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What are the chances of getting hiv from a one night stand? answers (16)

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what''s my odds to be hiv(+)?

A: the chance of getting hiv from a heterosexual one night stand while using a condom is 1 in 5 million. Please don''t worry yourself to much about this hiv situation. Using a condom is always good advice and next time, make sure you know how to put the thing on properly lol. If you are that worried about it, you can ALWAYS go in and get tested ASAP for bacterial infections (Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Trichinosis) which all can be cured with a course of doctor prescribed antibiotics. Who ever told you...


hiv showing up after 2 or 3 years

A: This makes me so happy I am faithful to my wife. Sorry about you though. I hope it was worth it. you possibly may have it especially since it''s undetermined. the test had to have picked up on something but it may not be involved in your body enough to be positive.hiv can take up to 10 yrs. to show. good luck dude. i would use a condom so you don''t possibly infect anyone just in case. I''m terrified of the nursing profession after reading the answers from TWO nurses. I''ll research this again tomorrow, but I have never heard of


Mainly for those who are liberal about sex: Does abstinence only deserve a second look?

A: I think itís disregarded now because we have condoms, the pill, the shot etc etc. Weíre told some of these methods are 99.9% effective, and thatís a lot lol. If we had a 99.9% chance of winning the lottery, or getting a good job, people would take whatever chance there is. We still have sex for pleasure. Masturbation and the like canít recreate the actual feeling.. I think it unworkable and unrealistic to promote as anything but an ideal. I simply isnít something every


I am a 59 yr old female diabetic.. been so for 35 yrs.. I am experiencing sensation in my feet and legs.?

A: can be nerve damage but tell your doctor. K I read somewhere that the main cause of amputation of feet is diabetes. You should go to see your doctor. Sounds like diabetic neuropathy. Better control over your blood sugar will help.But you need to go see your Dr. it is not reversible and it sets you up for possible amputations in the future.You start to lose feeling and can injure tissue and not know it! then gangrene sets in. My uncle lost both legs to this!Don''t fool around. ^ Go to your doctor if you have fluid build up (edema) you must have it taken care of, it can be dangerous. the site...


How do you get an STD when you and your partner are both clean?

A: Depends on the std. You can get warts from exercise equip. at the gym, tanning beds, used towels. Someone can have herpes and not know it for years until their body gets too stressed to keep it in check. Hep C can even be transferred from sharing a dollar bill to sniff drugs. Some STDs'' are caused by dirt.So if your partner does not wash his hands especially clean his nails and he puts it in you the gems in his nails are going to cause some form of STD.Likewise if your hands are not clean and you wash yourself i know...


hiv nouns put somebody through the mill. Knowledgable responses solely, please.?

A: Let take a look at this mathematically shall we? Since I do not know your location, I can individual assume that your reported number of 18 cases in "her robustness district", reflect that of the national average of .3% . That would be a total population of give or take a few 5000. If this health district you speak of have more population than 5000, then hiv/AIDS prevalence would be inversely proportional when base on the national prevalence. Basically what Im saying is, you enjoy about third


Have i got an STD?help!?

A: could be worse could be cancer lol ps national front Human Pathaloma Virus; genital warts. Enjoy. no no sweety thats not an STI thats just cancer of the cervix :) your prably going to get pregnant Go get tested and next time use protection, better to be safe then sorry Yes. Yes you do. Get tested. Might be something like razor burn, depending on where exactly they are... but you still had sex with a random guy, and you could have caught something that doesn''t have any symptoms. But as I recall, if you get tested NOW, the results won''t be accurate, because the infection/disease (if you have


Recently tested Poz Update

A: Response from Dr. Wohl First, at the risk of opening up this line of posting anew, allow me some clarifications: Again, no personal attack was intended on you. I do not know you (although, after all these posts back and forth we are getting there). You wrote a simple question and stated you had been recently infected. I did not know if you were a man or a woman; if you were in the Ukraine, the UK or the Outer Banks of NC. I made no assumptions regarding how you in particular came to become...


People tell me that my lifestyle will result in STDs. I am careful(protection, etc) Is it still possible?

A: Well it all depends. If you meet girls and start dating them and bang the same one out every day for months, that''s no big deal. But if your sexual activity mainly consists of meeting girls at the bar, taking them back and just one night standing it, the risks are higher. If you use proper protection, the risk of serious things like hiv and other incurable STD''s are low, but you run a very high risk

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