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What are the first noticeable signs of alzheimer's disease? answers (114)

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what are the first noticeable signs of Alzheimer''s disease?

A: Generally, the first noticeable sign of Alzheimers disease is confusion and mild forgetfulness. Unfortunately this is often confused with age-related memory loss. Short-term memory is the first to be affected, and a person suffering from Alzheimer''s often forgets familiar routines and recent events. Simple arithmetic sums become impossible and although these difficulties are often a bother, they are often ignored. As

Alzheimer"s Disease

A: Hi Sue - the only truly definitive test for Alzheimers is a brain biopsy, almost never done, for obvious reasons.  Since a brain biopsy is too invasive and risky,  Alzheimers gets diagnosed by ruling out common possibilities, one by one.   Confusion and memory problems can stem from a host of things including small strokes (so small the person may not show other signs of stroke), drug interactions or side effects, Parkinson"s, thyroid problems, brain tumours, pernicious anemia, depression, low oxygen levels, high fluid pressures in the brain - and a stack of o


what are the systems of Alzheimer`s?

A: I don''t know, I forgot. Who are you? Who am I? You forget stuff....men tend to use the excuse of having Alzheimer''s when they forgot an important date such as their own Anniversary:) You can''t live with them and you can''t live with out them! what are the Symptoms of AD? AD begins slowly. At first, the only symptom may be mild forgetfulness, which can be confused with age-related memory change. Most people with mild forgetfulness do not have AD. In


what are the health benefits of taking Omega-3 Nutritional Supplements? Specifically for heart health and coronary disease

A: the List of Omega-3 Benefits are Astounding what are Omega-3s? Omega-3s refer to a certain type of long chain fatty acids. the scientific names of the ones we are most interested in because of their benefits are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Itís just much easier to refer to these two molecules as EPA and DHA. In easy terms, EPA helps the arteries and joints and DHA helps


How do you know that a person is the last stages of Alzheimer`s?

A: When a person with dementia reaches the advanced stage of Alzheimerís disease, he or she usually displays the following physical and cognitive signs: Unable to walk even with assistance Requires total care with bathing, dressing, and grooming Verbal skills are limited; the person may just be able to say a few words but is unable to have meaningful communication May not recognize familiar faces Incontinent of bowel and bladder Poor appetite, needs cueing at meals or needs to be fed It`s important to remember that each person is an individual and may not experience all


what are the next steps

A: Hi LeighAnn, I have pasted the stages of Alzheimer"s below my signature so you can make reference to them.  She is in stage 6, and it is very likely she will become incontinent very shortly. She should not be living alone at this point. Alzheimer"s causes brain damage that is irreversible. It doesn"t just affect memory. It impacts judgement and ability to reason. It impacts emotional control. It damages perception (i.e. her sense of smell, her ability to recognize people and things, her ability to navigate, her depth perception). It impacts muscular control (that shuffle she is doubtless getting in her walk) and balance. Fine motor skills are damaged as...


My Husbands Early signs of Alzheimers

A: My DH had many of the same issues as Carol''s, losing things like his cell phone, wallet, money. He used to drive at least an hour or more to get to work each day as he was a salesman, and then drive all day for his job. He did had one minor fender bender on the way home one day with a semi and that pretty much clued me in that he was all done. That and a conversation I had overheard him have with his boss which he said and I quote, "Gary, you''re just not thinking normally", and then proceeded to berate him. He obviously didn''t know that I was on the phone at the time, but when Gary picked up his cell...


Alzheimer"s symptoms

A: Cindy, what kind of doctor was your step-dad referred to? He should see a neurologist with a dementia specialty or a geriatric psychiatrist with a dementia specialty. Its good that he"s had a Cat scan - at least then they have likely ruled out strokes and tumors. Did they say what they saw on the scan? Any shrinkage? what you are describing could very well be the early stages of Alzheimer"s or it could be a lot of other things....


communicating with Alzheimer"s patient

A: Hi Nancy, below my signature I"ve pasted the last two stages of Alzheimer"s. She"s moving into Stage 7.  A lot of people think of Alzheimer"s just as a memory disease - but its much more than that. It causes gradual damage to all portions of the brain, so even in the early stages, when you can"t really notice the subtle changes, the person"s ability to control their body are gradually being destroyed. Eventually, if they are not killed by some o


Early Onset Alzheimer"s - is it genetic?

A: Hi Eliza, below my signature I"ve pasted the most commonly used "stage" definitions used to describe the progress of dementia. As brain damage advances and becomes more global, there are some general patterns, irrespective of the underlying cause or type of dementia. Not everyone will follow exactly the same pattern or fit perfectly neatly into a stage, but they are useful descriptions, because they give you a feel for what is likely to happen next. It must be...

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