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What are the chances of contracting hiv from unsafe sex? answers (18)

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what are the chances of contracting hiv from unsafe sex?

A: there chances of contracting hiv from unsafe sex is very high. the semen and vagina liquid have the tendency to carry the hiv germs. So if your partner has hiv then there is strong possibility that you will be affected by it....


what is your view on the banning of blood donations from homosexual men?

A: I think itís wrong and archaic and did I mention, wrong? Yep, thatís it.. I think itís an outdated rule and should be changed. I understand why the rule was put into place, but I feel itís time to reconsider it. I understand they want to have as little risk as possible and that is considered to increase the risk. All blood is tested anyway, so I donít see why they canít get rid of that ruling. I wouldnít go as far as boycotting blood donation though because many people benefit from blood donation. I would feel really badly knowing my blood donation could help someone and I wasnít donating it.. I think it is outdated, bigoted, and stupid....


what is the Best Prevention of hiv?

A: Prevention of hiv comes in many forms. there are ideal methods and then those that can help minimize risk. hiv is contracted through several activities which include having any form of sexual intercourse, standard or otherwise, with a person who is infected with the virus. the other common form of transmission is by sharing needles with an infected person. Contrary to popular belief, blood transfusions are not a standard method by which hiv is...

risk of contracting sti

A: Hi Again, Katrina, It is absolutely NOT RECOMMENDED that you take any antibiotics unless you know that you are treating something that you truly have. It is highly likely that you or your partner would have some signs or symptoms of having something. In the absence of such signs or symptoms, it is a remote possibility that you have something subclincally, since you had been engaged in very low risk for STIs in the past. therefore whenever you have a chance to get general testing for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hiv, HPV (though Pap smears), do so. the mild urinary urgency may have been a...


A girl friend of mine told me that she have hiv, she told me that I hold it too, and the signs and symptoms?

A: are you meaning a friend who is a girl, or an actual girlfriend (someone you have a relationship with)? You didn''t actually say aloud that you had sex next to her, but I''m guessing you must''ve done - otherwise you probably wouldn''t be asking this question. You didn''t read aloud how long ago you were intimate beside this girl, if it was 2 years ago or over and you enjoy had these hiv test AFTER you slept with her near is nothing to verbs about - because it would''ve shown up on a check by now, it shows up after 3/6 months. If you own slept with her SINCE your closing test you have need of to have another one - 3 months after



A: Hi Domonic, That statement most likely refers to transmission from infected needles or droplets of blood due to a scrape/cut. there are individuals who are "lucky" because the virus is unable to infect them even with bb. All negative T/B/V men are at increased risk of contracting hiv while performing any type of unsafe intercourse with a hiv positive individual, whether he/she is straight, bi, or gay. If a used...


hiv conversion sickness?

A: Dear Unenlightened and Worried, hiv diagnosis and treatment continue to improve, but hiv/AIDS remains a complex condition. You two are certainly not alone in your concerns and questions about hiv infection and early symptoms. So-called conversion sickness, the body''s first reaction to the presence of the hiv virus, is often a first sign of hiv infection, but antibody testing is still the most reliable way to diagnose hiv.


Can you catch hiv/aids without fluid exchange?

A: No.... nope. Blood Transfusion 9,000[41] Childbirth 2,500[42] Needle-sharing injection drug use 67[43] Receptive anal intercourse* 50[44][45] Percutaneous needle stick 30[46] Receptive penile-vaginal intercourse* 10[44][45][47] Insertive anal intercourse* 6.5[44][45] Insertive penile-vaginal intercourse* 5[44][45] Receptive oral intercourse* 1[45]ß Insertive oral intercourse* 0.5[45]ß * assuming no condom use ß Source refers to oral intercourse performed on a man This transmission route is particularly relevant to intravenous drug users, hemophiliacs and recipients of blood transfusions and blood products. Sharing and reusing syringes contaminated with hiv-infected blood represents a major risk for infection with not only


what percentage of hiv tests are wrong after 10 weeks?

A: 4 months agoJust checked and it looks like the window is 13 weeks and my GP is wrong '' I'm sorry that I'm unsure of the exact percentage. But I do know that the overwhelming likelihood is that it would have shown up in a positive test by now. of course, if you want to be safe, that can be as simple as having another test in a couple of months. Additionally, there are now tests you can do at home and send away to the lab. So you could do one of those at home in awhile, just to put your mind at ease. You...

A Question about AIDS & hiv?

A: no no no... i see what he was getting at but there is no immunity to hiv or AIDS. you CAN be carrying the hiv virus, but NOT have full-blown AIDS (yet) and i think that''s what he meant. but you can''t be "immune" to either one. anyways, for the record... he should get checked too.... you know, just to be totally safe. :) Edit: oh, and now since i was thinking about it... those tests test for the hiv virus in your blood... if you had AIDS, there would be other, obvious symtoms.

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