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What are the symptoms of giardia? answers (97)

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Only symptom has been diarrhea for 3.5 weeks

A: Do you think the rice, applesauce and chicken breast -- (sounds like the BRAT diet), do you think it really makes a difference? Did you change your diet and the symptoms started up again? I feel confident that the enemas will help you. are you taking oral meds? it. I had UC, in remission for 10 years, and then had chronic diarrhea with weight loss. It turned out to be the start of a severe flare. I never thought it was UC as the 10 years of UC I always had constipation. I thought maybe


I have had on and off for about a month , loose stools. It seems to have white mucus substance in it that looked likeworms until I got a closer look. Also, there is what looks like seaweed broken up in large amounts .

A: Hello,Welcome to the forum. I can understand your concern regarding your symptoms. Loose stools along with mucussubstance is common in certain medical conditions, all of which need to be evaluated one by one. the firstpossibility is of giardiasis. It is an infection of the small intestine by a parasite called Giardia lamblia.It is caused by the ingestion of infective cysts and may occur with poor hygiene or sanitation, water bornetransmission and fecal oral transmission. the typical symptoms are...

what causes food poisoning?

A: According to WebMD (link attached), there are over 250 diseases that cause food poisoning. these include pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites. Salmonella is one of many causes of foodborne illness (aka food poisoning) and is a bacterial infection that can be passed on to humans from domestic and wild animals, including poultry, pigs, cattle, and pets. But most often, it is caused by drinking unpasteurized milk or by eating undercooked poultry and poultry products such as eggs. Any food prepared on surfaces contaminated by raw chicken or turkey can also become tainted with salmonella. Less


what are the common causes of diarrhea?

A: Impure liquids specially water  overeating junk food no physical activities for years eating expired or low standard food Lack of clean environment around you Bacterias entered into your stomach then to intestines by some way Tension or mental stress Posted 2 months ago You might be interested in Online Shopping Wholesale Suppliers Add a comment Helpful? (0) Report   Mack Answered: Hi Rita, Hi Rita, Diarrhea is mainly caused due to contaminated food and water. Gerdia...


when & what tests needed for pre-diabetes?

A: Your fasting blood glucose is generally considered to be within the pre-diabetes range. An HbA1c test does not require fasting. Glycosolated hemoglobin that it measures is a proxy for your average blood glucose level over the past several weeks. Recent news is that an expert committee suggests that 6.5% or more indicates diabetes, and 6.0% to 6.5% indicates high risk for diabetes. You may want to increase exercise and lose excess body fat[*] in order to try to slow down or halt the progression to diabetes (or get better control with less medication if progression to diabetes cannot be prevented). Also, choose carbohydrate foods carefully, favoring fibrous low glycemic carbohydrates over...


I have had stomach problems for a VERY long time. I have even had a surgery to try and treat the issue but they don''tknow what''s wrong. I get nauseous all the time and most of my stools are diarrhea. Even simple foods just mess me up.It''s been three yea

A: Hi, Chronic diarrhea and nausea is frequently due to many of the same things that cause the shorter episodes(infections, medications , etc.); symptoms just last longer. Some infections can become chronic. This occursmainly with parasitic infections (such as Giardia), or when patients have altered immunity (AIDS). ,Inflammatory bowel diseases, such as ulcerativecolitis and Crohn''s disease , which involve the chronic inflammation of the colon, small intestine and/orother parts of the digestive tract. Crohn''s Disease and ulcerative colitis ,...

what would cause an older man to have gastrointestinal distress: upset stomach, frequent bathroom trips for years?

A: there are lots and lots of possible causes. So have they done biopsies? Checked for infectious organisms? Done serology (blood work) for gluten-sensitive enteropathy? C. difficile, Giardia, worms? When you say they checked for celiac, did they specifically do the blood test for celiac? there are a lot of people who think they do or don''t have celiac but haven''t had the blood test for it. And they''ve definitely done biopsies? If it has been happening for years,...


my stool is really green what does that mean

A: Not knowing anything about your medical history, additional symptoms, lifestyle or general health, it is difficult to advise you on exactly what this might be. You mention laxative use and that alone can be the reason for your green stools or it may be something else instead or in addition. Other causes include certain infections (e.g. Salmonella or Giardia), certain foods, and gastrointestinal disease such as ulcerative colitis, Chronís disease, malabsorption and inflammatory bowel disease. Taking laxatives on a regular basis isnít generally recommended. I would advise you to see your physician to determine exactly what the green stool is...


what causes migraine , fever , black mucus stool and light head ?

A: 1. I Would right away see a doctor. My possible answers are. 1. You are Anemic, Check your Blood Count) 2. Your stools are having blood and mucous (Parasitic infection like ameba or Giardia). 3. Check Your Blood Glucose for Diabetes. (Always thirsty, urinating, fever and thirsty) 2. A. go to webmd symptom checker that is a great place. B.GO TO the DR. 1. fever indicates infection,2. black stool indicates always see your Dr.,3. question about getting warm..do you get warm 1st then the other symptoms-or does it come after or as


New to Forum- Is IBS causing my symptoms and Zelnorm side effects

A: I didn''t have any of that...just light headaches and I think it made the gas and bloating worse...anyway Zelnorm is worthless in my opinion...did nothing good for me... and I think I''ve never been the same since.   But it seems it treats everyone different.  You make me want to have a kid so maybe my IBS will switch from C to D! J/K, but good luck and feel better! Were you given antibiotics while being treated for the H pylori? That seems to be the only time you have gotten better. Unless I am remembering wrong, H pylori is a bad bacteria. Having read up on C. difficile, I know that it''s very hard to get rid of bad...

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