos can be more obvious. Swelling and redness, fever and warmth of the infected area, as well as puss and oozing are sure signs

I have recently had a tattoo and have a problem?

A: Oh dear... The God of bad choices has chosen you. You made a mistake by having a tattoo. You must pay. God help you xx this happened to me when i got my tattoo also. some itching is normal because the skin is healing, but a rash i''m not so sure about. i had my dr look at my tatoo right after i got it to be sure it was all good and he recommended A&D ointment instead of vaseline. he said wash it 2X a day with plain liquid dial soap and water. very gently! and pat dry, then apply the A&D ointment. good luck to...


MRI Tattoo Question

A: I guess there must have been some unusual unique reaction  with the tattoos, MR waves and your own individual physiology; we cannot explain just ALL issues and situations in medicine but I"m sure something happened that made you feel that way; I"d say make sure you and people at the facility where you had this MRI filled out an "incident" form, we use these things to collect data and better understand in the long run what exactly may happen in different medical situations....

MRI Tattoo/Panic Attack

A: OH.  This definitely adds to the picture. Based on what you"ve told me, be sure to THOROUGHLY explore all the neurological stuff and don"t let anyone, physicians or otherwise, try to write this off as simply "emotional disturbance".  Truth is, with all this going on, you will likely HAVE some emotional disturbance, but it when there is a lesion on the brain, that needs to be taken into account first and foremost.  ...

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