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What can i do right away to get rid of constipation? answers (132)

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what can I do right away to get rid of constipation? Is there something I can do or take that will work fast?

A: As long as you do not have a medical problem, the only thing needed to get rid of constipation is a proper diet and exercise. As far as your diet goes, two things are very important in order to pass normal stools. First of all, you should make sure that you drink plenty of water daily. Dehydration is a sure way to develop constipation, and if you are chronically constipated, it may be an indication that you do not drink enough water. Around eight glasses of water a day should be enough for most...

Is there a way to get rid of asthma?

A: Sorry, but no. You should have medicine that helps keep it down. But, it should go away later in life so you can exercise all you want later! pills or inhaler There is no cure for Asthma. Once you have it, you have it for life. But they do have drugs to control it. Check with your doctor to see which ones might best for you. By the way, contrary to what some people said on this site, it does NOT get better later on in life. Ever. you need to see a


How to get rid of a headache?

A: If Benadryl isn''t killing the pain than you need to see your doc. A serious headache for a week and nothing is working? has it beed strait pain or throbbing? if nothing seems to work there might be something seriously wrong. i don''t want to scare you but you might seriously want to see a doctor if it persists. Your head is precious and something going wrong there could kill you. i''ve had many headaches but not a seroious one for a week strait. ouch take care of yourself. if something works do it but otherwise you have


what is the fastest way to get rid of acne and acne scars ?

A: Avoid spicy and oily food. Also you can try Hylandís ClearAc 100% Natural Acne Tablets http://www.doctorshazia.com/hylands-clearac-100-natural-acne-tablets-50-tablets or Acne Gel http://www.doctorshazia.com/acne-gel-1-ounces Read More about home remedies and other Acne cure and treatment on: http://www.healthmedicalinformation.com/?s=acne http://www.doctorshazia.com/?s=acne http://www.cosmos22.com/acne All the best Here i s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look. http://mdans26.notlong.com/1AA9DH1 Hey before you buy any acne products or follow other...


i have been constipated for two weeks now...what can i do i have taken mom once but it didnt seem to help

A: Try dried prunes and prunejuice. Prune Juice or Dried Prunes,Miralax, and drink extra water. For me, it is as simple as a milkshake. Lactose and I don''t get along. But for the kids, I give them a few glasses of apple juice. We don''t like prunes, so we avoid them. The apple juice usually works. I''ve never had that problem for THAT long of a time though. Exercising usually gets things moving, too. I bike ride and it always helps me poop.You mean for 2 weeks you have not pooped?That''s really bad,I would talk to your

How do i get rid of hiccups which last anything up to 11 hours?

A: u may have too much acid in ur stomach, i can have the hiccups all day, not continually, however its not a good thing,get it checked out maybe too much acid in ur stomach Ask a doctor really. That is a long time. this might sound a little weird but it works for me... get a full cup of water.. warm or cold.. however you like it..now this is where it gets weird.. and mabe confusing.. but i''ll do my best to explain.. bend over like you are trying


what's causing my headache and how do i get rid of it?

A: Thats strange. I''m sure your fine, but I would call the doctor if I were you, just to be safe! Sounds like a migraine. I get those too and they can last for days. Put a cold pack on your head and lay down. Make sure youre eating and drinking enough. Headaches can come from dehydration. If they persist, you might want to see a doctor about it.* try excedrin..only stuff that works for me The most common cause of headache is dehydration. When people take a pill... with a full glass


How can I get rid of my back pain in the morning, and is it a sign of a bigger problem?

A: 1. Try yoga strengthen your abs to help your back go to a different doctor for a second opinion 2. A new mattress may be what you need. You can also try sleeping on your back with pillows under your legs which put your legs in a position like you were sitting in a chair but lying down. 3. there are 2 types of lower back exercises that will help - stretching exercises and strengthening exercises. The stretching will temporarily relieve pain - but you also need to do the strengthening ones to keep the pain from recurring....


Best style to seize rid of a canker sore?

A: Consume more yogurt: Yogurt contains active acidophilus cultures that can prevent and make well canker sores. Eat at least four tablespoons of yogurt day after day to prevent outbreaks. to heal an outbreak, drink at least one eight-ounce container a daytime. Avoid foods you are allergic or sensitive to: Food sensitivities or allergies can make mouth ulcer worse. Many canker sores are the result of gluten intolerance. Avoid coffee, spices, citrus fruits, and other foods that may irritate your...


How do I get rid of really bad breath?

A: drink more water, so that your body can eliminate more effectively the trash we accumulate day by day. when i say water i mean still water. if you don''t like to drink water, prepare a tea that you like to drink and drink it without anything else. 2 liters of water a day and more. we loose during the night 5 deciliters cell-water, so it is wise to drink just before you go to bed enough water. if you feel your mouth dry, drink water. put a glass of water to your bed, so that you can drink during the night without disturbing your partner. avoid...

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