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What are the types of lung diseases besides lung cancer? answers (99)

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what are the types of lung diseases besides lung cancer?

A: I have been diagnosed with metastic disease of my lungs. It is not lung cancer. I have a history of Kidney Cancer and Bladder Cancer....


what are the effects of smoking?

A: Well, the first effect is permanent to addiction to Nicotine, A natural drug that is more addictive than Heroine. Second, you will coat your lungs with tar and other toxins that can cause fatal lung cancer. Third every time you smoke you affect the bolld vessels in your body, making them constrict and reduce the oxygen and nutritional supply to your body, muscles and vital organs. You will stink up your clothes and those of any person you are inconsiderate enought to be near when you smoke. You will be inhaling about


what are the diseases associated with blood group o+?

A: what makes you think that people with o pos blood have different diseases than someone with b pos??? Here is a website that explains the different blood groups and the diseases that affects different blood groups. Cholera offers a huge selective disadvantage to Blood Type O. Effectively speaking, Blood Type O is almost guaranteed to be the blood type that gets the most severe form of this once dreaded epidemic infection. It has been speculated that the low incidence of Type O over Type A in Mediterranean cities with...


what are Green Tea Antioxidants?

A: Green tea antioxidants are the beneficial substances known as polyphenols that are being researched for their protective effects against cancer and heart disease. the polyphenols in green tea are a type of flavenoid called catechins. there are four types of catechins in green tea: epicatechin, epicatechin gallate, epigallocatechin, and apigallocatechin gallate, also known as EGCG. EGCG is the most powerful and most researched green tea antioxidant. the three main


what are some health problems associated with smoking?

A: many besides cancer there are many as listed above by fellow answerers: but also remember that each cigarette you smoke takes 7-14 minutes off your life. I have COPD. This is Chronic something, something Disease. I have Chronic Bronchitis. Also another symptom of COPD is emphysema. I smoked for 45 years. Driving home one evening I started to cough uncontrollable. I coughed the wind out of my lungs and passed out at the wheel. Fortunately the only thing I hit was a large spruce tree, and I was...


Does smoking cause other types of cancer besides lung/mouth/esophagus cancers?

A: Smoking is the major cause of all the worlds problems, especially second hand smoke. It causes everything from the foundation leaking to global warming. Smoking causes free radicals to enter the body. This causes free radical damage to red blood cells and tissues. This sets the stage for cancer. Cigarette smokers are at higher risk of almost all types of cancer, especially but not limited to stomach cancer and throat cancer as well as lung and mouth cancers. Even skin cancer has a better chance...


How do you get lung cancer?

A: check out mesothelioma Mechanics often get it from breathing in metal particles from grinding parts such as brake rotors. Also coal miners, and people who work in poor environments. Sometimes cancer can metatastisize from another place. In my moms case her brain tumor came from the lung cancer, but it can come from anything. well, my mom...who has never smoked or lived with a smoker, was diagnosed one day before her 59th bday, Last Nov 1st, with stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer. it metastisized to her bones & it''s in her lymph nodes, she has tumors in both lungs, and in both legs & hips.


How do you abet cure lung cancer??

A: Diet is everything... I would immediately budge to holistic, herb person and achieve on major herb for healing and cleasing the essential organs. liver detox etc..even while on chemo. At home wash organic carrots and put contained by juicer. Drink the raw not chilled carrot juice several times a daytime between meals and as commonly as you can.. A little sweet apple or celery added to the carrots will kind it sweeter. Refrigerating it for more than 1hr. reduces vitamin potentency. Carrots hold been proven to retard the growth of cancer tumors. Juicing untreated fruit and or vegetables and drinking bottled water will comfort further help...


what are other causes for headaches and a sore chest besides PMS?

A: Chest pain is an extremely serious symptom because it may indicate an immediate heart attack, but can have less serious causes such as heartburn, reflux, GERD, etc. Because of the risk of heart attack, seek emergency professional medical attention immediately for any type of chest pain or chest tightness. It is sadly all too common for people to misdiagnose chest pain as something milder (e.g. heartburn, angina), when in fact it does come from a heart attack. It is also possible to have a heart attack without chest pain; see symptoms of heart attack. Another common cause of sudden chest pain...

Does the liquid from the leaves of the PAW PAW tree really cure cancer?

A: Yes! Paw Paw branch juice does cure cancer and my 78 year elderly father and 55 year old brother are living proof that it works and works economically. Both my father and brother were diagnosed beside bowl cancer 6 years ago from a routine colonoscopy check. My father had hear about this alternative treatment from several of his friends. there are various people living on the Gold Coast (Australia) who, by adjectives intents and purposes, should be DEAD but are alive and well , adjectives thanks...

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