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What are the symptoms of hiv answers (2676)

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what are the Signs of Having hiv?

A: Flu like symptoms are the early symptoms of hiv: fever, rash, muscles aches and swollen lymph nodes and glands....

what are the Symptom''s of the Final Stages of hiv And Aids?

A: the final stages of hiv and AIDS is wasting syndrome, that''s when people that have that disease loose too much weight and they are going to probably die....

what are the causes of night sweats with mac lung disease?

A: Night sweats, an uncomfortable condition often associated with illnesses that cause fevers, may occur as a symptom of Mycobacterium avium Complex, or MAC infection, especially in conjunction with AIDS or hiv.Night Sweatsthe March 1, 2003 issue of American Family Physician describes night sweats as outbreaks of perspiration that may, in extreme cases, force the sufferer to change bedclothes. Night sweats often accompany infections or illnesses....


what are the signs of an infected tattoo?

A: Tattoo infections can have several forms. If the tattoo needle was not sterilized or new, it is possible to develop hepatitis C and hepatitis B, as well as staph infections and hiv. there may not be symptoms for these diseases. Skin infections from tattoos can be more obvious. Swelling and redness, fever and warmth of the infected area, as well as puss and oozing are sure signs of an infection. Allergic reactions to the tattoo ink is very common, especially in red pigment ink....

what are Some Symtoms of hiv And Should I Be Scared If Im Not Really..

A: You need to get tested; everyone should get tested.  Many people with hiv have no symptoms at all.  It could be ten years before symptoms show up.  A person who has hiv needs to begin treatment immediately to live a long and healthy life, and so that they can be very careful not to spread the disease to someone else.  Tests are available from Planned Parenthood Centers, doctors, hospitals, and health clinics.  Local, state and federal health departments offer free testing.  You can also buy an hiv home test kit in a...


what are more symptoms of the hiv condition?

A: hiv, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, affects about 36 million people worldwide, reports the Mayo Clinic. An infectious disease, hiv is spread through sharing needles, sexual contact or receiving infected blood and eventually leads to a variety of symptoms.Time FrameIn some cases, patients develop flu-like symptoms within two to four weeks of becoming infected with hiv, reports the Mayo Clinic. these typically subside and patients may remain symptom free for nine years or more before developing later symptoms....


what are the symptoms And Pictures of hiv?

A: Give some pictures of aids effected people...

what''s the Symptons of hiv?

A: Well firstly let me advice you to go and see a Doctor as soon as possible, what he will do is to draw bloods and that would be a 100% indication if you are hiv positive or negative, there is no other sure way to know. symptoms are sores in the mouth, severe Diarrhoea, Pneumonia and also PTB (Tuberculosis)...

whats the symptoms of hiv infection?

A: there are NO symptoms of hiv infection. You only start having symptoms until you develop full-blown AIDS. then you experience some of them symptoms previously listed. If you think you have been exposed to hiv (i.e. unprotected sex, sharing needles, etc.) thing you need to be tested. Testing is simple & is anomous at any health department. Play it safe if you think you have been exposed then please get tested. there are several gppd websites you...

what are early syptoms of hiv??

A: Sometimes, there are no symptoms, but usually, the symptoms show up around 4-6 weeks after infection. symptoms are: Fever, night sweats, rashes, swolen lymph glands, unproductive coughs. All of those symptoms don't show up at once, or they simply don't show up together. If you're not sure if you have hiv, find out the sexual history of your last partner and also GET TESTED!!!!!!!!!! You can get an oral test from your local doctor,...

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