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What are ways to prevent alzheimer's disease? answers (200)

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what are ways to prevent Alzheimer''s disease?

A: It has been found that smoking and inability to reduce stress, actually increases the risk Alzheimer''s disease. Even being obese can also increase the risk for Alzheimer''s disease in the future. Exercise is one of the best solutions to reduce the chances for Alzheimer''s disease. The truth is, no one can predict whether a person will get Alzheimer,s. I must disagree with the above answer. There is no scientific evidence that obesity, stress or high blood pressure cause Alzheimer''s; it is not caused by impaired blood flow to the brain like some other types of dementia. In fact, about 5 yrs. ago, the Journal of the American Medical Association, printed an article based on research done in Great Britain suggesting...


what are some ways to prevent Alzheimer`s disease?

A: Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are n specific ways we know to avoid Alzheimer`s. However some studies have shown that the following may help in reducing instances of the disease:. Eating Healthier - i.e. more fruit and less processed foods.. Exercise - A healthy body can keep you active and may help to delay the onset of Alzheimer`s.. Mental Challenges - There is some evidence that people who regularly challenge themselves mentally are less likely to have Alzheimer`s or that it may help to delay symptoms.. Genetics can...


How can you prevent Alzheimer`s?

A: There are two places you need to research because there are two ways of preventing Alzheimer`s disease. One exists in a study done in Russia, however, I do not know the specifics about that one. The second study that I know of was done in Northern U.S.A.. There is a group of nuns who live in the north. They wake up every morning at 5 and keep busy all day until 10 at night. Each one speaks 4 different languages, can play 3 musical instruments, do laundry, sweap, help others out, and pray. They eat simply by things they plant.. They were believed to be normal until one of them donated their body to science. Upon her...


From the marriage vow point of view, can advanced Alzheimer''s Disease represent Death and the marriage partner engage in extra-marital sex or have an acceptable excuse for divorce?

A: Maurice, The terms of the marriage contract would have to be changed. The phrases of ''till death do us part'' and ''in sickness and health'' would need to be removed out of the contract. Almost dead is different than being dead. what about if your partner has sustained a severe brain injury such as a stroke or is in the last stage of terminal cancer? I see a potential conflict of interest. Can the spouse with Alzheimer''s disease contest the divorce? Has the spouse with Alzheimer''s disease given permission to the partner to the contract to have sex outside of that contractual marriage, before-hand?. Why did the partner wait so long in


Is anyone here well informed on the subject of alzheimer''s disease?

A: I help care for my gramma... She is pretty far advanced. Well - Taking a table spoon of organic cold pressed non irradiated coconut oil a day is supposed to stave on onset or all together. Hemp oil, has been shown to improve the quality of life of Alzheimer''s disease patients. Organic Hemp seed oil has all the important omegas in one wallup a day. Also do not store food in the original can it was packed in and do not cook in aluminum pots. Stay away from artificial sweeteners (splenda is not what it claims to be either.) Stevia is ok depending on how they made it - look into it before...


"Baxter drug shows promise in slowing Alzheimer''s disease"

A: I personally don''t feel that Alzheimer or Dementia is a result of an Immune disorder. If that''s the case, I''m really screwed since I have an Immune that''s already impacted by something and on top of that my Mother just died from the residual affect of having some form of Dementia. I truly feel that in my heart what we now call Alzheimer/Dementia is what we use to know as "hardening of the arteries". I believe that arteries tend to harden and therefore not provide enough oxygen to keep the brain cells fresh and active. Therefore, depending on where those arteries are, they could impact reasoning skills,...


Alzheimer"s symptoms

A: Cindy, what kind of doctor was your step-dad referred to? He should see a neurologist with a dementia specialty or a geriatric psychiatrist with a dementia specialty. Its good that he"s had a Cat scan - at least then they have likely ruled out strokes and tumors. Did they say what they saw on the scan? Any shrinkage? what you are describing could very well be the early stages of Alzheimer"s or it could be a lot of other things.  Alzheimer"s is only diagnosed by ruling out everything else it might be. Confusion and memory problems can stem from small strokes (so small the person may not show other signs of stroke), drug interactions...


are there foods that reduce risk of Alzheimer`s or Parkinson`s disease?

A: The foods we eat are our number one weapon in disease prevention and influence how well we age both physically and mentally. The risk of developing age related neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer`s or Parkinsonís may be reduced by diets that are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Once again the plant based Mediterranean diet is a great example of a pattern of eating associated with a decreased risk of many chronic illnesses including Alzheimerís and Parkinsonís disease. It is important to remember that there is no one super food that can accomplish this. The benefits come from the contributions of a variety of foods including fruits,...


what preventative Treatments are There For Alzheimer''s?

A: As of today, there is no definite way to prevent Alzheimer''s disease. The ongoing research is varied and many different possibilities are being considered, right from the development of a preventive vaccine to vitamin E and selenium supplements. Anti-oxidants, folic acid, statins (used for lowering cholesterol) and even Aspirin on a daily basis are all being actively considered. Drugs that prevent amyloid deposits (considered to be one of the root causes of Alzheimer''s) are in development which can be used in people who have a high risk of...


Alzheimer"s info

A: Hi Tahoney - I take it this is a question for a school assignment. Here is a link to the latest in Alzheimer"s news and other information: http://www.alz.org/News/overview.asp We have a long way to go to understand Alzheimer"s. We still don"t fully understand what causes the illness, other than we know there is both a genetic and an environmental component. We also can"t prevent or stop the disease. The best we can do right now is slow it down. It is still a fatal disease, and kills most of its victims within 3-7 years of diagnosis. Generally, the health care professionals who specialize in dementias like...

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