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what are the Effects of Amphetamines?

A: the effects of amphetamines vary in accordance with the weight, height, and overall health of a person. How the amphetamines are taken also can produce varying effects. Short-term effects of amphetamines can include increased energy, irritability, and a reduced appetite. Psychosis, malnutrition, and brain damage are among the long-term effects of amphetamines that might be experienced. Amphetamines can be injected, swallowed, sniffed, or smoked. Injections produce effects almost immediately, while effects via the o


what are the Causes of Pancytopenia?

A: Pancytopenia is a condition where the blood cells are present in abnormally low levels. these include red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Some of the causes of pancytopenia include diseases of the bone marrow, cancer, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (hiv), and chemotherapy. This can cause the bone marrow to be suppressed and create the circumstance for pancytopenia to occur. Viral infections can also be the cause of pancytopenia.....


what are the Causes of Hepatomegaly?

A: Hepatomegaly happens when the liver begins to expand to an unmanageable size in the body, creating symptoms ranging from mild abdominal pain and jaundiced skin to vomiting and a visible lump in the gut. This is a condition that could arise for a variety of reasons like alcohol abuse, hepatitis A, B or C, and certain types of cancer. Other lesser-known causes of hepatomegaly include several infectious diseases like Kala Azar, hiv/AIDS or schistosomiasis as well as several other hereditary diseases and conditions like congestive heart failure,...


what are the Signs of an Allergic Reaction to Vicodin™?

A: Hydrocodone, marketed as Vicodin™, is an analgesic formulation including acetaminophen, a medication taken to reduce fever and alleviate pain, and codiene. Usually taken as a tablet, hydrocodone is indicated for pain that is considered to be severe, as well as for persistent diarrhea and coughs. A sometimes rare, allergic reaction to vicodin™ does occur, producing a swollen face, lips, and throat, causing breathing difficulty. Other manifestations include a rash that itches, drowsiness, and chest tightness. An allergic reaction to Vicodin™ is serious and medical attention should be obtained immediately.. Derived from opiates, hydrocodone is classified as a narcotic analgesic, drugs especially known for pain-killing and sedating properties....


what are the Causes of a Skin Fungus?

A: Fungi, a type of primitive vegetable, can be transmitted to humans from various sources including other humans and the air. Skin fungus often poses no risk, but the right conditions, particularly an increase in moisture, can cause it to develop into a fungal infection. these types of skin infections are common, often easily treatable with special creams or pills, and can be prevented with proper hygiene techniques. Individuals with compromised immune systems might require more aggressive treatment, and they are more at...


what are the chances of recurence of gonorrhea after having antibiotics?

A: Good if you are still messing around without protection. If you took the medication as perscribed it should be gone. If you didn''t or skipped days you may be in trouble. I would go back in since that can really hurt you long term. Yes there is a chance as it is possible you had contracted a resistant strain of gonorrhea. And did you finish the course. Have you had risky sex during the course or shortly after.? You could have reinfected yourself. Getting gonorrhea once does not confer immunity to the organism. Depends,are you still shaggin dirty slappers? You may need ano


what are the chances of catching hep c when sharing needles with a carrier? what if the needle was cleaned?

A: i was lucky because im ammune but my husband got it and had to do 6 months worth of treatment he is now in remission.chances are pretty high you got it !!we found out its not the needle its the spoon.sorry man.spread the word not many know but you can get it from sharing staws too.use clean spoon,clean rig and try not to share. Hep C is spread from blood to blood contact and the most common way of contracting it is the use of contaminated needles. So, if you are thinking about doing it, don''t. and if you''ve already...


what are the Causes of Gingival Hyperplasia?

A: Gingival hyperplasia, which involves the excessive growth of gum tissue, has several causes, including poor dental hygiene, medications, systemic diseases and hormonal changes. Surgery might be needed to correct this condition, but certain lifestyle changes also can help clear up the symptoms. Also known as gingival enlargement or hypertrophic gingivitis, this condition is marked by firm, benign swelling of the gums. In addition to an unsightly appearance, it can cause discomfort and difficulty when talking or chewing, and it can lead to bad breath.. Poor oral hygiene is a common cause of gingival hyperplasia because...


what are the symptoms If A Woman Is Affected From the hiv/AIDS?

A: In spite of the common symptoms of hiv/AIDS, like abnormal weight loss without dieting, abnormal spots or blemishes in mouth, continuous fatigue, diarrhea etc, there are some other symptoms are also seen in women as the symptoms. It is because of their physiological construction. the main three symptoms have been identified till date is repeated as well as rigorous vaginal infections on

what are the Most Common hiv symptoms?

A: the most common symptoms of hiv are: Depression Diarrhea Thrush Weight Loss Lactic Acidosis Sinus Infections Fatigue Nausea/Vomiting Burning and Tingling of hands and feet. Although these are the most common symptoms of hiv, It is possible to have hiv without having any symptoms. hiv rarely shows up in tests until 6-12 months have passed since potential exposure. Source: About.com

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