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What can cause muscle cramps in legs and arms? answers (375)

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what can cause muscle cramps in legs and arms?

A: this part of the year? dehydration most likely I want to know 2. I have had a cramp in my leg for 3 days...its annoying. Hope someone has an idea... I''ve heard inadequate calcium, or poor circulation. I''ve also heard that if you use a muscle too much and don''t stretch afterward while it is still warm that it increases the chance of it hurting after exercise. So I am thinking that this is a problem that you need to take to your doctor to rule out calcium or circulation problems. Good luck! eat some bananas and drink some powerade I think dehydration definitely. muscle cramps are often a sign of potassium deficiency. staciandababy''s...

what causes muscle cramps?

A: muscle cramps are painful spasms of muscles that can occur anywhere in the body. People think mostly of cramps that occur in the legs, sometimes called charley horses, but you can get cramps in your feet, arms, shoulders, hips, hands or back. muscle cramps are often marked by the body stiffening in the cramped area, and an inability to relax the area for several minutes to sometimes several hours. There are many causes of muscle


I have severe muscle pains in legs. hundred times worse than charlie horse. what will help?

A: 3 Sep 2011 Many of the cholesterol reducing meds can cause this as a side effect. Taking calcium or potassium often relieves it. You can take a supplement for the calcium, you can drink gatorade for the potassium. That is one supplement it is not easy to figure out how much you need. I have this sometimes too, not related to a cholesterol lowering med. It is usually that I am low on calcium or potassium. Votes:+1CommentVote upReport pattishan61 3 Sep 2011On a bit darker note, you may want to have the veins in your legs checked for peripheral artery disease, or clots, hope it is neither of those. pattcee 3 Sep 2011Thank you so very much for your comments. I will check...


Numbness, tingling, and pain of back, legs, and arms. what is that?

A: 25 Nov 2011 You may have pinched nerve l have 3 n my lower back & 1 in my neck have same problem up & down all nite DR. got me on 3 40mg oxycontin a day HOPE this help. God bless Votes:+0CommentVote upReport pledge25 Nov 2011 Hello chriswillusa. Just to add my thoughts, are you taking any (new) medication, or possibly a combination of medications and also have you purchased anything from your local pharmacy, say possibly an over the counter medication, such as an antihistamine. Votes:+1CommentVote upReport pup676725 Nov 2011 Dear Chris... yes it is quite possible u have something going on n your cervical area of your spine that could be compressing nerves branching from whatever level causing the symptoms. Depending on the level...


can sinemet cause an increase in leg pain?

A: 3 Oct 2011 Yes, back pain, shoulder pain, leg pain and muscle cramps are known side effects of Sinemet. If the pain is severe please let your doctor know. http://www.drugs.com/sfx/sinemet-side-effects.html Votes:+0CommentVote upReportSearch for questionsStill looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Search:Similar questionsRestless legs Syndrome - I have severe restless leg syndrome. I am on requip for about a month and?... no relief. I also take lyrica, amrix and soma for my back (3 herniated disks). One leg will start and then go...


what is the best medicine for muscle spasms in stomch and legs

A: duke,   Thanks for your question.   It''s not unusual for people to get occasional spasms or ''cramps'' in muscles, especially after heavy exercise or lack of sleep.  However, it seems as though you get frequent spasms and in several different locations.   This raises concern that there may be an underlying cause for these cramps.   There are two major causes to have checked.  The first is a low potassium level, which in most cases is caused by medication, such as diuretics.  There are other rare endocrine problems that could also affect the level of potassium in...

muscle spasms in stomach and rib cage. PART 2

A: Hi All, I am Kitt and I just made Part 2 so you may continue with this topic but may find it easier to look back when trying to find a comment or info already posted. You are all so wise and a hug welcome to the newbies. I also made a welcome forum as I think we are missing greeting a lot of our newbies and I would like to see everyone have the chance to get to know one another. Take care. Kitt I read the firts page, and I can totally relate to Rosie99 and a few others. I have cysts in my liver. They were discoveres when I showd up at the er thinking my lung collapsed I was in so much pain I couldn''t breath. I had an ultra sound - the Dr....


Mobic -had to stop taking because of kidney tests, then had cramps in hands & feet, any ideas why?

A: 25 Oct 2011 what kind of crystals did they see in the kidneys? Did they mention uric acid crystals or gout? Uric acid crystals can be indicative of gout which can cause pain in the joints-many times in the big toe especially, but other joints too. Always be sure that you are staying well hydrated-drink around 64oz of water a day. Tea and coffee are not good for replacing fluid in the body-they act as a diuretic and take out more fluid than they replace leaving you more dehydrated. Many people drink iced tea all day long and are surprised to find out that they are actually dehydrated! Water is best but juices


what are Home Remedies for muscle cramps?

A: Everybody experiences muscle cramps at least once in a lifetime. Your back hurts as you bend down to lift a heavy box, or your arm tightens when you stretch up to reach for something placed high on a shelf. During these moments, the muscles contract, leaving you breathless with pain and unable to move. muscle cramps occur most often in the legs, arms and back. They happen due to muscle overuse or strain, injury or dehydration, or after a prolonged period of inactivity, such as sitting in the same position for too long. If you suffer from muscle...


what to do about cramps?

A: 27 Sep 2011 take a bar of regular soap brake it into pieces and put them next to each side of your arms and between your feet.cover yourself with a sheet it really works.don''t drink cold water and eat bananas for the potassium in them.It has been an amazing help for me and everyone who tries it. Votes:+1CommentVote upReport litlmommag27 Sep 2011 Junkman I''ve heard of that soap thing b4 they say it does work I never tried it but I''ve heard a few people say the samething. I know the bannas definatly help. My thought is the nicatine patch anyne I ever seen was for 1 day said not to wear for more than that and don''t put a new on the same spot. Or it

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