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what are the chances of getting HIV from a tattoo?

A: the chances are very unlikely, as long as you go to a properly licenced tattoist. the parlour is legally obliged to STERILISE the needles that they use after each session with a client for the sake of public health, so you shouldn''t have a problem because it is illegal to use needles that are not. I wouldn''t worry so much, I''ve been inked and there''s nothing wrong with me :) I think that the needlemay cause some problem. u can''t get hiv from a tattoo, but u can get hiv from the needle if it...


what are the chances of getting hiv/std from sharp objects?

A: No chance at all in the real world. But for science sake, I will say that it is extremely improbable. IF the infection was still alive when it occurred yes I don''t really think so. don''t worry about it. Isn ''t STD mean sexually transmitted disease? only if it belonged to someone with hiv, who also cut themselves, and the blood was still wet enough to enter the wound of your cut. ....so no HIV is transmitted by blood or other body fluids. So unless the toenail has blood on it, zero chance. NÝ, unless ˇou just picked up a toenail covered with blood of an HIV+ person...


what are the chances of getting hiv after a single encounter with an infected individual?

A: It depends on a lot of factors, so without more information than you''ve provided (or that any of us really want to hear), it''s impossible to calculate probability. Gut feeling; your chances are better if you''re male than female, if your partner has no open wounds or sores, and if the encounter was brief. Also, the condition of your own immune system has a lot to do with it -- it is possible for some people to fight off a few viral particles, though it''s not a gamble I would choose to take, personally. If you intend on being sexually active, and particularly if you plan on "playing


what are the chances of getting HIV by giving a man a hand job even though he did not ejaculate? And what are thechances of getting HIV through receiving a hand job, however i ejaculated? No Oral sex or Anal Sex involved.

A: Hi there. Welcome to the forum! HIV can be transmitted only through parenteral route. HIV is not an airborne,water-borne or food-borne virus, and does not survive for very long outside the human body. therefore ordinarysocial contact such as kissing, shaking hands, coughing and sharing cutlery does not result in the virus beingpassed from one person to another. Please keep us posted for any further queries. Hope this helps you. Takecare and regards!...

what are the chances of getting HIV After 15 Years of Unprotected..

A: there is great risk of having HIV infection after having a unprotected sex with HIV infected person. Because the HIV is transmitted by blood transfusion, exchange of sexual fluids during sex and by use of infected syrenges. I advise you to get tested for HIV and start management by having medicines....


what are the chances of getting HIV From Oral Sex?

A: I think it''s insane to let people who are not doctors or AIDS specialist to answer such a question this is something that should be consulted through a qualified doctor not some joker who thinks he knows everything but having said that I have asked three different HIV doctors in three different locations all three said if either one of the participants have AIDS and both have open sores in their mouth or penis it is possible but if there is no open sore to transmit the virus NO you won''t pass it on so it would be advised to check the mouth since anything on the penis...

what are the chances of getting HIV through a small scab on my hand, if I

A: i would say you are ok but if geting tested makes you feel better then that is what i would do....

what are the chances of getting HIV if....?

A: ya keep on playing games and good luck if you know your haveing sex with someone who has it...

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