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what are the causes of obesity?

A: the causes of obesity are numerous and itís mistaken to assume that carrying unhealthy amount of excess body weight is the result of one or two factors at most. what results in obesity, which can be defined as 20% or greater weight than normal weight or a body mass index higher than 30, is complex, requiring individual attention to each person. Some of the things considered causes of obesity include genetics, medications, certain illnesses, certain chemical imbalances, and clearly some forms


what are the causes of Obesity in Britain?

A: the country of Britain is the same as every country in the world that deals with health issues and Obesity. Improper lack of nutrition, too many of the wrong food choices, too many calories, and non-activity. Britain is out of control with their diet. It is extremely high in fat, sugar, sodium, additives, preservatives and a whole host of bad starchy, sugary foods that damage the body, increase the aging process and lead to a multitude of health issues. High Blood...


what are the causes of Childhood obesity?

A: the causes of childhood obesity are usually related to lifestyle choices, although they may also be caused by biological or genetic factors. Lack of exercise and poor diet are the most common causes of this condition. Childhood obesity can lead to a multitude of other health problems in children, including such conditions as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. According to the World Health Organization, a child or adolescent is considered obese if his or...


what are the causes of Kidney Cancer?

A: there are many potential risk factors which can lead to kidney cancer. Obesity, for example, is one of the most common causes of kidney cancer. Smoking and high blood pressure are two other factors that are strongly correlated with the chance of getting the disease. Other less common causes of kidney cancer can include exposure to asbestos, drug misuse, and undergoing a kidney transplant. Those who require dialysis due to...


what are the causes of Increased Insulin Sensitivity?

A: Increased insulin sensitivity, also referred to as insulin resistance, is a complex disorder that can have a variety of causes. Obesity and poor eating habits are believed to be the most common causes of this disorder. Pregnancy, stress, and the use of some medications may also lead to increased insulin sensitivity in some people. Severe illness, infection, or a medical condition known as metabolic syndrome are also thought to contribute to the development of insulin resistance. Any questions or concerns about increased...


what are the causes of Secondary Hypertension?

A: the causes of secondary hypertension include obesity, alcohol abuse, use of certain medications, adrenal tumors, polycystic kidney disease, and pregnancy. Other causes include sleep apnea, thyroid problems, Cushing`s syndrome, diabetes, and hyperparathyroidism. Other factors such as age, gender, race and heredity can be among the causes of secondary hypertension. Level of education and income are also among the causes of...


what are the causes of swelling in hands and feet ? And what is the treatment

A: Swollen hands and feet occur for a variety of reasons. Pregnancy, obesity, sodium retention, allergies and various medications can all cause swollen feet and hands. Poor nutrition, hormone therapy and excessive time on your feet can also lead to swelling. To solve the issue, you should ascertain the cause of the swelling. If you have chronic swelling, make an appointment to see your doctor. In the interim, there are various things you can do to reduce swelling of both the hands and feet: Get off...

what are the causes of Liver Failure?

A: Liver failure occurs when damage to the organ causes it to improperly function and shut down. Acute liver failure is a sudden condition, often brought on by overdose or poisoning. Chronic liver failure is the result of a long-term, progressive degeneration, and is frequently caused by alcohol abuse, malnutrition, and cirrhosis. Other causes of liver failure include certain diseases, such as hepatitis and hemochromatosis.. Some causes of liver failure are sudden, one-time conditions that cause


what are the causes of Liver Cancer?

A: the causes of liver cancer seem to be directly related to a certain set of risks. these include viral infections, obesity, ethnicity and gender. Liver cancer may also be more likely due to some diseases and exposure to certain toxic chemicals, alcohol, and steroids. Infection with the hepatitis C and B viruses seems to be one of the leading causes.. there are several different lifestyle and genetic factors that are thought be causes of liver...


what are the causes of Blood Clots?

A: there are several causes of blood clots, with the main causes being a physical response to trauma, the effects of a medical condition or a reaction to medication. Though blood clotting is a normal function of the human body, blood clots can be problematic and life-threatening when they form and block blood and oxygen from traveling to blood vessels and arteries. Additionally, blood clots can cause a number of other health conditions if they

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