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What can i do to prevent and get rid of whiteheads? answers (49)

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what can I do to prevent and get rid of whiteheads? can you also recommend me a ''home-remedy'' for whiteheads? Thank you!

A: With whiteheads, it is important to realize that you need to treat your whole skin, not just the isolated whiteheads themselves.  This will prevent them from happening.  First, you must set yourself on a good skin care schedule of washing your face with warm water and face soap twice daily to remove excess oils and dirt. do not scrub your face as this can harm the skin. Instead of rubbing your face dry with a towel, gently pat it dry. After you wash your face, use a cotton ball dipped...

what can I do to StoP/prevent/CLEAR PIMPLES???

A: I''ve heard that Neutrogena Skin iD works very well. For a more "homemade" remedy, try this website. It gets rid of them fast! http://hubpages.com/hub/get-rid-of-a-pimple-overnight---Simple-technique-that-works-every-time Here''s the link to Skin iD. http://www.skinid.com/econsumer/clearskin/index.view It''s personalized for YOUR skin, so it works better than Clean & Clear or Proactiv. If there''s one or two problem pimples, try spot treatments. i would go to a dermatologist anyways because my face would just break out a little


How can i get rid of my pimples that I have, what can i do

A: Pimples are a type of inflammation of the skin that results from clogged hair follicles. They generally develop when whiteheads and blackheads get infected. A spread of pimples is referred to as acne. Pimples are very common during the teenage years due to the many hormonal changes that take place in the body around the time of puberty. Pimples and acne can also develop in adults. It usually occurs in women during the menstrual cycle as there is a rise in hormonal levels at this time. These hormonal fluctuations stimulate the sebaceous or oil...


How do I get rid of a whitehead with out popping it or is that the only way???

A: Dry it out with alcohol, then it will get all hard and fall off by itself. No scaring. Try using a washcloth and hot water. Wet the wash cloth and hold it on the whithead applying a small amount of pressure. You may have to do it a couple of times but normally it brings everything to the surface. Once everything is at the surface, use the washcloth with hot water again and wipe it away using a small amount of pressure to get everything out. You...


Help me get rid of acne and gain confidence pleeeeassssse.?

A: have you tried a dermatologist? if not try that. it worked for my cousin! go see a dermatologist and ask him in you can use Roacutane, it very efficient on acne but can cause mild liver toxicity... good luck check this: http://www.indiaparenting.com/faqs/beauty/acne_blemishes.shtml this article may help:preventing Acne what is acne? Acne is considered the curse of the adolescent. At this time of life, when boys and girls are so conscious of their physical appearance,...


How to get rid of zits on your face?

A: Sandpaper I use it all the time. There are zit creams like Zapzyt and Clean & Clear type kinds. If you want to make them look a little less red until they go away, try putting some Visine on them. Weird, but it actually works. Chocolate and other sweet has nothing to do with acne. The bacteria on you skin is affected by the lycothropes that eat your flesh while you sleep. The more skin they eat, the bigger they get and then they eventually have to burrow underneath your skin and make a home out of puss. This is


After gettin' my arms waxed. . .i get acne on them. . .plz help. ..hw 2 get rid of it?

A: Some skin probably got pulled off during the process...probably just a reaction. its not acne its ingrown hairs.. The hairs re growing after cant burst through the surface of your skin because their respective pores are blocked and they get trapped in the pore and cause redness and irritation that looks like acne.. to prevent this and let the hair grow outward normally, exfoliate regularly with a harsh flanel, or abrasive scrub. Paying extra attention to your arms. Chill, its not acne its ingrown hairs, same thing you...


Acne- what is the best way to get rid of?

A: Causes- Natural hormones - particularly active in your teens. Plugged skin. Skin cells can close the oil glands or pores, creating blackheads or whiteheads, (as mentioned above). Bacteria. Bacteria can easily infect oil glands and pores and grow very fast. Family background. If you have acne, your kids are more likely to have it as well. Fixes do NOT squeeze, pick, scratch, or rub your skin because it makes the problem worse, and it may even cause scarring. Regularly shampoo your hair, and try to keep it


what is the best way to get rid of blackheads on your nose?

A: do you use some sort of facial exfoliate? That can help, also there''s a blackhead/whitehead tool that you can get at the drugstore that allows you to remove them with pressure. Use the device after a hot shower or hot compresses on nose to soften the material. Those sticky things. That blackhead device so doesn''t work on my nose. I don''t know why. I wash my face with a homemade facial cleanser, and it has crushed almonds in it. It''s been


Best remedy for getting rid of ?

A: to get rid of acne overnight does not have to be as difficult as most people make it for themselves. It''s actually very simple if you simply know what you''re doing and stick to what you''ve decided to do. For example, if you''ve decided that you''re going to wash your face when you wake up and before you go to sleep... you make sure that you do it. Otherwise you''ll just...

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