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What causes calf cramps? answers (363)

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what causes leg cramps while pregnant?

A: There are a few possible causes. Your salt intake could be too low (that usually causes leg cramps). As you get further along in pregnancy muscles can cramp more because of how the baby presses on particular parts of your body. Also your are carrying more weight on top so this puts a strain on muscles. Ligaments and joints begin to relax so that could also cause some cramping too. welcome to pregnancy and congrats :) IT IS WHERE YOUR BODY IS GOING THREW A BIG CHANGE. EVERYTHING IS STRECHTING. YOU NEED TO KEEP THEM UP WHEN YOU ARE RESTING. GOOD LUCK... Lack of potassium can cause leg cramps. Your doctor can easily check for this, and a supplement can help. Also, try eating foods high in potassium such as bananas. Your cramps are probably...


what causes leg cramps at night while you sleep?

A: Hi,Leg cramps at night is an exaggeration of the normal muscle reflex and hence nothing much to worry. Thisoccurs whenever there?s some movement and the calf muscles contract due to the stimulation of the tendon. whatI?ll suggest you is to exercise your calf muscles before going to bed like wall push ups and applying heatingpads for 10 min before going to bed. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care....

what causes side cramps when exercising?

A: I recognize that an answer to your question is important to you. The problem a doctor faces when given a brief history as you have is that there is not sufficient information to establish a diagnosis. Your symptom description should be made more specific in order to answer your question. For example, ''side cramps''.. where are the cramps located? ..on the sides of your chest? on the sides of your abdomen? on the sides of your back? are the cramps in your legs? Are the cramps on both sides at once or alternate or only on one side and if so..which side? After how long does the cramps begin after starting the exercise? How long do they last? Do they continue to persist after stopping the exercise? Does taking a breath bring on or aggravate the pain? How long have you had this symptom? And...


what causes leg cramps and what can you or should you do to relieve them?

A: Banana''s will help , lack of potasium in the body not sure if this is what you mean, but I get cramps in my calf. It means low potasium, so I usually just eat a banana and it goes away. two commonest causes, kind of depending on your age ... in a younger person, especially someone who gets a cramp while they''re exercising, it''s probably electrolyte imbalance, often from sweating too much, and is easily corrected by drinking Gatorade or something like it ... in older people who get a calf cramp while walking, it''s more likely poor circulation, and is called Intermittent Claudication...


what causes calf pain when bending knee?

A: 1. blood circulation slows down...be sure to move more to avoid blood clots 2. Cramp 3. bad circulation which causes you too have cramp like symptons. Never rule out a blood clot! 4. Keep an eye on this and if the pain, weakness or tingling continues it may be the beginning of DVT. A vascular surgeon can perform a Doppler ultra scan test and identify the problem. This is very painful and pain pills do not help. I have had it for over 2 years and the doctor was slow to diagnose it until I was in critical shape. Mine started with a sudden onset of calf pain and leg swelling. The pain was worse when the leg was hanging down. There was warmth to the area because the veins were inflamed. I am on coumidin (warfarin) as a blood thinner. Usually...


what causes a cramp when you rn and how do you prevent it?

A: Either the lack of oxygen or lack of water salt. You can prevent it by stretching properly, and dressing warmly while running in cold weather. If do get a cramp while running, you should stop because you can give yourself an injury, and stretch that part out. The most common places are the calfs and the stomach. For the stomach put your hands behind yourself and lean back a little - relax your stomach. For the calf you should pull your toes towards yourself, no matter how much it hurts thats the only thing that will make the pain stop. '' im a high school varsity runner wikipedia...

what Is a calf Cramp?

A: One of the more severe types of leg cramps, a calf cramp is a painful episode in which the muscles of the calf contract uncontrollably. Cramps of this type are not unusual among athletes and other people who are physically active. People working in professions that require a great deal of standing and walking are also at higher risk for developing cramps of this type. Fortunately, calf cramps are easily treated. There are several causes that can lead to the development of a calf cramp. Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for the cramps to appear. People who are physically active may deplete the body’s resources more quickly, especially in hot weather....

what causes a charlie horse in the calf upon waking up in the morning? How to rid?

A: Many people already have said what may cause it. I will tell you how to deal with it, whenever it happens. Since, you are able to tell when a Charlie horse is about to take place, sit down on your bed immediately, after you feel it is coming. Extend you leg, not bending your knee. Bend your foot with all your might towards the front of your leg, (Not towards your calf) without touching it with your hands. With your closed fist, massage your calf with all your might. You will see immediate results. You probably need to drink more water. lay on your back, with your legs straight, lift or pull your feet up towards your head. or stand up. basically the back of your calf tenses up and you have to...


  what causes cramp on the feet and back of your calf when your lying down

A: Hi there, there are many causes of cramp in calf and feet. The causes relevant to you are electrolyteimbalance (Dehydration, Magnesium loss etc) and prolonged sitting at a place and decreased activity of leg. Iadvice to get blood tested for electrolytes. The deficient electrolyte should be corrected. Take adequatefluids and put leg in warm water bath. I hope this helped you. Take care and regards....


what causes Stiff Calves?

A: Stiff calves tend to be a consequence of either remaining in one position for too long or of overstressing the tissues through exercise. Felt as stiffness, soreness, or tenderness in and around the muscles of the calves on the back of the lower leg as well as in the heel, this condition stems from too little or too much movement in the area. Though stiff calves are a normal consequence of activity and often a sign that the muscles located here have had plenty of exercise, they can cause discomfort. Recommended treatments include stretching, massage, and the application of heat or a topical heat rub.. The major muscles of the calf, sometimes referred to as a single muscle group known as the triceps surae, are the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. These muscles point...

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