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what are the symptoms of low blood sugar?

A: the symptoms of low blood sugar may vary from episode to episode: Mild hypoglycemia can cause nausea, a jittery or nervous feeling, cold and clammy skin, and a rapid heartbeat. Moderate hypoglycemia often makes you feel irritable, anxious, or confused. You may have blurred vision, feel unsteady, and have difficulty walking. Severe hypoglycemia can lead to loss of consciousness, seizures, and coma and may be fatal. Source: Hypoglycemia (low blood Sugar) I AM GREATFUL FOR the REPLY TO MY low blood...

what are the risks of low blood sugar(hypoglycemia)?

A: You need to keep on hand some fast-acting type of glucose that would raise your level when it gets low. symptoms of low-blood sugar include sweating, clamy feeling, shaky, sleepiness, and real lethargic not able to remember anything. My grandmothers got down to 30 and tried given her oj and other things to bring it up, but we had to call 911 and let them take her to the ER, hers went down to 14--she went into diabetic coma---stayed in hospital for about 3 days and they got her stablilized and she did fine.


what are the symptoms of high blood sugar?

A: When you cut yourself and you bleed carmel filling. I had high blood sugar because I was skipping meals. It was at 300 mg/dl. In English, that meant I was headed for type II diabetes. I didn''t have any discernible symptoms, it was found out from some blood work. Well hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) symptoms very from person to person. there is no set of symptoms. Being a nurse some common thing I have seen are pt tend to become thirsty, agitated, and report feeling hot. More common are symptoms


I know the symptoms of low blood sugar, what are the symptoms of high blood sugar?

A: symptoms of high blood sugar, or hyperglycemia include excessive thirst, dehydration, blurry vision, and fatigue. You can read more about the symptoms and dangers of blood sugar highs and lows at: http://www.dlife.com/dLife/do/ShowContent/blood_sugar_management/high_and_lows/...


what are the symptoms of low blood glucose?

A:  Hypoglycemia symptoms Epinephrine is among the major hormones released during hypoglycemia. Epinephrine causes the majority of the early symptoms of hypoglycemia. Common symptoms of hypoglycemia include the following: trembling clammy skin palpitations (pounding or fast heart beats) anxiety sweating hunger irritability When the brain remains deprived of glucose, a later set of symptoms fol


are the dangers of low blood sugar as great as high?

A: Both low blood sugar and high blood sugar can be dangerous. low blood sugars are considered an emergency and must be treated immediately. Left untreated a low blood sugar can lead to seizures and possibly death. Things that affect blood sugar include food, exercise, medications and illness. Testing your blood sugar as directed by your healthcare provider and learning the signs to watch for and how to treat low blood sugar is something you can do...


are these symptoms of low blood Sugar Controlling You?

A: Does this diet plan sound familiar? A person with hypoglycemia becomes tied to a daily bad habit that never helps alleviate blood sugar problems. You probably wake up with a cup of coffee and a piece of toast. then you feel a little woozy as though your system hasn`t buffered up yet. You grab a soda or tea and feel a little better. At lunch you have another soda and perhaps a sandwich or pizza. You feel like dozing off an hour or two after lunch time, and you crave another cup of a caffeine-laden drink to kick-start you again. Afternoon snacks might include crisps or...


what are the causes of low blood pressure?

A: there are several factors that can cause low blood pressure and these are: Dehydration, Moderate - severe bleeding. Severe inflammation of internal organs. Weakened heart muscle. Inflamed Pericardium (muscle surrounding the heart) Pulmonary Embolism (blood clot) Slow heart rate (Bradycardia) Some medications. u can get all the information under this site go and get http://heartinfo.50webs.com Hypotension (bp < 90/60) may accompany old age. But low bp >90/60 is not uncommon among very fit...


are One of the symptoms of low blood Sugar Mean Streaks?

A: I don''t think so. However, a person with low blood sugar will become confused and may not realize what he/she is doing and therefore could be mean to someone they aren''t normally mean to. they can become combative as well...

what are the symptoms of low Sugar Levels?

A: low blood sugar is called ''Hypoglycemia'' in medical terminology. the symptoms are feeling sweaty, light headed, numbness in limbs (I feel these symptoms especially when I stand up after sitting for a considerable period of time), unusually sleepy, suddenly increased anxiety (increased heart beat) and sleepiness.. these are the most commonly felt symptoms. I am sharing this because these are my own experiences and I found

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