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what are the symptoms of tb?

A: Those with tb disease can exhibit any of the following symptoms: -Bad cough (lasting longer than 2 weeks) -Pain in the chest -Coughing up blood or sputum -Fatigue or weakness -Loss of appetite -Weight loss -Chills -Fevers -Night sweats...

what are the symptoms of tb In Lungs?

A: there will be a persistent cough and, as the case advances,  you will be coughing up blood.  tb can kill.  It can also be successfully treated....

what are some symptoms of tb?

A: go to the ER for treatment. time for a new bf -one that you can trust. get STD testing, too. Listen carefully, GO TO the NEareST EMERGENCY ROOM! Get the phone number first and put it on your cell phone. As you approach, call the receptionist and tell her that you believe that you have tb and that you are outside. there are special precautions that need to be taken because tb is HIGHLY contagious. Mycobaterium tuberculi can live in spit on the side walk for a long time. You will need to start a...


what are the symptoms of the new Deadly cold?

A: sorry i dont know but that is a good question if you find out plz tell me loss of body parts death Death from what I have heard----if you have a cold that lasts more than a week and you feel dizzy---seek help. especially if you are getting very weak. It''s another hype the news are working on..only 10 people have died....and that''s in the U.S. of more than 30million....It seems there is always some deadly virus that''s going to wipe out man...remember SARS...there were scenarios and crap....then


what are the symptoms of Tuberculosis?

A: symptoms of Pulmonary Tuberculosis includes the following:. - Hemoptysis (having a blood-stained sputum or phlegm). = the presence of blood phlegm or sputum is indicative that the Tubercle Bacilli. (the bacteria causing the disease) is already destroying lung tissues and thus. creating minute cavities.. - Night Sweats and Fever during the late afternoon and evening. - Loss of Appetite. - Body Malaise or Weakness. - Continuous coughing for more than two weeks, even if the patient is already taking cough medications.. -...


what are the symptoms of tuberculosis (tb)?

A: Those people with inactive tb do not exhibit symptoms; however, they may have a positive skin reaction test. the tuberculin skin test has low specificity but three are newer tests that are more specific for M. tuberculosis. the CDC has recently established guidelines for these new blood tests. Those with tb disease, however, can exhibit any of the following symptoms: -Bad cough (lasting longer than 2 weeks) -Pain in the chest -Coughing up blood or sputum -Fatigue or...

what are the Stages of tb?

A: there are basically three stages of tb. these are: Stage 1: stage one of tb is also known as exposure and occurs when the person comes into contact with the tb patient. Even though the person has been exposed to the disease, the various test like skin tests and X rays will appear to be normal and it is very difficult to diagnose it at this stage. tab-stops: List .5in''>Stage 2: in the second stage,


what are the symptoms of HIV In Females?

A: You should know that HIV is short for ''human immunodeficiency virus.'' AIDS is caused by HIV. HIV damages a person''s immune system which leaves them not being able to fight back any kind of a disease. HIV spreads through body fluids like semen and blood, when they pass from an infected person to a normal person. This virus is usually spread by sexual contact or by using the same drug needles as an HIV infected person.It can also get transferred from a mother to her baby during breast feeding. Some of the symptoms of HIV could be that


what are the Signs of tb In Kids of the Age of 2 Years Old the Had A Postive tb Test Come Back?

A: tb symptoms are same as of adult like temperature on evening and during night, coughing and continuous weight loss....
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