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What can i do right away to get rid of constipation? answers (142)

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what can I do right away to get rid of constipation? Is there something I can do or take that will work fast?

A: As long as you do not have a medical problem, the only thing needed to get rid of constipation is a proper diet and exercise. As far as your diet goes, two things are very important in order to pass normal stools. First of all, you should make sure that you drink plenty of water daily. Dehydration is a sure way to develop constipation, and if you are chronically constipated, it may be an indication that you do not drink enough water. Around eight glasses of water a day should be enough for most...

what is the best treatment of regular cronic constipation?

A: after haveing my kids had this happen to me have a 8oz glass of prune juice once a day do it when the bathroom is available just in case it flushes you out to good it tastes like crap I used to plug my nose and chug it down but it had me completely regular may work for you good luck get more fiber into your diet. A good start would be a large bowl of red beans and any kind of greens. Eat this with hot buttered cornbread and you will like it. Greens should be either mustard, turnips or collards. Spinach works too. Beans...


what could the problem be ? my 17 year old daughter only has a bowel movement about once a month.?

A: its a natural thing....dont worry... You didn''t specify her weight and you will get a lot of responses from people that care...next time please include more details. Thanks. This is bad. She could have intestinal cancer (diverticulitis) if this continue. And this is not minor stuff. This will hurt a lot if she reached the worse case. Give her Metamucil for fiber. There are other brands but she is very very constipated. get her to walk a lot - if she is just starting walk with her in easier pace but do it everyday. If she can job it''s even better. She needs to eat...


what causes Hiccups?

A: Some **** forms of hippop where the bits of the pp and u form an s, well 90% of hippop is crap. Air gets trapped by the contraction of the larynx. being a child and eating too fast um...i think something irregular happens in ur diafram.... ooo the prefect cure 4 hiccips is a tbsp of sugar and then 6-8 oz of water!!! works every time!!!! (old family thingy) any over inhaling cause hiccups initially, your Diaphragm goes into a spasm (like a twitch). your body doesn''t have equal amounts of carbon dioxide and oxygen.


Colonoscopy tomorrow - Then what?

A: dont know how to edit my post, but I worded some of it weird. During the time she had me on Miralax, I had straight diarrhea - no hard pieces. I tried to lower the amount I was taking, but no matter how small of an amount I still had D. I should say too that my pain has been gone for a month now - my problem is just this constant hurried BM in the AM - starting w/ hard seperate pieces and followed by loose stools. Problem is only in the AM... Hi there, I completely understand and appreciate your frustration. When You have tried everything and tested for everything, your options seem to be


what are the side effects of enema?

A: An enema can be described as a procedure, in which liquid is introduced through the anus, into the large intestines, with the purpose of clearing out the bowels, by eliminating the stools. There are several people that may choose to take an enema or may be asked to take one by a doctor. Though rare, some people regard enemas as one of the remedies for constipation that can be administered at home, without the use of any laxative or medication. However, enemas are more commonly recommended by


how can i get rid of consipation what food can i eat and what shud i drink and i feel so sick

A: You can eat : -prune with rye bread on an empty stomach in the morning, - dried figs: soak 6 dried figs in warm water all night. Eat them on an empty stomach the following morning - carrot soup :cook 2 pounds of carrots in 5 cups of water for 2 hours. Mix in blender. - high-fibred foods (vegetable, fruits, cereals..) Drink a lot of water during day. You can also drink 2 to 4 glasses per day of the first boiling in which you will cook a cabbage. When i was trying to lose weight about 5 years ago, i was having a big...


Is there a way to get rid of asthma?

A: Sorry, but no. You should have medicine that helps keep it down. But, it should go away later in life so you can exercise all you want later! pills or inhaler There is no cure for Asthma. Once you have it, you have it for life. But they do have drugs to control it. Check with your doctor to see which ones might best for you. By the way, contrary to what some people said on this site, it does NOT get better later on in life. Ever. you need to see a


what is the fastest way to get rid of acne and acne scars ?

A: Avoid spicy and oily food. Also you can try Hylandís ClearAc 100% Natural Acne Tablets http://www.doctorshazia.com/hylands-clearac-100-natural-acne-tablets-50-tablets or Acne Gel http://www.doctorshazia.com/acne-gel-1-ounces Read More about home remedies and other Acne cure and treatment on: http://www.healthmedicalinformation.com/?s=acne http://www.doctorshazia.com/?s=acne http://www.cosmos22.com/acne All the best Here i s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look. http://mdans26.notlong.com/1AA9DH1 Hey before you buy any acne products or follow other...


How do i get rid of hiccups which last anything up to 11 hours?

A: u may have too much acid in ur stomach, i can have the hiccups all day, not continually, however its not a good thing,get it checked out maybe too much acid in ur stomach Ask a doctor really. That is a long time. this might sound a little weird but it works for me... get a full cup of water.. warm or cold.. however you like it..now this is where it gets weird.. and mabe confusing.. but i''ll do my best to explain.. bend over like you are trying

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